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Breakfast: some really good roasted potatoes that were left over from dinner some time ago...and milk 'n' a yogurt.

Lunch: peanut butter sandwich, pringles, string cheese, nutrition bar thingie...and capris sun (sp?)

Dinner: Pork and onions...rice with furikake...apple and milk.

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Guest MangoJuice

breakfast: milk

lunch: rice and chicken adobo (oh yeah)

dinner: yet to eat about 3 hours from now.. or around 10 p.m.

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Guest lovelydia

i haddddd...

a cereal bar for breakfast.

a chicken salad sandwich for lunch.

and spaghetti for dinner.

and fruitfruitfruit<3


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Guest vc1188


- two pieces of toast, with butter

- ginseng tea


- an overpriced chocolate chip cookie


- Korean cup noodles! yummmmm

- ginseng tea


- rice

- various... dishes -__-

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Guest _obsession

breakfast:toast&hot chocolate

lunch&after school:pieces of all my friend's lunch(cookie,chips,sandwhich,pizza),ham sandwhich,reese's

dinner:pansit(fiipino noodles)

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Guest ginaz s t y l e

i had seaweed soup & cucumber kimchi for breakfast

cheeseburger from in&out

then chicken selects from mcdonaldss

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dammn dats looks so good, but today i had a break up so i ate my way over it.. sooo i ate the following.

Breakfast:Cornpops 2x bowls,half my babtong w/ kimchi, keem,salad

Lunch:2x caramel Frap from starbuck,3x Boba,mango,straw-peach,lychee,PHO,Summer Rolls,Ms.Fields Cookie,Couple of Snickers and Twix.

Dinner:Subway 1footlong,4x 1ltr of sprite.hot cheetos,lays chip,pop tarts,cream soda,RAMEN,chicken soup,ice cream and cheesecake.

Btw i didnt eat it all at the same time =/, i at it during different times :)

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