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News & Updates on Upcoming or Airing Dramas/Movie with no threads (yet) or will have none


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The purpose of this thread is to post news on upcoming or airing dramas (and the occasional movie) that don't have threads yet or won't (as these dramas may less likely be viewed or fall under less watched genres like detective, criminal investigation, republican era) but may still possibly interest a minority of members. To make it easier to read, this first post will be updated (as and when updates are available) and organised based on broadcast network. For members who wish to update this post, please PM @SC2019 or leave a post as to what to update, and it will be updated. If there is a request to create a thread for a particular drama, please also reach out or leave a post (or you could start the thread yourself too) :hwaiting2:!

Summaries and information are credited to Cdramainvasion, Marcus here!, Baidu, MyDramaList, Dramawiki.





  1. Drama: Ode to Joy 4 欢乐颂4 | Genres: Modern, Romance | starring: Jiang Shu Ying, Yang Cai Yu, Zhang Hui Wen & Karlina Zhang Brief synopsis: A fourth sequel to the Ode to Joy series. Status: Airs on April 7, 2023 for 37 episodes
  2. Drama: Here We Meet Again  三分野 | Genres: Romance| starring: Janice Wu & Vin Zhang
    Brief sypnosis: An inspirational story of two independent people, XuYan Shi and Xiang Yuan, strong and determined individuals, who work hard for their careers and grow together.  Adapted from the novel of the same name by Er Dong Tu Zi. Aired in May 2023 for 32 episodes

  3. Drama: Where Dreams Begin 梦开始的地方1978 | Genres: Life, Youth| starring: Xiao Zhan, Li Qin & Wayne Liu
    Brief sypnosis:  The story tells the ups and downs of a group of young people in Beijing during the 1970's, reflecting the changing times and depicting the next generation amidst a wave of reforms. An inspirational story of the growth and transformation of ordinary people during the reform era in China. Status: Airs on June 1, 2023 for 38 episodes
  4. Drama: Ai Qing Kai Dai Ji Shi 爱情开袋即食 | Genres: Historical, Fantasy| starring: Kiki Xui & Zhang Zhihao
    Brief sypnosis: Top chef Ling Yang crosses paths with Xie Yufei, a female PhD in biology who has never had a boyfriend and it sets the stage for a romance that begins over money. Status: Airs on June 3, 2023 for 24 episodes

  5. Drama: Stand or Fall 她只是不想输 | Genres: Modern | starring: Qin Lan, Wang Yang & Zhang Meng
    Brief sypnosis: A story about several women in their 30's with different personalities navigating the workplace, their emotions, marriage, and realisation of self-worth. It depicts women's positive attitude of "not wanting to lose", an inspiration to audiences. Status: Airs on June 18 2023 for 32 episodes

  6. Drama: Twilight 暮色心约 | Genres: Historical, Fantasy| starring: Allen Ren & Angelababy
    Brief sypnosis: Liu Xia, a psychological counselor, and Qi Lian Shan, a screenwriter focusing on adapting his psychological mystery novel into a drama script, jointly devote themselves to the cause of mental health public welfare, using their professional knowledge and skills to help those in need, and gradually grow closer in their cooperation, ultimately ending up together. Status: Airs on June 29, 2023 for 40 episodes
  7. Drama: West out of the Yu Men 西出玉门| Genres: Thriller, Romance, Fantasy| starring: Ni Ni & Bai Yu
    Brief sypnosis:  Both leads are adventurers who love solving mysteries. They team up on an adventure in the desert and uncover a conspiracy.Status: Airs on Sept 7, 2023 for 38 episodes

  8. Drama: Faithful 九义人 | Genres: Historical, Romance, Suspense | starring: Janice Wu & Hu Yi Xuan
    Brief sypnosis: A young woman named Ru Lan who put her reputation on the line to air her grievances dies in vain. Seven years later, nine people who are inextricably linked to the Ru Lan case get together for different reasons thus beginning a story of revenge. Status: Airs on Sept 15, 2023 for 12 episodes

  9. Drama: Bright Eyes in the Dark  他从火光中走来 | Genres: Military, Romance, Drama| starring: Zhang Jing Yi & Johnny Huang
    Brief sypnosis: When Nan Chu was just 16 she was trapped in a house fire, and in her semi-conscious and dazed state she saw the blurred form of a man in uniform, firefighter Lin Lu Xiao, who rescued her. Five years later, Nan Chu, now 21, has become a national star as a very popular model and actress and the two meet again. Status: Airs on Sept 19, 2023 for 40 episodes

