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[drama 2005] The Lawyers 변호사들

Guest YoMoLee

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Guest YoMoLee
[MBC] Kim Sang Kyung, Jung Hye Young, Kim Sung Soo, Han Go Eun
WELCOME TO THE "THE LAWYERS" THREAD view_top_view_04.gifOfficial Website: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/lawyer/ "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." Casts: 0083954125op.jpgSuh Jung-ho (35) played by Kim Sang Kyung 0083954427lg.jpgKim Joo-hee (27) played by Jung Hye Young 0085054923ih.jpgYoon Suk-ki (29) played by Kim Sung Soo 0085054825bi.jpgYang Ha-young (27) played by Han Go Eun 0510_3_nwm.jpg"The Laywers" DVD Boxset To be continue ~ Info/Links%7Boption%7D
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Guest cynkawahara

This drama just fnished airing in Los Angeles last night. I usually watch easy going, romantic comedies but this drama hooked me from the beginning.

The actors/actresses did a great job and had very good chemistry. Jung Hye Young was excellent in her portrayal of Joo Hee. The last drama that I saw her in was in Pheonix. Hated her character and realized she is an excellent actress to illicit such a strong emotion out of me. Kim Sang Kyun and Kim Sung Soo were also very good. I think the writers did a very good job of developing each of the characters of ths drama.

As for the story line, it had had enough twists and turns to prevent you from being bored. I really enjoyed this drama.

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It just ended last night in LA, and all I can say is. I am going to miss Alex....(I loved the dying scene). He was just such a tragic character but in the redemption and you feel for him really. BUt both actors did a good job in this series. This is a good one. But must admit , could there be a part two for this show. The ending was really a cliffhanger.

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Guest prinsesa

I finished watching this drama last night, however the subtitles sucked! :D I don't know if my assumptions are anywhere near on what they were really saying :P

Anyway, I really liked the cast and as for the story, I need to clarify a lot of things:

- did joo-hee find out why suk-ki left her?

- what happened to jung-ho in the end?

- what is the relation of jung-ho's wife to all the misfortunes that happened to joo-hee?

- how did jung-ho's wife know joo-hee's parents?

THANKS A LOT! Soompi rocks :)

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Guest VergsLGM

Can someone do the summary for episode 13-16 PLease!!!! Or maybe just download it on YSI or mega upload...Really would appreciate it.....

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference."

sorry, i know it isnt constructive but i just have to say: this poem is such a cliche

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Guest dramaok

summary of 1-16 from mbc:

Eps. 1

In December 2000, Ju-hee runs into Seok-ki who is waiting for her at the subway station. The street is full of excitement around Christmas. Seok-ki just passed the Bar Exam, and Ju-hee gives him a kiss despite all the people around them. Seok-ki and Ju-hee’s family have dinner together and celebrate. After dinner, Ju-hee’s parents and Se-hee leave to visit a patient. Ju-hee and Seok-ki have a party of their own. On the way back from visiting a patient, they have a car accident. Ju-hee’s parents are killed and her sister Se-hee survives. To make things worse, they’re accused of a hit-and-run. Ju-hee is in a complete shock while Seok-ki is trying to clear her parents’ names. However, Seok-ki is kidnapped by someone and released after being tortured. He says good-bye to Ju-hee without telling her what exactly happened to him and leaves for the USA.

Eps. 2

Ju-hee comes to work earlier than usual to prepare the office for the new lawyer coming from the USA. Jeang-ho is at a loss to hear from Yi-ryeong that the new lawyer is coming for the Jeong Woo-seok slush fund case. Seok-ki who is the lawyer from the USA meets Jeong-ho, Yi-ryeong and other lawyers.

Ju-hee enters Seok-ki’s office with nameplate saying ‘Alex Yoon’ without realizing that he’s Seok-ki. Seok-ki freezes when he sees Ju-hee and Ju-hee hurries to leave the office. Ha-young helps Ju-hee dry her hair and asks why she put her hair in the cold water. Ju-hee takes off early and walks around the street like a crazy person. Ju-hee comes home and tells Se-hee that Seok-ki is back.

The follwing day, Seok-ki tells Ju-hee that he’s glad that she seems to be all right. Ju-hee asks him to consider her as someone he doesn’t know. However, Seok-ki tells her that he will find her another job. Furious, Ju-hee refuses the offer, saying that this is where she works and she will continue doing so.

Eps. 3

Ju-hee calls Jeong-ho and tells him that his wife Hye-soo called. Jeong-ho asks her to drop by the hotel where he’s staying after work. Young-jung asks Ha-young to help Seok-ki until he finds a secretary. She can’t understand Young-jung’s request. Seok-ki asks Ha-young to go out to dinner with him.

