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  1. False, I just had a can beer, with egg ,. Potato chips and watermelon ..it's a wierd dinner actually, Next person just had Warm white milk
  2. .... Epik High ft Hyuk Oh .. home is far away.
  3. Hi ... Mine are : 1. Winter Sonata (absolutely) 2. Bad Guy (Kim Nam Gil, JCW) 3. Scarlet Heart 4. Goblin 5. The King Eternal Monarch (it will on this list)
  4. Happy Tuesday Raise Spirit .... Let's dance Ma mood booster
  5. A few hours ago My Wierd dinner menus. Veggies, coffe, fried egg,. Hot Spicy chilli aka Sambal ....
  6. I don't think if He is Sad or whatever related to his X one. Just have some thought if he might felt emphaty. I readed this news yesterday .... https://www.instagram.com/p/CCkgCG5ptxE/?igshid=gmwjwm7ofiyn JT was Lost His beloved Wife. (RIP Kelly Preston) Knowing lost someone you love isn't easy and this song is about the same story. .... . And Kim hyung Sik wrote this song while he was dying from liver cancer. Kelly was passed away yesterday, after fighting from breast cancer too.
  7. I like Bobby caldwell version Monday - I'm Lost in Love ZEFiPM1seKk Ever green Love song.
  8. Break Sunday .... Was seen as a Super Couple on and off cam. Not today ... Rock on.
  9. Lovers dot. CTO. A nature Clue of this two is amazing, From "last fall" to welcoming "Spring" he saw her beauty side indeed.
  10. Again Japan, Throwback to 90' . This drama was so popular when I was kid, and I simply recognized it from the ost. 1. Tokyo love story. 2. Anything for you Peace.
  11. Asian on the stage .... Turn to Japan . "X Japan" . I just new w/ this Group but the music is sounds good. Pop Rock, deep meaning. Always about Love. Happy weekend.
  12. Happy Weekend Ma Morning Booster. . Him ... KgcNLZnYtl8
  13. I'm agree with you . My point is not about comparison. I'm just trying to reconcile with the unexpected reactions of others regarding the "X". The photos topic she spoke about was biased.
  14. B'fast menu was Fried rice w/ Bacon + sunny egg N coffee N honey Bless Us
  15. Agree ... Photos/Pict. Talks more. Let me analyze "Calmness" clue from his prev. Interview. When one is able to bring peace or calmness to your life, it doesn't really mean calmness for it definition to me. Calm is a state of being peacefully with your true character and being yourself in front of some one. There is no shame even when you make a mistakes, for you knowing that he or she freed you unconditionally as the real you are is a calmness about. Mischievous Minhossi is about Vice Versa w/ Ggonessi n Aaaa duo Cancerian . Love.  Welcome Cinggu, but I think we all agreed in some point before, that we don't want to bring up "X factor" here. We are about shipping our couple n noticed if their past is nothing to do with our ship/forum at d moment. Today and forward. Some tips may help you. To not just jumped or lurk in sudden to all forum, please read the rules from each forum moderators, n back ward reading at least half pages back to give u an up to date info. and idea to write in. I think I checked that Pict. Too,. It's quite similar from the angles that she stand. But if you notice that red handle sofa more specific. It was a different sofa. From his pic. That handle is flat till the edge . But I found it slumped from her site, Hope u satisfied w/ my answer and please let off the X topic here.
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