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*Same List As On Page 1763*

alright! here's the finished list. i got most of the cyworlds and the clothing sites from lists i found on naver, damoim, cyworld, and on page 3 of this thread. i went through all of them and these are the ones that are still owned by the designated person. i'll fix everything when i have time.

the list will be updated frequently so please, if you have anything to add to the list or if you see a mistake, please let me know and i'll add/correct it. thanks!

CLICK CTRL+F and type in name for faster searching

::Ulzzang Cyworlds::

*Alternate Spelling/Real Name/Nickname In Parentheses

>Ulzzangs Turned Celebs

/Ulzzangs Who's Been Featured In MVs/CFs/TV Dramas/Movies/Etc.

[An (Ahn) Ho Suk] 안호석 ---------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/anhos

[An (Ahn) Sun Young] 안선영 ----------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/synanet

[bae Hyo Won] 배효원 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/baehyowon

>[bae Seul Ki] 배슬기 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/dododo3

[bae Yoon (Yun) Kyung] 배윤경 -------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/yk305style

[baek Seung Hye] 백승혜 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/milggar_

/[ban So Young] 반소영 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/banso

[ban Yoon Hee] 반윤희 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/banyoon

[bang Sang Hee] 방상희 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/heejjn

[Cha Roo Ri] 차루리 ----------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/ming_baby

[Choi Dong Bub] 최동법 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/noblebaeb

[Choi Eun Ae] 최은애 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/dmsdo004

/[Choi Han Wool (Ool/Ul)] 최한울 ----------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/hanwool87

[Choi Moon Young] 최문영 ------------------------------------- http://cyworld.nate.com/cmy4001

[Choo (Chu) Yun (Yeon) Woong] 추연웅 -------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/stylewoong

[Chun (Cheon) In Jae] 천인재 ----------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/cij616

[Chun Si (Shi) Woo] 천시우 ------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/NobleSiwoo

[Do Rae Mi] 도래미 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/close19

>[Goo (Koo) Hye Sun] 구혜선 --------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/rigolet

[Gook (Kook) Hwa] 국 화 --------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/kookfar

[Han Diana (Da Ye Na)] 한다예나 ---------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/handayena

[Han Dong Woo] 한동우 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/skywooya

[Han Ji Hoon] 한지훈 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/_hanstyle_

[Han Su (Soo) Hyun] 한수현 ------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/hansuhyun

[Han Soo (Su) Young] 한수영 ---------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/zizibe0806

[Ham Ga (Ka) Hee] 함가희 ------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/gkarkgml7

[Ham Soo Jung] 함수정 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/bihyul00

*(Nick Name: Bi Hyul / Hyun Bi Hyul) 비혈 / 현비혈

[Hong A (Ah) Reum] 홍아름 ------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/esc19

[Hwang Bo Ran] 황보란 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/ran1988

[Hwang Ji Won] 황지원 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/oneloverjiwon

[im (Lim) Da Hye] 임다혜 --------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/imdastyle

*(Nickname: Imda) 임다

[im Lee Rang] 임이랑 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/1225k

[im Sung Eun] 임성은 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/lse19

[Jang Ri Ra] 장리라 ---------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/jangrira

[Jang So Hee] 장소희 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/jangsohee

[Ji Chan Kwon] 지찬권 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/mark28

::Ji Seung Joon's Daddy::

[Jin Yoo (Yu) Moon (Mun)] 진유문 -------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/8442181

[JJ] ------------------------------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/jjjjstyle

*(Real Name: Jin Song Hee)] 진송희

/[Joo (Ju) In Ho] 주인호 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/103monologue

[Joo (Ju) Ji Yong] 주지용 --------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/l0o4

[Jun (Jeon) Hyun Jung (Jeong)] 전현정 ----------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/gpgpguswjd

[Junal] ---------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/junal

*(Real Name: Ju (Joo) Na Lea (Rae)) 주나래

[Jung Ban Hee] 정반희 ---------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/97440688

[Jung Hae Yub] 정해엽 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/hibamanse