Ju-hee helps Jeong-ho in the hotel room where he’s working. While he’s away, Hye-soo who received a phone call from Seok-ki storms into the room. Misunderstanding the situation, Hye-soo grasps Ju-hee by the hair and confronts her how she could do that to her. Jeong-ho stops Hye-soo and Yi-ryeong tries to comfort Ju-hee. Taking advantage of the confusion, Tommy copies files from Jeong-ho’s computer.

Eps. 4

Jeong-ho comes back to the office days later. He tells his colleagues that he’s been working on the case for a long time, but he lost all the files due to a personal problem. Jeong-ho tells them that he’ll quit working on the case. Seok-ki says that he’s thinking about taking charge of the case since his client and the law firm signed a contract to work together.

Tommy goes to Ju-hee’s house as Seok-ki tells him to do. He meets Se-hee there. Tommy remembers seeing her picture in Ju-hee’s notebook. Se-hee asks him to buy her some fruit and they start talking. Young-jung asks Ha-young to meet him after work and Ha-young prepares a recorder just in case.

Jeong-ho apologizes for what happened and Ju-hee asks him to tell his wife not to worry about her. Jeong-ho offers a ride home, but Ju-hee refuses. Jeong-ho watches her walking away for a while. Ju-hee drops her phone and Tommy picks it up for her. Ju-hee notices a ring on his finger.

Eps. 5

Jeong-ho calls Seok-ki and records his voice. Jeong-ho plays the tape to Hye-soo and tells her that he needs her as a witness. Hye-soo remembers his voice, but tells Jeong-ho that she can’t remember. Yi-ryeong and Ki-soon meet Shin Ji-na an actress. She tells Yi-ryeong that there’s a photograph posted on the internet, which people believe to be her picture. However, she claims that the woman in the picture isn’t her. She asks her to clear her name. Seok-ki tells Young-jung that somebody stole Jeong-ho’s files. Jeong-ho tells them that he suspects Seok-ki’s driver. However, Seok-ki confronts him saying that Ju-hee was there as well. Jeong-ho shows a piece of paper on which his home phone number is written. He asks him if he called on that evening. Seok-ki asks Ha-young about the relationship between Ju-hee and Jeong-ho. Ha-young can’t understand why he wants to know that. Jeong-ho gives Ju-hee a ride home and tells her to say that she doesn’t know anything if the police come to her. Ju-hee is surprised to see Tommy in front of her house. He tells her that he came to meet Se-hee.

Eps. 6

After having an argument with Seok-ki, Jeong-ho goes to Hye-soo in the hospital. He tells her that Ju-hee was arrested and he needs her decision. Tommy comes to Ju-hee’s house and Ha-young and Se-hee let him in. Ha-young suggests to Seok-ki that she help him if he lets Ju-hee go. Kwon Hyeok-jung who claimed to send the money to Ju-hee comes to testify. Jeong-ho gets suspicious about the fact that Hyeok-jung was at the accident in which Ju-hee’s parents were killed. Hyeok-jung testifies that he sent Ju-hee the money just because he wanted to help her. Ju-hee gets released. Jeong-ho hugs her and tells her not to worry about anything.

Eps. 7

Seok-ki and Young-jung leave for the base camp for their secret investigation. Yi-ryeong compliments Ju-hee who still comes to work as usual after the incident. Ju-hee meets Hye-soo and asks how she got to know her parents 5 years ago. Hye-soo answers that they weren’t well-acquainted with each other. Jeong-ho tells Ho-shik to help Ju-hee who is trying to find more about her parents’ death on her own.

Ha-young tells Ju-hee that she happened to find out about the past relationship between Ju-hee and Seok-ki. Ju-hee apologizes for not having told her the truth earlier. Ha-young goes to the safe place that Young-jung once told her about, but she can’t get in because her password isn’t correct. Young-jung tells her that the purpose of the place has changed. Ha-young gets angry and leaves the place. On the way out, she runs into Jae-seo.

Meanwhile, someone spays poisonous gas in a club in town. All the newspapers and TV news are covering the story. Yi-ryeong tells Jeong-ho that it will divert the public’s attention away from the Jeong Woo-seok case. She asks him if he had someone secretly investigate Yoon Seok-ki. Tommy tells Se-hee that he wants to go out with her. Jeong-ho is shocked to find out that the neighborhood where Ju-hee’s parents had their fatal accident is where he used to live.