  10. Drama: Mr. & Mrs. Chen 梅花红桃 | Genres: Historical, Romance | starring: Guan Xiao Tong & Elvis Han 
    Brief sypnosis: (à la Mr & Mrs Smith) Set in the 1940s, it tells the story of former lovers Zuo Shuang Tao (played by Guan Xiao Tong) and Chen Jia Ping (played by Elvis Han Dong Jun) who are unexpectedly reunited and rekindle their romance in the midst of espionage and while pursuing the same ideals. Status: Airs on Oct 11, 2023 for 32 episodes

  11. Drama: Ripe Town 繁城之下 | Genres: Historical, Mystery | starring: Bai Yu Fan, Julia Xiang & Ning Li
    Brief sypnosis: In the 37th year of the Wan Li Period of the Ming Dynasty, there were successive murders in the county seat of Jiangnan County. The identities of the dead were different and unrelated to each other. The corpses were arranged in bizarre poses, and there was a sentence left at the scene of each case. As the apprentice of the first victim, Xiaohu Kuaiqu Sanren cooperated with his friends to launch an investigation. Status: Airs on Oct 11, 2023 for 32 episodes

  12. Drama: The Farthest Distance 最遥远的距离| Genres: Romance| starring: Elaine Zhong & Leong Zhang
    Brief sypnosis: Qin Yun Sheng (Leong Zhang) is an emergency doctor who has a house that needs to be renovated and Su Ying (Elaine) is an interior designer. They meet because of their participation in a house renovation reality TV show. As they get to know one another Su Ying gradually opens her once closed heart to Qin Yun Sheng, only to find out that he still misses his girlfriend who had passed away. She decides to fight for this relationship and bridge the farthest distance, i.e. not life and death but being in front of the person who loves you and not realising it. Status: Airs on Oct 26, 2023 for 40 episodes

  13. Drama: Missing You 很想很想你 | Genres: Food, Music, Romance, Drama | starring: Tan JIan Ci & Zhou Ye
    Brief sypnosis: He is a celebrity in the professional dubbing and voiceover industry. His actual career is a mystery. He does not do much networking or socializing. Because of one unexpected event, he began introducing new foods and dishes to her every night. That alluring voice described to her how to prepare dish after dish, and little by little, completely charmed her in. Adapted from the novel “Really, Really Miss You” (很想很想你) by Mo Bao Fei Bao (墨宝非宝) Status: Airs on Nov 30, 2023 for 33  episodes
  14. Drama: Once a Youth 曾少年之长大了 | Genres: Romance, Life, Youth| starring: Zhang Yi Shan,  Guan Xiao Tong & Fan Cheng ChengBrief sypnosis:  A story about a group of young people seeking their dreams and striving to grasp the opportunities of the times. Adapted from the novel "Once Young" (曾少年) by Jiu Ye Hui (九夜茴). 
  15. Drama: Got a Crush on You 祈今朝 | Genres: Military, Romance | starring: Xu Kai Cheng & Gulnezer Bextiyar
    Brief sypnosis: A love story of Song Xing Chen and a rebellious rescue team captain Su Qing Qing. Adapted from a novel, 红尘滚滚滚 (hóngchén gǔngǔn gǔn), literally Rolling Dust.
  16. Drama: Tibetan Sea Flower 藏海花| Genres:Action, Adventure, Mystery, Horror | starring: Edward Zhang, Chen Ming Hao & Zhang Kang Le
    Brief sypnosis: The story takes place five years after the main series ended. After Wu Xie found a painting of young man in the post office at Medog County and returned from Nepal, his peaceful life was interrupted again by the sudden visit of Jin Wantang. Note: Ultimate Note is the prequel and Tomb of the Sea is the sequel.
  17. Drama: Young Babylon 少年巴比伦 | Genres: Adventure, Romance, Life, Youth | starring: Neo Hou & Yang Cai Yu
    Brief sypnosis: Set in the 1990s, headstrong Lu Xiao Lu reluctantly starts down the working-class path he is expected to follow by joining a factory. Slowly, he adjusts to the bureaucratic routine, making the best of the situation by bonding with coworkers, flirting with girls, and refusing to give in completely to the expectations of those around him. But thanks to the relationships he develops, Lu Xiao Lu decides to fight for the life he wants. 
  18. Drama: Paladin Legend 仙剑 | Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy | starring: Kitty Xu & He Yu
    Brief sypnosis: Remake of the 2005 TV series of the same name, a story based on a RPG game. Starts off sweet and light-hearted, but ends with plenty of tears, recounting a tale of Li Xiao Yao (He Yu) and how he meets Lin Yue Ru (Kitty Xu), falls in love, marries her, loses his memories and repeats the entire process when he meets her again.
  19. Drama: The Infiltrator 潜伏者 | Genres: Crime, Drama | starring: Huang Xiao Ming, &Jiang Xin
    Brief sypnosis: A drama set in the 1940s, about a Communist party member and military agent, Fang Jia Shu (Huang Xiao Ming) who hides his identity and creates a false identity, complete with wife (Jiang Xin) and children. He is tasked with gathering information about coal refining and protecting the party's interests against the Japanese. At the same time, he has to deal with the romantic interests from a military agent, Su Ya Lu (Wang Qian).
  20. Drama: Angels Fall Sometimes 如果还有时间 | Genres: Friendship, Romance, Life, Melodrama | starring: Lin Yi & Landi Li
    Brief sypnosis: Lin Tuo (Lin Yi) and An Zhi Que (Landy Li) meet at a job fair during the summer internship of their junior year and overcome many challenges in their bid to stay together. Finally, their careers and relationship are developing in the the right direction when Lin Tuo is diagnosed with ALS disease and is told he will die soon. While he receives the love and care of his family, lover and friends, he becomes an inspiration to those around him to cherish each day and live with hope.
  21. Drama: Our Ordinary Days 小日子 | Genres: Life, family | starring: Chen Xiao & Tong Yao
    Brief sypnosis: A husband and wife go through the ups and downs of marriage as they try to settle down in Shanghai.
  22. Drama: Liu Zhou Ji 柳舟记 | Genres:Historical, Romance | starring: Zhang Wan Yi & Wang Chu Ran
    Brief sypnosis: A noble who in escaping an arranged marriage gets into a sticky situation, and loses her memory. She is then rescued by a bandit and ends up joining his group and build a relationship with him.