[Jung Hye Jin] 정혜진 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/llhyejin

[Jung Hye Won] 정혜원 ------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/kikiss02

[Jung Hyun Jin] 정현진 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/jhj8629

[Jung Roo] 정루 --------------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/:::realpurple

*(Real Name: Lee Eun Hye) 이은혜

[Jung Yun (Yeon)] 정연 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/Silverloveyu

[Jung Yun Ok] 정연옥 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/jyo1120

>[Kang Eun Bi] 강은비 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/kangeunbe

/[Kang Jung Mi] 강정미 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/hhjj0120

[Kim A (Ah) Ra] 김아라 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/1:19

[Kim Bo Ram] 김보람 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/kim3783

[Kim Ha Nee (Ni)] 김하니 --------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/kimhanee8717

[Kim Hee Yun (Yeon)] 김희연 --------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/luxury48

>[Kim Hye Sung] 김혜성 ---------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/hyeseong14

[Kim In Keun (Geun)] 김인근 ---------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/ik0228

[Kim Jae Ryong] 김재룡 ---------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/siger00

[Kim Ji Young] 김지영 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/1981kjy

[Kim Jin Hee] 김진희 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/jininr

[Kim Joo (Ju) Hyun (Hyeon)] 김주현 ------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/juhyun13

[Kim Jung Bae] 김정배 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/kjb2883

[Kim Jung Geun (Keun)] 김정근 ------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/crazylime

[Kim Jung Sook (Suk)] 김정숙 -------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/js6564

/[Kim Kyung Rok] 김경록 -------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/kimbin

[Kim Min Jae] 김민재 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/2532322

[Kim Min Suk] 김민석 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/kms0703

[Kim Na In] 김나인 ---------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/thenameni

[Kim Nam Ji] 김남지 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/KimNamJi

[Kim Poo (Pu) Reun] 김푸른 ---------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/bluei7

>[Kim Ryang Ha] 김량하 -------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/RRRRha

[Kim Ryang Hee] 김량희 --------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/babyrenee

>[Kim Ryang Hyun] 김량현 ----------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/fidfid

[Kim Se Eun] 김세은 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/kimseeun

[Kim Shin (Sin) Ae] 김신애 ------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/insiel

[Kim Soo Jung] 김수정 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/kimsu1130

[Kim Sun Hyung] 김선형 --------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/olove1818o

[Kim Sun Woo] 김선우 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/0030

>[Kim Sung Je] 김성제 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/sj861117

[Kim Ye Jin] 김예진 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/liphop

[Kwak Dae Won] 곽대원 --------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/pm2:04

[Lee Chi Hoon (Hun)] 이치훈 --------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/hoonroro

[Lee Chung] 이청 ------------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/streetganji

[Lee Eun Su (Soo)] 이은수 ------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/silversuuuu

[Lee Ha Jin] 이하진 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/iiraraii

[Lee Hye Ri] 이혜리 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/miyukii0

[Lee Hyun Ah] 이현아 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/rcHyunA

[Lee Ji Hoo] 이지후 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/hoosama

*(Formerly Known As Lee Sang Eun 이상은, Legally Changed His Name)

[Lee Ji Sun] 이지선 ---------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/EzysuN

/[Lee Ju (Joo) Yeon (Yun)] 이주연 --------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/juyeon319

[Lee Joon Han] 이준한 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/ceojune

[Lee Saet Byul] 이샛별 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/lsb1214

[Lee Sang Ah (A)] 이상아 -------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/wanchu1601

[Lee Sang Ho] 이상호 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/olLSHLOVElo

[Lee Sang June (Joon/Jun)] 이상준 ---------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/lsjoh

[Lee Sang Rok] 이상록 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/superjjum

[Lee Seul] 이슬 ---------------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/zzziii

[Lee Seung Hyun] 이승현 --------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/ws_u

[Lee Shi Jin] 이시진 ---------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/wlsz

[Lee Shin (Sin) Ae] 이신애 -------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/ej90000

