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Guest vanillax33

DUDE someone tell me the girl in the pink pants is NOT NAMJI

remember we saw a smaller version of that pic and thought that the girl with the pink outfit is NAMJI?

well look closely at that pic above

dude she is ugly..... >.<

i don't think it's namji

or coud it? :mellow:

hehe that girl, her name is jeon seh min [전세민], she was in that damoim shooting concert.

oh yeah i remember the pix of him srinking winee


good for liver? wow i didn't know


ahahaha,, i love these pictures just because he dranks.. a lot of wine :P:lol:

people told me wine is good for your health and your liver i think. yupp so drink up :P

no problem

um what's your name?

my name's lisa

i'll post more tomorrow i gtg sleeep now

bye soompi uhljjang lovers keke

hmm, im annie. nice to meet you ^^

post more tomorrow!! yay~~ more uhljjangs hehe. thanks again!

lee sangeun is soooooooo cute ahhhhH!!! :P:P:P i kinda like his curly hair ^^

can't forget hyesung,, such a cutie xP

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Guest fasionfreak321

Yeah, some of these Ulzzangs are just to FIONE. Like Hyesung....

Does anyone have pics of them either with starbucks or a cigerette? I find those amusing....

Choi Moon Young



Giving back to the community. <3

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Translated by me. I'm only in french 2 so sorry if some of it might be wrong... I tried to get all the important stuff...


Name: Kim Kyung Rok

Date of birth: June 18, 1984

Age: 21 years

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Blood type: A

Family: mother, father, sister

Kim Kyung Rok is one of the most famous Ulzzang and also very cute.

In the summer he was located by realizers[hired by people i guess] to be in the drama:The Guy was CooL.

He also poses for magazines.


Nom : Park Han Byul

Né le : 17 novembre 1984

Age : 21 ans

Taille : 168 cm

Poids : 48 kg

Né à : Seoul, Coré

Groupe Sanguin : O

occupation[?] : actrice

Park Han Byul is without a doubt the most famous female ullzzang. She is famous for her figure. She poses for magazines. Now she is an actress, Her first movie Wishing Stairs is coming out in 2003, She plays So-hee, a student in dance.


Name: Joo In Ho

Date of birth: 6/2/1985

Age: 20 years

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Blood type: AB

Sex: masculine

Joo In Ho is one of most famous Ulzzang (perhaps most famous). He poses for fashionable stores and is often found with another Ulzzang (kim kyung rok...). Joo In Ho is not most beautiful of Ulzzang but it has enormous charm.


Name: Kim Namji

Date of birth: 19/07/88

Age: 16

Sex: female

Residence: Korea

Namji is a famous ullzzang (but less then Park Han Byul) who also,like the majority of ullzzang, plays in dramas She was also voted Miss Mode.[mode in frech means in style, trendy and stuff...]


Name: Kim Hye-Sung (Kim Hye-Seong)

Date of birth: 14/ 01/1988

Age : 17 ans

Height: 168 cm

Weight : 52 kg

Sex: Male

Place of residence : South Korea

Kim Hye-Sung is a young Ulzzang who has played in the film "Jenny Juno". He is a very promising actor since his current status is an actor not an Ullzzang


Name : Park Eun Byul

Date of birth : 20/05/1984

Age : 21 ans

Status : Student

Family: Father, mother , little brother

likes: Music and computers

Sex: male

Here is my preferred Ullzzang: Park Eun byul. He also is a very known ulzzang, as much as Kim Kyung Rok, Park Eun Byul dances very well (see his video) and is good with his computer.


Name : Lim Da Hye

Nickname : Imda

Date of Birth :5 feb 1984

Age : 21 ans

Height : 165 cm

Blood Type : AB

Family: Father, mother , little brother

Sex: female

Imda is pretty a ulzzang (one of my favorite) who likes the rap and the hip hop. She has posed with many ulzzang: kim kyung rok, seo minwoo, kim hye sung, song mira...


Name: Song Mira

Date of birth :15 décembre 1984

Age : 21 ans

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Blood type: B

Family:Father mother

Song Mira is one of the first female ulzzang that [the french author's opinion... something something...]. People see in a alot of ulzzang sites. [<--i dont know..]


(they have two profile for yangyang)

Name :Yang Qing

Nickname : yang yang

English name : Ryo

Age :16 ans

Date of birth : 03/09/1988

blood typr : O

residence : Taiwan

Height : 164 cm

Weight : 50 kg

Language: Chinese, english

Activities :sleep, shopping

Yang Yang , i dont know alot about thisUlzzang , but I found a site entirely devoted to him. I put it because I found it beautiful.

Yang yang is actually a girl!!! At the beginning I did not want to believe it. I did my research and I found photograph of "him",with the long hair and frankly it is rather pretty. I also know that she is a Taiwanese ulzzang, therefore Chinese.


Name: Yang Joon-Kyoo

English name: Chris Yang

date of birth: 09.06.1985

Age : 20 ans

Blood type: O

Residence : Sydney, Australie

Chris is handsome ulzzang that I had not presented yet because I had very little photographs on him. Now I have some a little more but still not much.

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I'm dying for more posts.. hahah..

sharing with you pictures of KKR...




and his poses remains the same.

Gosh Korean guys with Glasses makes me go CRAZY!!

MIKKI AND JIHOON.. still the hottest uljjang couple out there.

I don't think I've ever seen Mikki not trying to cover her lips/mouth.. she has something she dislikes about them.. hahah

anyway... she has Eddie's song on her page.. woot woot.. I love her songs.





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Guest Muddie Murda




-S0LLY <3

woot woot! I'm member #3! yay baby! ya'll suck! ahha j/k! <3 thanks solly!!

oh yeah i remember the pix of him srinking winee


good for liver? wow i didn't know






I see no one hasn't post pic of my fav uhljjang! (sorry I like to say it uhljjang cuz it's i dunno... the z looks funny. :D)

I'll post my fav uhljjang later and support her. Tahaha!

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Guest wingless_butterfly


Wow, she's really pretty in this picture :mellow:

who is that? is that namji?? she is pretty tho. im glad the official uhljjnag thread is back, tho i did put a few pictures on the toher one>.<

post some picuters later, i have to go to the doctors>.<

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Guest *rashiDah

^___^ Thanks for the KKR pics; he's my fav ulzzang.


Woah, his arms looks muscular here. O_O

my fave uhljjang

her wardrobe


T_________T; What I would give to have the money to buy what she does.

Shin Solki(one of my fav ulzzangs)


I've never been able to wink like that. xD

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Guest Acoustic

Post #51.

Yes, I'm all caught up in the new Ulzzang Mania thread. :)

Oh, and as for the French profile posted, I'll willing to translate it. Just not tonight, getting a bit late. Haha, so most likely tomorrow.

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Guest suicidal_glamour

posting pics of peb, sangah... so just wait.

here we go.. hope you like them and i hope they havent already been posted... ENJOY~!!!

click to see full size..

LEE SANG AH..[she's the one who is in the poster of My PingPong boy and she has plastic surgery]








park eun byul coming right up...

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