  1. Drama:  The Trust  恩爱两不疑 | Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance | starring: Song Yan Fei & Zhang Hao Wei
    Brief sypnosis: Born the daughter of a great general, Xu Yu was raised with a sword in her hand. Training from a very young age, Xu Yu is as adept with a bow as she is with a sword and her skill as a horseman rivals that of her father's men. A skilled warrior, Xu Yu never once entertained the idea of any other path. In order to save her struggling family, Xu Yu agrees to marry Emperor Xiao Jin Yun. As different from Xu Yu as night and day, Jin Yun prefers books to battles. This results in them staying
    away from each other, until they fall into a pool and swap bodies!  Status: Aired on Apr 6, 2023 for 30 episodes
  2. Drama:  Thirteen Years of Dust  尘封十三载 | Genres: Thriller, Mystery | starring: Chen Jian Bin & Chen Xiao
    Brief sypnosis: It tells the story of a series of serial homicides in Nandu, thirteen years ago. Wei Zheng Rong, an old policeman who is at the bottom of his life, led Lu Xing Zhi, a newcomer police officer who had just joined the job, to investigate the truth of the case. After repeated visits and investigations, due to the limitations of criminal investigation technology at the time, the failure to lock the suspect's case became an unsolved case. However, the physical evidence testing in a murder case 13 years later brought the serial murder case 13 years ago to the surface again. The two criminal police officers who investigated the case that year once again joined forces for an inspection.  Status: Aired on Apr 6, 2023 for 24 episodes

  3. Drama: Take Us Home  龙城 | Genres: Romance, Drama | starring: Ma Li Yi & Johnny Bai Yu 
    Brief sypnosis:  Based on the story of three cousins and their journeys through life, on family relationships and human psychology. Adapted from the novel series "Memory in the City of Dragon" (龙城三部曲) by Di An (笛安) Status: Airs on Apr 15, 2023 for 36 episodes

  4. Drama: Oh No! Here Comes Trouble  不良执念清除师 | Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Modern, Mystery, Supernatural | starring: Tseng Jinghua, Payne Cian-You Peng & Vivian Sung
    Brief sypnosis:  A Taiwanese drama, reportedly worth watching plot and acting-wise! The story which is filled with supernatural elements follows high school student Pu Yi-Yong who gains superpowers after a near-fatal car accident and embarks on a fantastical journey with rookie policewoman Chen Chu-Ying and school rival Cao Guang-Yan. Status: Airs on Apr 15, 2023 for 12 episodes