[Lee Soo Hyun] 이수현 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/soohyunstat

[Lee Yoo Rin] 이유린 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/S2_Pretty_Doll

[Lee Yoon (Yun) Geun (Keun)] 이윤근 ----------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/pando486

[Lee Youn (Yun/Yeon) Ju (Joo)] 이연주 ---------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/IIKOREAII

*(Nickname: Mikki) 미끼

[Lee Young Suk] 이영석 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/youngsuck

[Min Deul Re] 민들레 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/gile12

[Moon Joon Young] 문준영 ------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/cush

[Moon (Mun) Mi Hwa] 문미화 ---------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/alsmh

[Nam Mi Ri Na] 남미리나 ---------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/mnstyle86

[Oh Jung Kyoo (Kyu)] 오정규 ---------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/ya9rut

[Oh Seung Jin] 오승진 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/ohdom

[Park Bo Ram] 박보람 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/ramis_world

[Park Sae Am] 박새암 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/amis_world

[Park Dong Hoon] 박동훈 ---------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/GoodLifeDH

>[Park Han Byul] 박한별 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/hanbyul84

[Park Hyun Jin] 박현진 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/hyunjin0242

[Park Hyung Jun (Joon)] 박형준 ----------------- http://www.cyworld.com/jun1763

[Park Mi Na] 박미나 ---------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/pmn486

[Park Na Hyun] 박나현 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/nanasmile

[Park Sang Bum] 박상범 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/me850319

[Park Seul Ki] 박슬기 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/kitilove

[Park Suk (Seok) Kyo] 박석교 ---------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/qkrtjrry

/[Park Tae Jun (Joon)] 박태준 ------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/P_T_J

>[Park Yun (Yoon) Hwa] 박윤화 --------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/yh3rd

[seo Ae Rim (Lim)] 서애림 -------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/loveyl1004

[seo Hae Ran] 서해란 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/tjgofks02v

>[seo Min Woo] 서민우 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/seominwoo

[seo (Suh) Yoo Ra] 서유라 --------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/sur0321

[song Chang Ki] 송창기 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/songckzzang

[song Mi Ra] 송미라 ----------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/songmira

[shim (Sim) Jae Ho] 심재호 -------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/prim1004

[shin Ga (Ka) Young] 신가영 ------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/01192691748

/[shin Sol Ki (Gi)] 신솔기 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/ShinSolKi

[song Bo Ram] 송보람 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/songpp1231

[sul Woo Suk] 설우석 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/lielow

[Woo Seung Yun (Yeon)] 우승연 -------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/youniiii

[Woo Tae Kyung] 우태경 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/wootaeworld

[Yang Joon (Jun) Kyu (Kyoo) ] 양준규 ------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/sydjk

*(English Name/Nickname: Chris Yang)

[Yang Soon Tae] 양순태 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/yst129

[Yang Yoo Ri] 양유리 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/hiphopyul2

>[Yoo Ah In] 유아인----------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/instruct

*(Real Name: Uhm (Um) Hong Shik) 엄홍식

[Yoo Song Ee (Lee)] 유송이 ------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/thddlrhdwn

[Yoon Ji Oh] 윤지오 ----------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/realgeostyle

[Yoon Lee (Ee) Na] 윤이나 -------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/ena333

[Yoon Su (Soo) A (Ah)] 윤수아 -------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/nsmode

[Yoon (Yun) Hyo Nam] 윤효남 --------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/01064806447

::Ulzzangs On List With No Cyworld Or Can't Find Their Cyworld As Of Right Now::

*Scratched Out Cyworld Next To Name No Longer Belongs To The Person

*Will Be Added To List When Their Cyworlds Are Found

[Choi Ha Neul] 최하늘 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/chestyle

[Han Ji Hye] 한지혜 - http://www.cyworld.com/a00000007

[Hong Hyun Ah] 홍현아 - http://www.cyworld.com/honghyuna

/[im Ji Yun (Yeon)] 임지연 --------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/jiyeoni0624

