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  1. someone was quite active on instagram these days
  2. AJ is so quite these days ;( I really want her make a comeback to dramaland soon so we can see her everyweek Since "Bad guys" is going to release in summer hope we can expect some promo on May or June
  3. fan support to A+G filming site AJ A+G interview
  4. King ent Vlive Lunar new year greetings pretty as always <3... https://twitter.com/I982I0I6/status/1091272254489423872
  5. coffee support from 용인지부장 fanclub AJ also thanked director Kim Hyun Seok in her caption Merry Christmas everyone <3
  6. AJ 1st insta live, can you believe it?ㅠㅠ she was on the set for ZWC and haven't finished filming Bad guys (even talked in cute voice wishing fliming wraps up quickly) here she did the "츄하트" aegyo (heart attack?) and according to her manager insta,I hope to see AJ in rabbit bunny ears hat soon ㅋㅋㅋ
  7. wow love calls from advertisement industry to AJ,the effect of A+G sales?!
  8. AJ new cf is for ZWC (Zingy well-being cosmetic)_a new beauty brand from Zaigle company
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