  5. Drama:  Wanru's Journey 少年江湖 | Genres: Comedy, Romance, Wuxia | starring: Ao Rui Peng, Aaron Deng, Zong Yuan Yuan
    Brief sypnosis: Ever since Murong Zhuwan faked her identity to pretend to be from a prominent family, she is pulled into bloody disputes in the pugilistic world. Clueless about matters of the heart, she becomes enamoured by martial arts genius Murong Chong and also meets the gentle Fu Hong, whose love has turned to hate after thinking that he's been betrayed. Their experiences allow them to grow into chivalrous heroes who fight for the people. Status: Aired on May 26, 2023 for 24 episodes

  6. Drama:  Love you Self-Evident 爱你不言而喻 | Genres: Modern, Romance | starring: Hu Wenxuan & Roada Xu Ziyin
    Brief sypnosis: Mo Ningxi was forced out of the country after being betrayed by everyone. She returns six years later with a cute baby in tow. Now a confident fashion designer, she is determined to find out the cause of her grandfather's death and to take back everything that belongs to her. Status: Aired on June 6, 2023 for 20 episodes

  7. Drama:  The Lost 11th Floor 消失的十一层 | Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Drama | starring: Pan Yue Mingyin & Chen Shu
    Brief sypnosis: A report exposed that the renowned corporate giant JuLun Group in Canghai City has covered up the truth about a mining disaster that occurred years ago. Deputy Director Qu Jiang He becomes the focal point of the anti-crime and anti-evil campaign. When he gets involved in the investigation, he realizes that the line between right and wrong in reality is no longer clear-cut. Status: Aired on July 9, 2023 for 24 episodes

  8. Drama: Once a Youth 曾少年 | Genres: Romance, Life, Youth| starring: Zhang Yi Shan & Guan Xiao Tong
    Brief sypnosis: Qin Chuan and Xie Qiao grew up in the same compound. They have been bickering with each other for ages. Qin Chuan is simple and does not mince words. For years, Qin Chuan and Xie Qiao have missed out on each other. They have both been in different relationships. Having lived through the Wenchuan earthquake, they realize that long-lasting companionship is the most precious love. Theirs is a story about a group of young people seeking their dreams and striving to grasp the opportunities of the times. Status: Aired on July 10, 2023 for 35 episodes

  9. Drama: Imperfect Victim 不完美受害人 | Genres: Mystery, Drama, Mature| starring: Zhou Xun & Liu Yu Jun
    Brief sypnosis: This story is about a sexual harassment case that leads to a rape case, which further leads up to a big corporation and its employees and different people like lawyers/prosecutors. Status: Aired on July 10, 2023 for 35 episodes