[in Su (Soo) Yun (Yeon)] 인수연 ------------------------------ http://cyworld.com/ssu1111

[Jang Hyung Sun] 장형선 ---------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/tequerre

[Jang Joon Ho] 장준호 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/01698775666

[Jang Piori (Pi Woo/Oo/U Ri)] 장피우리 - http://www.cyworld.com/2005628

[Jun (Jeon) Ji Ah] 전지아 ---------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/jia7

[Jung Eun Sung] 정은성 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/angel830324

[Jung Jin (Full Name: Hwang Jung Jin)] 황정진 ------------- http://www.cyworld.com/_mika

*(Used Jung Joo Ah 정주아 (cousin's name) to make cyworld)

[Jung Yu (Yoo) Na] 정유나 ------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/BeautifulGirlJungYuNa

>[Kang Min Kyung] 강민경 -------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/valer

[Kim Ah Ri] 김아리 - http://www.cyworld.com/AHRIWORLD

[Kim Ho Yong] 김호용 http://www.cyworld.com/style__boy

[Kim Hyun Woo] 김현우 - http://www.cyworld.com/kanjilove82 :: http://www.cyworld.com/hyunwoo1

[Kim Il Joong] 김일중 -------------------------------------------- http://cyworld.com/a_masterpiece

[Kim Jae Yong] 김재용 - http://www.cyworld.com/fpaldi7

[Kim Jun (Joon) Il] 김준일 -------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/LoVeJuNiL

[Kim Mi So] 김미소 - http://www.cyworld.com/kmshjw

[Kim Min Kyu (Kyoo)] 김민규 -------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/95890432

[Kim Seung Ah] 김승아 - http://www.cyworld.com/seungaLIFE

[Kim Sun Hwee] 김선휘 ---------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/kef07

[Kim Yeo Jin] 김여진 -------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/0105221

[Kim Yoo Jin] 김유진 - http://www.cyworld.com/95709264

[Kim Yoon Ah] 김윤아 - http://www.cyworld.com/angioz

[Kwak Dong Jin] 곽동진 - http://www.cyworld.com/realddonzi

[Kwak Jin Kyung] 곽진경 - http://www.cyworld.com/kkwakjjin

[Lee Chi Won] 이치원 - http://www.cyworld.com/saintuoo

[Lee Jang Won] 이장원 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/won860119

[Lee Kyung Min] 이경민 ---------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/LuckyMiNiYa

[Lee Mi Young] 이미영 - http://www.cyworld.com/liebe1986

[Lee Yoon Ho] 이윤호 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/01022890984

[Lee Young Ah] 이영아 - www.cyworld.com/lyagongju

[Min Deul Re] 민들레 - http://www.cyworld.com/infi93

[Nam Da Eun] 남다은 - Found her cyworld, but she blocked her url link.

[Nam Hyun Joo] 남현주 - http://www.cyworld.com/lexianam

[Oh Han Gil] 오한길 - http://www.cyworld.com/51g

[Oh Soo Yeon] 오수연 - http://www.cyworld.com/ohsuyun

[Park Byung Hak] 박병학 ---------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/cutepbh

[Park Eun Byul] 박은별 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/eunbyul85

[Park Ha Na] 박하나 ----------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/jmhana

>[Park Han Byul] 박한별 ----------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/byulone

[Park Ji Hee] 박지휘 - http://www.cyworld.com/hello

[Park Sang Chun (Cheon)] 박상천 ------------------------------- http://cyworld.com/sscc0

[Park Soo Jin] 박수진 - http://www.cyworld.com/misspark6

[seok (Suk) In Hye] 석인혜 -------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/seokinhye

[son Young Shin] 손영신 - http://www.cyworld.com/tmfvmstkfkd

[song Jae Min] 송재민 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/1123456

[Yang Min Jung] 양민정 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/yangminjung

[Yang Sung Hye] 양성혜 ------------------------------------------ http://www.cyworld.com/missyang0429

[Yoo Bo Hwa] 유보화 --------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/yoobohwa

