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[jp, Kr Movie 2007] Virgin Snow

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest Epikt

It's Lee Joon Ki or Lee Jun Ki. Just curious, but why would you prefer Jun Ki as the director?

Oups, I'm sorry I didn't see your answer and question :blush:

I was speaking about Lee Yoon-Ki the director of This Charming Girl, Love Talk and Ad Lib Night (yop ! see here !). No relation with the actor.

When I saw Lee Yoon-Ki + Aoi Miyazaki, I think "WAAAAHH !!" because Lee Yoon-Ki is on of my favorite Korean directors and Aoi Miyazaki my favorite Japanese actress.

I was so disapointed when I saw it was Lee Yun-Ki the actor (yep, I don't like him).

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Guest saranghae<3

Junki<3333 i would so watch it~ the storyline sounds good ^^

I bet Junki's happy to be working with a girl on movies FIRNALLY XD

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Guest __to-delete

Thanks for the trailer! Is the Jun Ki the one speaking in the trailer? I heard that he knows some Japanese. And the show's gonna be showed in Japanese or Korean?

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Guest chuy2701

Welcome to Virgin snow / First snow Thread.

Basically i just love Junki/joongi and thought id create this thread for his new film with Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki.

This productin is a joint korean and japanese film.

I think the film is out in the May holidays....(but not quite sure)


Leading cast members are:

Name:Lee Jun Ki

DOB:April 17, 1982

home town: South Korea

occupation: actor, singer and model.

Credit to wikipedia




2004: Hotel Venus (호텔 비너스) (Japanese)

2004: Flying Boys (발레교습소)

2005: The King and the Clown (왕의 남자)

2006: Fly Daddy (플라이대디)

2006: The Magnificent Trip

2007: Virgin Snow (ヴァージンスノー) (Korea/Japan Co-production)

Television dramas

2001: Star's Echo (MBC/Fuji TV)

2004: What Should I Do (KBS)

2005: My Girl (SBS)

2006: A short appearance in 101 Proposal

2007: Time Between Dog and Wolf

Music videos

Clazziquai: "Sweety"

Kang Sung Hoon: "Precious Story"

Lee Soo Young: "Grace Part I"

Lee Soo Young: "Grace Part II"

Lee Soo Young: "Secret"

Lee Jun Ki: "Just One Word.."

Lee Hyori: "Anystar"

Credits to wikipedia

Name:Aoi Miyazaki

DOB:30 November 1985

Home town:Tokyo, Japan

Occupation: Japanese actress.



One Summer's Day (あの、夏の日) (1999)

淀川長治物語 神戸篇 サイナラ (2000)

Swing Man (sWinGmaN) (2000)

Eureka (2000)

Harmful Insect (害虫) (2001)

Tomie: The Final Chapter - Forbidden Fruit (富江 最終章 禁断の果実) (2002)

Lovers Kiss (ラヴァーズ・キス LOVERS KISS) (2003)

The Loved Gun (ラブドガン) (2004)

Aoi Kuruma (青い車, lit. "Blue Car"; Eng. title "A Blue Automobile") (2004)

Sukida (好きだ, lit. "I love you") (2005)

Nana (2005)

Synesthesia (2006)

First Love(初恋)(2006)

Tada, kimi wo aishiteru (Heavenly Forest) (2006)

Virgin Snow (2007)


Hatachi no kekkon (lit., "Wedding at 20") (2000)

Fureh fureh jinsei! (lit., "Proclamated Life")(2001)

Junjo Kirari (lit., "Pure Heart") (2006)

Atsu-hime (lit., "Thicky Princess")(2008)

Credits to Wikipedia

Basic synopsis

First Snow’ is the love story of high school student Min (Lee Jun Ki) who follows his father, a college professor and potter, to Kyoto and falls in love with Nanae (Miyazaki Aoi) at first site despite the language and cultural barrier.

'Lee Jun Ki’s reputation in Japan is expected to rise with the movie ‘First Snow’ which will open on May 21st along with previous films ‘Hotel Venus,’ ‘The King and the Clown,’ and ‘Fly Daddy’ which also were released in Japan’s theatres.'

A picture from the film. ( Note that the film is not out yet!)


Some piccies from their promotion of film,



more pics on junki's soompi page

junki's soompi page

Can't wait for the film to come out! will be back later to update it!

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Guest kiwistar

I want to see this ^_____^

Lee JunKi is <3

I hope the movie issuccessful!

Is Miyazaki popular in Japan...?

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Guest pink_pingu

Is Miyazaki popular in Japan...?

well she was in nana which was pretty big and she's been in loads of other films, I'm not in Japan so I don't really know but I reckon she's reasonably famous if not alot, I'm pretty sure she's known by her name anyway like if somebody siad Aoi Miyazaki's in that! People would know.

Ah I can't wait for this 2 of my favourite actors in the same movie. I swear this is fate! haha I'd like to see how they cover the language gap and stuff. wheeeeeee can't wait.

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Guest xstrawberry_bearx

I cant wait to watch this! Heehee, she's good in Nana!

Now there's a movie and her with Junki oppa?

A definately must watch! (:

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