  10. Drama: Hello, Dong Dong En 金牌客服董董恩 | Genres: Romance, Drama, Medical | starring: Miles Wei Zhe Ming & Lulu Xu Lu
    Brief sypnosis:  Tells the story of Dong Dong En (Lulu Xu), an accomplished customer service employee, who captures Lou Yuan's (Miles Wei) heart with her own charm in a battle of wits and courage with him. Status: Aired on Sep 15, 2023 for 24 episodes
  11. Drama: Romance on the Farm 田耕纪 | Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Life | starring: Joseph Zeng & Tian Xi Wei
    Brief sypnosis: Lian Maner, a modern girl, accidentally finds herself in an ancient rural village where she encounters the eccentric Lian family, who are her distant relatives. She also meets the enigmatic and "tsundere" Shen Nuo. Together, they confront troublesome relatives, engage in farming and business ventures, and strive for prosperity. Status: Aired on Oct 14, 2023 for 26 episodes
  12. Drama: The Bionic Life 仿生人间 | Genres: Modern, Science Fiction, Suspense | starring: Song Wei Long & Vicki Chen
    Brief sypnosis: In the not-too-distant future, humans relying on bionics for emotional support triggers a series of cascading crises. Status: Aired on Oct 18, 2023 for 12 episodes
  13. Drama: Fighting for Love 阿麦从军 | Genres: Life | starring: Zhang Tian Ai & Zhang Hao Wei
    Brief sypnosis: It tells the story of the founding female general of Nanxia who took on a male identity, donned battle gear,  and climbed the military ladder to become the Goddess of War. In this journey, she saves the son of the Crown Prince, Shang Yi Zhi, whose life is constantly under threat and helps him overcome many predicaments. And she also crosses paths with a general, Chang Yu Qing (played by Richard Wang), from the opposing side.
  14. Drama: Chinese Paladin 4 仙剑奇侠传4 | Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy| starring: Chen Zhe Yuan & Ju Jing Yi
    Brief sypnosis: This fourth season takes place prior to the "Chinese Paladin 3" season.  Yun Tian He, a young man who has been living alone on a mountain peak, comes across a young woman Han Ling Sha, who tries to break into his parent's tomb. This is the start of his journey to uncover his parents' past. Along the way, he befriends the daughter of magistrate of Shouyang, Liu Meng Li, and a skilled and kind swordmaster who trained at Mt. Kunlun's Qionghua School since a young age, Murong Zi Ying.
  15. Drama: Chinese Paladin 6 仙剑六祈今朝 | Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy| starring: Xu Kai & Esther Yu
    Brief sypnosis: The two amnesiac youths, Yue Jin Zhao and Yue Qi have been wandering the land in search of their identities and pasts, only for Yue Qi to lose all of her money to a member of the Risen Soul Cult. In the process of trying to recover the lost money, they meet up with Luo Zhou Yan, the head of the "Evanescent" Luo family, who is spearheading efforts in her region to destroy the cult and expose its crimes.
  16. Drama: The Mutations 天启异闻录 | Genres: Historical, Suspense, Drama| starring: Huang Xuan & Wu Yue
    Brief sypnosis: A tale of apocalyptic crisis and survival when a mysterious epidemic breaks out on an island and the Emboidered Uniform Guard, Chu Si Jing (played by Huang Xuan) is right in the heart of it all. (from the director of The Wind Blows from Long Xi)
  17. Drama: Stolen the General for a Half Day 偷得将军半日闲 | Genres: Historical, Romance| starring: Dylan Kuo & Zhang Miao Yi
    Brief sypnosis:  tells the story of Wen Ye, the cold-faced God of War, who suspects that Shen Kezhen is the only weak point in his world. Wen Ye, the prestigious War God general, is a man of steel, his mother having passed away when he was a child where he then spent his youth on the battlefield. He is decisive in appearance, difficult to get close to, but in his heart he longs for love and warmth. Shen Kewen, an illegitimate daughter of Shen Xiang, is mistakenly married into the palace. She looks simple and cute, but in fact she is bold and tough inside.
  18. Drama: Yue Shang Chao Yan 月上朝颜 | Genres: Historical, Romance, fantasy | starring: Wang Jing Xuan & Ji Mei Han
    Brief sypnosis: the love story of Yun Chao Yan, a girl who is kind and cannot turn a blind eye to injustice, and Ren Shi Que, the lunar god who is cold and selfish to disguise the fact that he is lonely and hurt over the rejection of his parents. When Yun Chao Yan gains a type of mystical sight she and Ren Shi Que join forces and embark on a fantastical, adventurous journey together.
  19. Drama: The Comic Bang 月刊少女 | Genres: Comedy, romance | starring: Wu Jia Yi & Liu Yi Chang
    Brief sypnosis: A youth story about Lu Ye Qi, an intelligent second-year Mathematics major who has a hidden occupation - as a professional shoju comic artist. Zuo Qian Dai who has a crush on him, eventually pairs up with him in a comics team, and together they overcome challenges, on their road to success. Adapted from the manga "Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun" (月刊少女野崎くん ) by Izumi Tsubaki (椿泉)
  20. Drama: A Forbidden Marriage 明月入卿怀 | Genres: Historical, Wuxia | starring: Leon Zhang, Chen Ruo Xuan & Sun Yi
    Brief sypnosis: A woman from the demon sect is determined to realize her dream - to marry Shi Shu (Uncle-Master Yang Qing) a very good person, helpful and unorthodox from a righteous sect. Adapted from the novel 'Master, you can easily lose me like this' (师叔你这样很容易失去我) by Yi Ren Sui.
  21. Drama: Back For You  漫影寻踪 | Genres: Action, Mystery, Romance | starring: Angelababy & Wang An Yu
    Brief sypnosis:  Lu Na (Angelababy), a painter, and A Lai (Wang An Yu), a police detective team up to solve a mystery in this romantic suspense drama. 
  22. Drama: Imperfect Victim  不完美受害人 | Genres: Mystery, Drama | starring: Zhou Xun, Liu Yi Jun, Chen Shu & Jelly Lin
    Brief sypnosis:  A contemporary drama about sexual harrassment and rape that occurs in the corporate world. Directed by Yang Yang, of A Dream of Splendor fame.
  23. Drama: Men in Love 请和这样的我恋爱吧 | Genres: Romance| starring: Hu Yi Tian & Liang Jie
    Brief sypnosis:  The self-disciplined and diligent editor-in-chief of the magazine, Ye Han (Hu Yi Tian), helps a clumsy and lovely physical education teacher Li Xiao Xiao (Liang Jie) resolve embarrassing problems again and again, by chance, and eventually it turns into a romance.
  24. Drama: The Great Cao Xuan Xuan  了不起的曹萱萱 | Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy | starring: Bambi Zhu, Zhai Xiao Wen & Kiki Xu
    Brief sypnosis: A fantasy romance drama about a mystery writer and amatuer debater, Zhou Na who travels to the past and becomes the daughter-in-law of a Yong Ning County official.  In ancient times, Cao Xuan Xuan was a girl who was bullied, but since the modern Zhou Na became the ancient Cao Xuan Xuan, her personality has changed drastically. She has become extremely strong, even extremely smart, and attracts everyone’s attention. She tries to solve a murder case but realises that the murderer's modus operandi is from the modern times.
  25. Drama:  Lady Who Hacked Through Thorns  披荆斩棘的大小姐 | Genres: Historical, Romance | starring: Miles Wei & Xu Lu
    Brief sypnosis: A drama about revenge. It mainly tells the love story between Shen Danqing, the eldest lady of the Shen family of the Liaocheng Royal Bodyguard Bureau, and Xu Chengfeng, the General guarding Liaocheng and the leader of the imperial city who also carries out secret missions. Luo Ailian is a gentle and quiet young lady, quick-witted, elegant and dignified, and able to manage the family affairs well. A turn of unfortunate events turn her whole world upside down and sees her downfall together with the family's fortunes.
  26. Drama: The Fragments Of Kylin  念念人间玉 | Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy | starring: Yang Xi Zi & Sun Chen Jun
    Brief sypnosis: Three years after the war between humans and demons, the Xuanyuan family and the Mo family, two demon-hunter households, formed an alliance. Shi Si, the daughter of the Demon King, lost her memory and became a cute, naive woman who didn’t understand the world. In order to save the Xuanyuan family, she impersonated the oldest daughter of the family, Xuanyuan Yu, and married into the Mo family, falling in love with the eldest son of the Mo family, Mo Yan.
  27. Drama: A Love Story of Oiled Paper Umbrella  一伞烟雨 | Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy | starring: Alan Yu & 
    Li Zi Xuan
    Brief sypnosis: A tale of Feng Yi, of Dali Temple, and Meng Xizhou, a female fan who met due to a crime and became a master and apprentice to work together to catch monsters and protect living beings.
  28. Drama: Love in the Desert  漠风吟 | Genres: Historical, Romance| starring: Hankiz Omar & Alen Fang
    Brief sypnosis: The story of "Huang Beishang", the most beautiful woman in the desert and the princess of a declining ethnic group. On her way to get married, she successively fought with the northern lord Huo Qingyun, the desert bandit Ruowen, and the lord of Yunpei City Na.