[Yoo Ji Hye] 유지혜 - http://www.cyworld.com/pinkmj

[Yoon Hoon Jung] 윤훈정 - http://www.cyworld.com/yunhumjung

[Yoo Sun Sook] 유선숙 ------------------------------------------- http://www.cyworld.com/0168903342

::Ulzzang Birthdays::

*Not All Ulzzang Birthdays Are Listed

*Will Add Them When Found

*Will Organize The List When I Have Time

Kim Kyung Rok --------- Born 1984.06.18 - Registered 1984.07.18

Im Da Hye (Imda) ---------------------------------- 1984.??.??

Oh Seung Jin ---------------------------------------- 1986.12.17

Lee Ji Hoo (Lee Sang Eun) ----------------------- 1984.06.16

Lee Yeon Ju (Mikki) ------------------------------- 1985.01.31

Joo In Ho -------------------------------------------- 1985.02.06

Seo Min Woo --------------------------------------- 1985.02.08

Kim In Geun ---------------------------------------- 1984.12.11

Kim Sun Hwee ------------------------------------- 1983.09.19

Song Jae Min --------------------------------------- 1985.06.11

Sul Woo Suk ---------------------------------------- 1985.08.01

Yang Joon Kyu (Chris Yang) --------------------- 1985.06.09

Han Dong Woo ------------------------------------- 1983.05.21

Kim Hye Sung -------------------------------------- 1988.01.14

Kwak Dae Won ------------------------------------- 1985.06.29

Kim Min Kyu --------------------------------------- 1986.07.15

Jang Joon Ho ---------------------------------------- 1988.03.15

Jung Eun Sung -------------------------------------- 1983.03.24

Han Ji Hoon ----------------------------------------- 1984.04.24

Kim Joon Il ------------------------------------------ 1985.05.19

Lee Chung ------------------------------------------- 1984.11.26

Kim Jung Bae --------------------------------------- 1985.02.07

Song Mi Ra ------------------------------------------ 1984.12.15

Choi Moon Young ---------------------------------- 1985.07.08

Lee Yoon Geun ------------------------------------- 1984.12.02

Lee Sang June --------------------------------------- 1984.12?.23?

*(I’m not too sure on the day but the year is correct)

Lee Chi Hoon --------------------------------------- 1988.04.30

Lee Sang Ho ---------------------------------------- 1984.04.25

Shin Sol Ki ------------------------------------------ 1986.01.31

Lee Eun Hye (Jung Roo) -------------------------- 1987.06.26

Seo Yoo Ra ----------------------------------------- 1987.03.21

Kim Nam Ji ----------------------------------------- 1988.07.19

Kim Min Jae ---------------------------------------- 1988.03.23

Joo Ji Yong ----------------------------------------- 1982.01.06

Kim Dae Won -------------------------------------- 1984.03.30

Lee Young Suk ------------------------------------- 1987.08.08

Park Hyun Jin --------------------------------------- 1985.06.03

Gook Hwa ------------------------------------------- 1984.11.02

Park Han Byul -------------------------------------- 1984.11.17

Kim Ryang Ha / Kim Ryang Hyun --------------------- 1987.09.04

Kim Ryang Hee ------------------------------------- 1984.07.13

Ji Seung Joon ---------------------------------------- 1999.05.31

Lee Shi Jin ------------------------------------------- 1984.02.05

Park Ryung Hoo ------------------------------------ 1998.07.20

Park Mi Na ------------------------------------------ 1984.07.18

Yoon Su A (SuA) ----------------------------------- 1987.12.01

Yoo Bo Hwa ----------------------------------------- 1988.05.09

Choi Han Wool -------------------------------------- 1987.01.04

Lee Hye Ri ------------------------------------------- 1982.02.05

Park Tae Jun - ??.??.??

Hwang Jung Jin (Jung Joo Ah) - ??.??.??

