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  1. If CSW is curious and suspicious why ET is in Korea? will it really true ET is the donor, aNd he not even let YH knew who was the donor? JJH is playing a dirty trick to break up ET and YH, and on the surface she goes along with ET dating YH; can’t wait to see how ET react once he find it out his sister double faces.
  2. Two person in this drama I can’t stand are MS and KS’s mom, they are both Has no respect to other, arrogant; self centered and greedy. MS has such a fantasy of reunited his father with MY, and never asked if MY still has feeling with his father or not? only his one way act, His scam working behind MY’S back shows his ignorance; ego and has no gratitude towards MY raised and nurture him for all these years. cant wait to see how he will be end up to.
  3. MS.evil act make HS/JH and even to his mom suffer due to his own greed, tricky character and self-centered personality. Now MY and HS knew MS ‘s action to break them up, wonder how MY going to react to this. Love to see ET back to Korea and can’t wait to see YH and his love line heating up. ES is so adorable; such a young and good kid actress another week to wait.
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