  1. Drama: Thin Ice  薄冰 | Genres: Historical, Life | starring: Peng Guan Ying & Yukee ChenBrief sypnosis: Military agent becomes Communist ardent supporter, working to overthrow Japanese occupation. Status: Airs on  Apr 5, 2023 for 40 episodes
  2. Drama: Gone with the Rain  薄冰 | Genres: Historical, Romance, Melodrama | starring: Wang Yu Wen, Zhang Nan & Sean Sun
    Brief sypnosis: A young emperor assumes the throne in the early years of the Jing Kingdom's Anping era. To achieve the goal of dictatorship, the Marquis of Mingde, Zhong Yu Qi, and Chancellor Wu Lang provoke the assassins of various states into rebellion, making warfare and people's livelihood unbearable. In the capital city of Jingzhou, the niece of the sixth-ranked official Bai Wen Tai, Mo Xi, and his daughter, Feng Yao, get accidentally involved in all these. Status: Airs on June 5, 2023 for 37 episodes

  3. Drama: Be Your Own Light  做自己的光 | Genres: Romance, Life | starring: Liu Tao, Liu Yu Ning & Qin Hai Lu
    Brief sypnosis: He Huan (Liu Tao) encounters a series of life challenges, such as her husband fleeing and leaving behind huge debts, career setbacks, and her mother's serious illness. Despite falling into rock bottom, she regains her footing and makes a successful comeback in her career, but emotionally, she is far from happy. Together with an online blogger, Jiang Jun Hao (Liu Yu Ning), she modernises tradtional media with the establishment of He Media and rebuilds her life with him. Status: Airs on July 17, 2023 for 40 episodes

  4. Drama: Wrong Carriage Right Groom 新上错花轿嫁对郎 | Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance | starring: Tian Xi Wei & Ao Rui Peng
    Brief sypnosis: During the Tang Dynasty in Yangzhou, two beautiful ladies are due to marry on the same day. Du Bing Yan will wed the seriously ill Qi Tian Lei, the third and prodigal son of the Qi Mansion, while Li Yu Hu must marry the bandit Yuan Bu Qu, who recently kidnapped her martial artist father. Status: Aired on Mar 19, 2023 for 20 episodes