::Ulzzangs' Modeling/Clothing Online Store Sites::

*Some Ulzzangs Don't Model For/Own Some Of These Sites Anymore But Their Modeling Pictures Might Still Be On The Site

Ban Yoon Hee -------------------- http://www.pighip.co.kr

Choi Ha Neul --------------------- http://www.girl-friendz.co.kr

Gook Hwa ------------------------- http://www.howgirl.co.kr

Han Ji Hoon ---------------------- http://www.ganzinam.com - Deleted

Han Soo Hyun ------------------- http://www.e-buba.com

Hong Ah Reum ------------------- http://www.joojiral.com

Imda ------------------------------ http://www.imdastyle.com



Im Lee Rang ---------------------- http://www.mayadonna.co.kr - Deleted

Jung Hye Won ----------------------- http://www.kikiss.co.kr

Jung Jin -------------------------- http://www.mikaroom.com - Deleted

Jung Roo ------------------------- http://www.recatch.com - Deleted

Kim Bo Ram ---------------------- http://www.superrabbit.co.kr

Kim Jung Bae ------------------- http://www.styleboy.com

Kim Nam Ji ------------------------ http://www.mirror-room.com

Kwak Dae Won ------------------ http://model.rg.ro - Deleted

Lee Chi Hoon -------------------- http://www.manchess.co.kr


Lee Chung ----------------------- http://club.cyworld.com/soulvintage


Lee Sang June ------------------- http://www.wigmall.co.kr (This Is A Online Wig Store.)

Lee Soo Hyun -------------------- http://www.repisshop.com

Lee Yoo Rin ---------------------- http://www.banhae.com

Lee Yoon Geun ------------------ http://www.koonhomme.co.kr (Owned By His GF) - Deleted

Lee Yoon Ju ----------------------- http://www.smallgirl.co.kr

Lee Youn Ju/Mikki -------------- http://www.manchess.co.kr

http://www.bluemingky.co.kr - Deleted

http://www.girlsholic.com - DELETED

Oh Jung Kyu ----------------------------------------- http://www.reborn-i.co.kr/

Park Hyung Jun ----------------- http://www.mens-on.com

Park Tae Jun -------------------- http://www.aboki.net

Seo Yoo Ra ---------------------- http://www.cclim.co.kr - Deleted

Shin Sol Ki ------------------------ http://www.happyviruss.com - Deleted

Song Mi Ra ---------------------- http://www.dellndell.com

Sul Woo Suk -------------------- http://www.svdl.co.kr


Yoo Bo Hwa ---------------------- http://www.style-holic.com


Yoon SuA ------------------------- http://town.cyworld.com/lottieshop - Deleted

http://www.busshop.co.kr - DELETED

::Links To Clips/MVs/CFs/Etc. With/Of Ulzzangs::

~No Fanmade Photo MVs/Clips And No Drama/Movies/Sitcom Links, Unless They Are Cut Clips

*Note: Some Ulzzangs ARE NOT On Cyworld List

*Note: For Aura Video Player, To View Full Screen, Click On The + (Plus) Next To The Stop Button

*Warning: Watch/Listen At Your Own Risk. Some Are Not Really Good Singer/Dancer XD

Kim Kyung Rok






- Singing W/Song Jae Min @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit foolvampire

- Singing @ Karaoke Place - Credit 슈팅대장

Seo Min Woo


- Wet Photo Shoot W/Interview - Credit Movieweek

- Anemoni Ice Cream CF - Credit Naver

- Ban Ohl Lim #3 Press Interview <-Click On Picture For Video - Credit News Naver

- Green Tea CF W/Yoon Eun Hye - Credit nich14

- Itop Photo Shoot - Credit Itop Group

Lee Chi Hoon

- On Star King - Credit heythosebeats

Park Han Byul

- Talking, Singing, Looking Through Phone, In Car - Credit AngelCT

- Ha Na Po Seu CF - Credit 슈팅대장

- Dancing On 2003.12.31 SBS Yun Ki Dae Sung To "Lady Marmalade" and "Stayin' Alive" - Credit 슈팅대장

