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  1. our beauty today at "Bad guys:The movie" the production presentation <3
  2. <3 https://twitter.com/zooxminguk/status/1153138390096728064
  3. A+G FW 2019 <3 isn't it summer already? still no news about 'bad guys",I doubt it'll be released in autumn ;(
  4. cant wait for her new variey show in July !!!
  5. someone was quite active on instagram these days
  6. AJ is so quite these days ;( I really want her make a comeback to dramaland soon so we can see her everyweek Since "Bad guys" is going to release in summer hope we can expect some promo on May or June
  7. fan support to A+G filming site AJ A+G interview
  8. King ent Vlive Lunar new year greetings pretty as always <3... https://twitter.com/I982I0I6/status/1091272254489423872
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