  5. Drama: Scent of Time 为有暗香来| Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy | starring: Zhou Ye & Wang Xing Yue
    Brief sypnosis: A young woman finds that she is given a second chance at life, to correct the mistakes she had made in the first timeline, where she plotted and conspired to get the man of her dreams and caused the downfall of another family as well as ultimately her own.   Status: Aired on Oct 13, 2023 for 30 episodes
  6. Drama: Blooming 一念花开| Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Tianchong, Xianxia | starring: Alen Fang & Huang Riying
    Brief sypnosis: The genius senior brother joins hands with his black-bellied junior sister in embarking on a hilarious journey to revive Qingyuan Sword Sect to its former glory. Status: Aired on Oct 23, 2023 for 30 episodes
  7. Drama: Love is Panacea 治愈系恋人| Genres: Romance, Drama, Medical, Melodrama | starring: Leo Luo & Zhang Ruo Nan
    Brief sypnosis: Born into a medical family, Gu Yun Zheng is a medical genius and the youngest neurosurgeon in the country. Handsome and dignified, he is known as the most attractive doctor in the hospital and was the dream man during college. 

    He meets Su Wei An, a fifth-year MBBS dropout while working on the African frontline. She carries the gene for a rare Huntington's disease. In a battle against death, Gu Yun Zheng will race against fate and time to try and save her from this incurable disease.  Status: Aired on Nov 2, 2023 for 38 episodes

  8. Drama:  Different Princesss 花青歌 | Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy | starring: Ireine Song & Ding Ze Ren
    Brief sypnosis: Writer Hua Qing Ge transforms into a character within the world of her own novels. She thinks that she is in control of the script, but falls in love with Ji Chu, which is not part of her plan.  Status: Aired on Jan 12, 2024 for 36 episodes

  9. Drama: Big White Duel 2  白色强人2| Genres: Medical, Modern | starring: Roger Kwok Chun-on, Kenneth Ma Guoming, Moses Chan (calling TVB fans!)
    Brief sypnosis: Everyday, there are life-saving stories between doctors and patients at Marshall Paxton Hospital with the three core departments of ER, Cardiothoracic and Neurosurgery under the leadership of Yeung Yat-to and Tong Ming.  
  10. Drama: Ally Tian Cheng Wonderful Accident 妙偶天成 | Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Youth| starring: Shen Yue & Wang Jing Xuan
    Brief sypnosis: Time travel story about the vain fourth daughter of the Zhen family who has her eyes on the son of Duke Zhen Guo. Hijinks occurs when a cute and dorky girl with a healthy appetite from the future replaces her in body and soul. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Dong Tian De Liu Ye (冬天的柳叶)
  11. Drama: The Romance of Chen Xiao Zhu  春花烂漫陈小猪 | Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy | starring: Su Xiao Tong & Sun Ze Yuan
    Brief sypnosis: An innocent and cute little pig demon (played by Su Xiao Tong) who covets the demon-catching gourd beside the demigod phoenix, Feng Pan (played by Sun Ze Yuan).
  12. Drama: Player  玩家 | Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy | starring: Su Xiao Tong & Sun Ze Yuan
    Brief sypnosis: Set in the future, a group of young people get caught up in a mysterious AI controlled game called 5W. The main leads are Lu Ren Jia(Leon Zhang) a lonely young man, who was abandoned by his mother as a child, losing all trust in others and becoming a total introvert, burying his memories deep inside. Ren Jia meets Zhou Zhi Shu (Deng Jia Jia), a beautiful and kind-hearted kindergarten teacher with mysterious secrets of her own. Her former boyfriend led Zhi Shu into the virtual world of 5W, and now she's developed a deep connection with the game, sensing she may never truly escape it.
  13. Drama: Feng Yu Nong, Yan Zhi Luan 风雨浓,胭脂乱 | Genres: Historical, Romance | starring: Wang Yu Wen, Zhang Nan & Zhao Ying Bo
    Brief sypnosis: The story of a heroine, who transforms from an uncouth orphan of a renown family to the most famous courtesan in Old Shanghai, and how she persistently pursues the man she loves.
  14. Drama: Guess Who I Am 猜猜我是谁 | Genres: Thriller, Romance | starring: Zhang Yu Xi & Wang Zi Qi
    Brief sypnosis: Song Yao who never misses a beat in punishing scumbags encounters Cheng Tian Group's rich young CEO. Yet when she meets him, she's unable to charm him like other rich heirs - and the reason is this "CEO" is an impostor.
  15. Drama: The Assassin  隐娘 | Genres: Action, Historical, Mystery, Martial Arts | starring: Qin Lan & Zheng Ye Cheng
    Brief sypnosis: Ning Jin Hai is an assassin from Bai Yu Jing - a place where homeless women gather and train to become female assassins. These assassins are then dispatched under the name of “Yin Niang.” This drama tells the story of the “Yin Niang”.
  16. Drama: Ming Long Shao Nian 鸣龙少年 | Genres: Comedy, School, Youth, Family | starring: Zhang Yuo Yun, Huang Yao & Guo Zi Fan
    Brief sypnosis: Remake of the 2005 Japanese drama, Dragon Zakura [Plot of the 2005 drama: Kenji Sakuragi is a destitute lawyer and one-time member of a motorcycle gang. A failure as a lawyer, he takes a position as a high school teacher and takes on the challenge of preparing a special advanced class for entrance to the prestigious Toudai University.] Directed by the same person who did Ordinary Greatness.
  17. Drama: My Boss 你也有今天 | Genres: Law, Romance | starring: Chen Xing Xu & Zhang Ruo Nan
    Brief sypnosis: Cheng Yao, who dreamt of becoming a lawyer, was recruited by a top lawyer firm. Hence, she decides to move to an apartment closer to her workplace. However, Cheng Yao did not expect to have a housemate, whom she could not get along with. 
  18. Drama: The Story of Hua Zhi 惜花芷 | Genres: Historical, Romance | starring: Zhang Jing Yi &  Hu Yi Tian
    Brief sypnosis: Hua Zhi a 15-year-old girl, is the first daughter of the Hua family and the favourite of the family patriach, Old Master Hua (in the web novel, she is a transmigrated soul from modern times, murdered by her own sister). The entire family is punished, the males exiled and the females, spared due to their ties with the Empress Dowager. This happens because Old Master Hua urges the Emperor to appoint a crown prince quickly admist a family of feuding princes who are vying for the throne. Hua Zhi takes over the reigns of the family when she realises that her meek mother is unable to handle the womenfolk. She starts a successful business and turns it into an enterprise. Along the way, she gets entangled with one of the princes and the male lead who has a complicated background.