- Makings Of CF - Credit omegachen

- Autograph Singing - Credit Perry470

- Singing w/Kim Dong Wan On Inki Gayo - Credit dodophy

- The Name “Fate” MV, Freeze OST - Credit knov1

Kim Min Jae

- Making Faces - Credit 슈팅대장

- Smiling, Talking - Credit 슈팅대장

- Walking, Laughing - Credit 슈팅대장

- On Bed Making Faces - Credit 슈팅대장

Ji Seung Joon

- Doing Karate! - Credit /슈팅대장

- Does Heart, Love Shots, Being Cute! - Credit 슈팅대장

- Happy Birthday Seung Joon! - Credit 슈팅대장

- Making Googoly Eyes - Credit 슈팅대장

- Doing Karate?/Dancing? To BG Music: 1TYM's "Hot Dduhgo" - Credit 슈팅대장

- Crying To BG Music: The Tadpole Song - Credit 슈팅대장

Lee Ji Hoo

- Singing @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장

Kim Joon Il

- Dancing w/Ji Seung Ho to Shinhwa’s “Wild Eyes” @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장

Kim Dae Won

- Singing @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장

Lee Ji Sun

- Singing w/Kim Young Jin @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장

Park Byung Hak

- Dancing w/Jun Jae Hyung - Credit 슈팅대장

Jung Il Baek

- Singing @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장

Han Dong Woo

- ISTYLE Link For Dancing @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장


- Credit chingooey/Soompier jeanu

Shin Young Hoon

- Singing @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장

Lee Chung

- Singing @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장

Lee Yoon Geun

- Rolling Eyes - Credit 슈팅대장

Kim Moon Kyu

- Kid Ulzzang Featured On TV Show - Credit 슈팅대장

Kim Na Rae

- Singing @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장

Kim Yoo Jin

- Dancing @ Shooting Star Concert To Britney Spear's "In The Zone" - Credit 슈팅대장

Park Eun Byul

- Dancing W/Yoon So Young @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장

Yoon So Young

- Dancing @ Shooting Star To BoA's "My Name" - Credit 슈팅대장

Lee Kyung Min

- Singing @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장

Lee Ji Hye

- Singing @ Shooting Star To Whitney Houston's "Will Always Love You" - Credit 슈팅대장

Jun Se Min

- Singing @ Shooting Star Concert - Credit 슈팅대장

Joo In Ho

- Talking On TV Show - Credit Naver

Choi Ha Neul

- Singing Ayumi's "Cutie Honey" - Credit Naver

Choi Han Wool

- Appearance In Drama W/Kim Jae Won - Credit Naver

Han Ji Hoon

- Model Audition For Elite Model - Credit http://www.diodeo.com/elitemodel

Kim Hye Sung

- Big Pie CF W/Kim Bum & Park Min Young - Credit Naver

- Speaking @ SIYFF Opening - Credit TagStory

- Message - Credit puhe19

- Donating Money, Taking Pictures - Credit TagStory

- Taking Pictures W/Fans - Credit TagStory

- Talking, Taking Pictures W/Fans - Credit TagStory

- Donating Money, Talking - Credit Freechal


- Credit euphoria08

- Cut From “High Kick”, Held As Bait - Credit jyou92

- ”Gangster High” Trailer - Credit buddy337

- On Happy Shares Company 2007.04.14 Kim HyeSung vs Seo InYoung - Credit clippie2o9 <-Click, Videos, Page 3 To View All Parts Of Episodes


- Credit 10g70


- Credit 10g70

- Park Hye Kyung “I Will Love”, Jenny, Juno OST - Credit manlytoe <-A Soompier! XD

- On Ya Shim Man Man - Credit muffinthrower713 <-Look On Related Videos For Parts Of Episode

- MC Of 소년소녀 가요백서 W/Tiffany of So Nyeo Shi Dae 2008.01.21 EP.48 [1/3] - Credit mwahha27

- MC W/Tiffany 2007.11.16 EP.2 [1/3] - Credit lolly88

- MC W/Tiffany EP.17 [1/3] - Credit lolly88

- Appears On Park Hye Mi's Happy Shares Company W/Kim Il Woo and Kim Bum - Credit yonnie86

