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  1. Hi again, anyway I Love this Post ... And My Caption in... Minhossi Bestie and Ggonessi Bestie ...
  2. Happy weekend to a beautiful Lady we are ...
  3. Oatmeal, boiled egg. + Coffee ...
  4. Happy Thursday everyone .... Nothing special through this covid pandemic here in ma country ... Just thought a lot economic stagnation, one and two families passed away after struggling w/ this killer viruses, some got infections n recovered n peoples include me are going creazy for life habit changing .... Need a mood booster every day, n music's is helpful enough being good companion either. rzTT5M8zBu4 Stay Healt and Keep Up Cinggus
  5. Welcome back my. Fav. Forum Here we go again. Posted some old news but gold. Glad if anybody noticed it already but hadn't seen it yet. Tonight by a chance found it on tweet n eagerly repost it under permission. I call it Lover Manners from Mr Manners aka Minhossi.. Have a time to read. "Private Post No Hashtag Needed"
  6. Yeayyyyy .... It's back ... Miss U all and Our Articles ... Have a great weekend, Where is our soompi points Gone ?
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