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Guest qquinto

^ haha, yeah. come back after every meal/snack if you want :P

i guess i'm just interested in what other people compared to what i eat for some reason... lol

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Guest smellmemory

a small bundle of grapes

a very small portion of garden vegetable ravioli ( made fresh last night )

then i came home, had a slice of french bread with barilla pasta sauce

and a snack size bag of m&ms.. ( 80 calories ) and some more grapes.

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Guest bobjack

Milk and cereal

I forgot what it's called.. but those pasta things with cheese inside of them?, fries, and a chocolate chip cookie



Ice cream

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[Got up too late for breakfast]

-Bacon and egg salad sandwich, a cookie and a peach ~ lunch

-A cornetto cone

-Mixed vegetables and meat, rice ~ dinner


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