Kim Ryang Ha & Kim Ryang Hyun

- On TV News; Dancing <-Click On Picture For Video - Credit News Naver

- On TV News; On Celeb Twins? - Credit News Naver

Shin Sol Ki

- 아우라(Aurora?) “Sa Rang Ee Nal Bu Ri Myun (사랑이 날 버리면)” MV - Credit Pullbbang

- On Sunday Sunday Night Segment “Search King (Gum Saek Dae Wang 검색대왕)” - Credit koibitott

- 먼데이키즈(Monday Kiz) “착한남자 (Chak Han Nam Ja)” MV + “남자야 (Nam Ja Yah)” MV W/ Ha Suk Jin & Jung Woo - Credit Freechal

- 장혜진 (Jang Hye Jin) Featuring 개리 “불꽃 (Bool Kkoch)” MV W/Ha Suk Jin - Credit 4291738

- 버블시스터즈 (Bubble Sisters) "눈물이나요 (Noon Mool Ee Na Yo)” MV - Credit 18majigi

- 박완규 (Park Wan Kyu) "Promise" MV - Credit pky30

Park Tae Jun

- 윤건 (Yoon Gun) “난 아직 모르잖아요 (Nan Ah Jik Mo Reu Janh Ah Yo)” MV W/Park Eun Bin & Lee Eun Shil - Credit 2ndi

Yoo Ah In

- 2007.05.18 Interview For 2006 Movie “우리에게 내일은 없다 (Boys Of Tomorrow)” <-Click His Picture To View Interview - Credit Movie Naver

- ”Boys Of Tomorrow” Message - Credit TagStory

- Self-Cam Behind “Boys Of Tomorrow” - Credit Aura Iple

- ”Boys Of Tomorrow” Interview, Answering Fans’ Questions - Credit Mgoon

- ”Boys Of Tomorrow” Photo Shoot & Interview - Credit died98

- 2005 SkooLooks CF W/Jang Geun Suk - Credit hayean00

- 2006 Movie “우리에게 내일은 없다 (Boys Of Tomorrow)” Trailer - Credit Freechal

- News Interview About Career <-Click Picture To View Video - Credit News Naver

- Clip From Ban Ohl Lim #2 W/Kim Ki Bum - Credit Pullbbang

- Link To Watch Promos, Interviews, MV, Etc Of 2007 Movie “Shim’s Family” <-Click On Pictures To View Videos - Credit Movie Naver

- 농심 (Nong Shim) 꿀꽈배기 (Kkool Kkwa Bae Ki) CF - Credit Adic

Kim Sung Je


- Credit kriimeemiimchee


- Credit iMt

- Seeya & Brown Eyed Girls “情 (정) (Sentiment)” MV Part 2 - Credit tsang2006


LoveHLi, baoi, Naver, Cyworld, Iple(Damoim), Daum, Youtube, UM@Soompi, and as Stated

::Soompiers Who Contributed To The List::

*In No Particular Order

SOPHIE, jojolEE_x3, MEIYEE, tuna_madunna, Star*Holic, .yiaZ., liautumnxila, twinkle_lOve, Mui, b4by1nc, hmong_lubpaj, c_gunawan541, Heroine and a nice day.

TAKE ONLY WITH FULL CREDITS! That includes the list of Soompiers who contributed to the list too!

If I Find This List With No Credits, I'm Gonna Go BANKAI On Your As~BUTT! Besides That, ENJOY! ^o^

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yang yang

*credits: boajjang forum*

FOR THOSE WHO KEEP ASKING IF YANGYANG IS A BOY OR GIRL...YANGYANG IS A GIRL! please remember that...i don't like seeing people posting up the same questions...thank you!

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I guess i post some pics i posted last night again here...

::Kim Namji:








that's mostly some recent and old...that i got of her....more pics comin up

Here the other pics










to be continue...dun reply yet

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