Eps. 8

Ha-young goes to Debbie’s concert. She buys a CD with Debbie’s autograph on and gives it to Ju-hee. Seok-ki comes to work and calls up Ha-young to his office. He asks what Ha-young said to Debbie. Ha-young said that she asked why she chose the violin over other instruments. Seok-ki asks Ju-hee to stop looking for the written agreement regarding her parents’ accident.

Seok-ki asks Ju-hee if Se-hee can get better if she gets the surgery. He tells her that he can introduce a good doctor for her. Ju-hee feels disgusted at his remark. Se-hee asks Tommy many questions including how he knows Seok-ki. Jeong-ho finds out that the truck driver who caused the car accident was the very person who put the money in Ju-hee’s account. However, he doesn’t say anything to Ju-hee. Ju-hee tells Jeong-ho that she wants to find out the truth about the accident so that she can have peace of mind. Jeong-ho tells her not to hide anything from him since he’s always ready to listen to what she has in mind.

Eps. 9

Ju-hee and Se-hee stay at Yi-ryeong’s house. Yi-ryeong tells Ju-hee to make herself at home. She calls Ju-hee from work and asks her to find some document in her study and fax it to her. While looking for the document Yi-ryeong asks for, Ju-hee happens to see a pile of documents. She looks them over and finds out some new facts about her parents’ death. She soon realizes that Jeong-ho can be in danger, but she feels helpless.

Jeong-ho falls asleep in a basement. Seok-ki comes in and checks him out before leaving. Hyeok-jung asks his men to throw some water into Jeong-ho’s face. Jeong-ho wakes up and realizes that he was kidnapped. Seok-ki gets away from the people who follow him and goes to the basement where Jeong-ho is locked up. Jeong-ho is beaten up by Hyeok-jung. Jeong-ho tells Seok-ki why he couldn’t tell Ju-hee the truth about Seok-ki’s connection with Hyeok-jung. Jeong-ho asks Seok-ki to tell Ju-hee the truth himself.

Eps. 10

Jeong-ho asks Seok-ki to leave Ju-hee alone, instead deal with him man to man. Seok-ki laughs at him and he wouldn’t do that if he were Jeong-ho. There’s extreme tension between Seok-ki and Jeong-ho. Jeong-ho calls up Ju-hee to his office. She tells him to let her take care of herself since she doesn’t want him to get hurt. However, Jeong-ho asks Ju-hee not to tell anyone that she knows the details about the accident since that’s what Seok-ki is afraid of the most.

Jeong-ho buys Ju-hee a stereo set. Watching him carrying the heavy box to her house, she feels happy. She tells him that she should feel guilty for his wife Hye-soo, but she doesn’t. The following day, Jeong-ho asks her if she likes the stereo. She tells him that she really likes his gift and it helps her forget about all her troubles. Ha-young asks Seok-ki if there’s anything she can help, but Seok-ki says no. Seok-ki happens to hear the conversation between Jeong-ho and Yi-ryeong.

Eps. 11

Tommy tells Se-hee that he’s in love with her. He also promises her that he won’t do anything she doesn’t want him to do even if he has to disobey Seok-ki. Jeong-ho takes Hye-soo who is going to her parents’ house to the airport. She tells him that he doesn’t need to feel sorry for her. Watching her going away, he feels at a loss. Seok-ki asks Ju-hee if anything happened the night before saying that something bad happened to Jeong-ho. Ju-hee receives a text message from Jeong-ho saying that she doesn’t need to worry about him. When Ha-young and Jae-seo are having a drink, they happen to run into Ki-soon and Ji-na. Jeong-ho and Seok-ki meet and have a drink together. They realize that someone is listening in on their conversation. Jeong-ho asks Seok-ki who is behind the scenes, controlling things. Seok-ki asks Jeong-ho if he loves Ju-hee.

Eps. 12

Ju-hee comes to work early because Jeong-ho asks her to. When she arrives, Jeong-ho is already in the office. Jeong-ho tells Ju-hee that he can’t talk in his office and takes her to the lobby. Ju-hee asks him why he wants to see her early, but Jeong-ho just tells her that he missed her. Seok-ki offers Jeong-ho a fountain pen specially designed for preventing eavesdropping. He also tells him that he will give him some information about Hong In-ki. Shin Ji-na comes to the law firm to meet Ki-soon. He doesn’t want to see her, so he hides in Yi-ryeong’s office. Yi-ryeong tells Ki-soon to find out about Shin Ji-na’s father. When Ji-na sees Ki-soon, she holds onto Ki-soon’s arms and acts friendly. When they come out of the building, a group of reporters is waiting for them and taking pictures of them together. The lawyers at Songhyeon believe that Ji-na planned everything ahead and called up the reporters.

