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[jp, Kr Movie 2007] Virgin Snow

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest FiEnDmAkEr

Pretty :3

Ahh, I hope this comes out soon!!!

Actually, this plot is EXACTLY the same as the Magnolia movie coming out, except Aoi's part is played by Suzuki Anne and Jun Ki's part is played by Lee Wan. But the plot differs in that they have different occupations, but the main story is the same.

Oh well. I still love this cast moreeee~~~

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Guest heechullie

OMG you guys!

I am seriously so excited to see this movie!!!

Moe pics!!!

give me a present :wub:


oh sweet Jun Ki that is a lot of picture cards :w00t:


credit a cyworld




filename: ‰á‚Ì—ö ƒ”ƒ@[ƒWƒ“EƒXƒm[.rar

filetype: mp3

filesize: 61.45 MB

server: sharebee

link: Download


01. Min's opening remarks

02. Encounter

03. First Snow Love (theme)

04. Dashed through (violin version)

05. Dashed through (guitar version)

06. 7 heavy Montage

07. Kendo gestures

08. Find seven weight

09. Rain

10. Leaving a lecture

11. Guiding

12. Love Montage

13. Agreed

14. Ehrlich love Montage

15. First Snow Love (Love Melodies)

16. Two years later

17. Overflow miss

18. Nanta

19. See each other again

20. Rain in my heart (Japanese version)

21. 7 re-painting

22. Memory Note

23. Looking you

24. Bonus Track Rain in my heart(韓文版) Virgin Snow(韓國版片尾曲)

credits: itonobara@asiansounds LJ + me for reupping

Enjoy guys ^_^

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Guest adorablesheng

OMGG... thanks for the OST..... i LOVE YOU... hehehe... and also Lee JUNKI..hehee..thanks again for sharing+uploading+posting...^^

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Guest ponkie

This movie was released on May 12. Why don't we all restrain ourselves from asking where to dl the movie until.. let's say 5-6 months from now, because that's probably when the links will be available.

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Guest adorablesheng

awww..the pictures of LJK are so cute.... ah.. im so in love with him..hehe..... yea i agree... we shouldnt be expecting anything from VIRGIN SNOW until a couple of months from now....

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Guest yumiko123

this reminds me of the FRIENDS movie with wonbin and kyoko :D but it was really cute .. i want to watch this now ~

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

[Out of Topic] I just found out yesterday when I search on the net....Miyazaki Aoi already getting married :blink: with the guy who play in Haru no Yuki as Tsumabuki Satoshi friend in the movie!!!! :unsure::vicx:

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Guest viet13aby90

Eeeekkk! I'm still waiting for this to come out on DVD so I can buy it;

Does anyone know when they'll release the DVD?

By the way, has anyone seen this yet?

Any reviews to share with all the anxious soompiers? :D


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