Eps. 13

Jeong-ho tells Yi-reyong that Hye-soo has asked him for a divorce. He suggests that she meet Hye-soo, but Yi-ryeong answers that she’s not interested in his personal matters. While discussing the Shin Ji-na case, they have an argument. Ju-hee and Ha-young are surprised to see them yelling at each other. Seok-ki asks Ha-young if she mailed the letter that he gave her. Jeong-ho seems to have something to tell Ju-hee, but he hesitates. He just takes her home without saying a word. Jeong-ho finally asks Ju-hee what he means to her. Ju-hee can’t answer his question. When Ju-hee gets home, she realizes that she’s been ordered to appear in court for the reinvestigation of her parents’ accident. She can’t decide whether she has to inform Jeong-ho or not.

Eps. 14

Jeong-ho tells Seok-ki that Ju-hee and Seok-ki will become enemies when the investigation is underway. He suggests that he change his position as soon as possible. Jeong-ho tells Seok-ki that he only defends the victims like Ju-hee and Se-hee. Seok-ki tells him that things aren’t as simple as he thinks and he has to confirm everything before he takes any action. Jeong-ho asks what prevents him from taking action, but Seok-ki doesn’t answer. Informing Ha-young that the prosecution gave up investigating the Jung Woo-seok case, Young-jung asks her to prepare a party. While the lawyers at Songhyeon celebrate their victory, Jeong-ho and Ju-hee can’t be happy. Jeong-ho asks Seok-ki to come to his office and punches him.

Eps. 15

Jeong-ho realizes that someone went through the files on his desk. Meanwhile, Hye-soo goes to meet Ju-hee. Ju-hee feels uncomfortable and guilty since she has feelings for her husband Jeong-ho. However, Hye-soo tells her that she doesn’t need to feel guilty and she also encourages her to rely on Jeong-ho whenever she needs help. She also tells Ju-hee that she and Jeong-ho got divorced. Ju-hee feels confused about the whole situation.

Hong In-ki tells Seok-ki that he wants to meet Jeong-ho in person. Seok-ki sends Jeong-ho a message saying that someone will come to pick him up. Strangers come to pick up Jeong-ho; Ju-hee has a hunch that something bad is going to happen. However, Jeong-ho convinces her that it is necessary for him to go with them. Hong In-ki wants Shin Ji-na’s list in exchange for withdrawing his case. Jeong-ho asks him to let Seok-ki go.

Eps. 16

Jeong-ho suggests to Seok-ki that he hide until the situation is settled. Ju-hee tells Seok-ki not to go too far since she still has something to talk about with him. Jeong-ho shows Hyeok-jung some evidence and asks him to confess to what he did 5 years ago. Seok-ki tells Jeong-ho that there is one thing that he has to settle. Tommy delivers the air tickets and Seok-ki’s letter to Ju-hee. She realizes that Seok-ki had everything ready so that Se-hee can get surgery in the US. Ju-hee tries to contact Seok-ki, but she can’t get hold of him. Seok-ki sneaks into Hong In-ki’s room, but is caught by his men. Jeong-ho rushes to save Seok-ki.

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Guest Choi Ji Woo

thanks for posting the episode guides..i love Kim Song Soo..i hope this drama will be aired here in our country soon..the ladies aren't familiar faces here in our country but they're both pretty..I miss Song Soo!!!

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Guest onoturtle

oh boy, Lawyers ends will end here in Hawaii next week... i wonder what will replace it?? something good me hopes. sadly, i'm not feeling anything for Lawyers ending. sure it started off exciting and all, but i guess i'm all preoccupied with F70's (that one ends tomorrow here--SAD!!!). here's hoping that the final four eps will hook me in.

and as usual, you can find 150mb captures of Lawyers with eng subs in my CB (see sig). if you want HQ, as ay_link said, visit d-addicts.com for our ALOHAAA release. we just put up a fixed version of episode 1 because apparently the subs came out too big. oops! hehe

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I just finished the show and I'm like ...


That ending..... *gosh*

But sighs... this is so sad....

How I wish Joo Hee could call Seok-ki oppa again... then I'm sure he'll feel a lot a lot better...

It's so sad that he loved her this much, but she ... *sighs*

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thank you dramaok for the summeries...

can you give the summeries for the rest of the drama please!?!??

i just watched episode 1&2 and i have the rest but i want to know what will happen so i can prepare for it =x

yes i need preparation.......


so please if anyone else can summerize the rest it would be greatly appreciated!!!

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