  1. Drama: The Letter from the Cloud 云中谁寄锦书来 | Genres: Historical, Mystery, Comedy, Romance | starring:  Xie Bin Bin, Wu Jia Yi & Jinna Fu
    Brief sypnosis: Shen Yu, the daughter of a corrupt official, marries into the Zhou manor. However, her "groom" Zhou Yue turns out to be a girl disguised as a guy. After revealing their secrets to each other, they decide to become sworn sisters and use their fake marriage in order to protect each other's identity. Status: Airs Dec 11, 2022 for 26 episodes
  2. Drama: For the First Time in My Life 今生也是第一次 | Genres: Family | starring: Wang Zi Wen, Tang Yi Xin & Myolie Wu
    Brief sypnosis: A tale of parenting throughout different decades, the 80's, 90's and 2000's. Status: Airs Jan 27, 2023 for 14 episodes

  3. Drama: Lady's Character  女士的品格 | Genres: Business, Drama| starring: Wan Qian, Liu Min Tao & Xing Fei
    Brief synopsis: Yao Wei is a female director of a certain company. Being a workaholic, she's so focused on KPI's that she doesn't realize her relationship with her husband has become estranged. Many women in her department also face gender-specific challenges. At this time, Yao Wei learns that she's pregnant. Status: Airs Feb 6, 2023 for 40 episodes

  4. Drama: Please be my family 请成为我的家人 | Genres:  Romance, Family| starring: Jade Cheng & Xie Bin Bin
    Brief synopsis: Qi Si Le needs to secure the Maolin planning project in order to cover the surgery expenses for her daughter, Xuan Xuan’s brain tumor. At the same time, she relentlessly pursues Maolin’s boss, Song Hao Yu. Meanwhile, when Song Hao Yu is helping his son Chen Cheng choose a birthday gift, he notices that Qi Si Le is wearing a brooch identical to the one Chen Cheng has. Following the clue of the brooch, Song Hao Yu gradually confirms the relationship between Xuan Xuan and Chen Cheng. In order to provide a complete family for the two children, Song Hao Yu proposes to Qi Si Le, and the two of them embark on marriage with an uncertain future.
    Status: Aired May 25, 2023 for 30 episodes

  5. Drama: My Marvellous Fable 夏日奇妙书 | Genres: Fantasy, Romance | starring: Wang Fei Fei & Miles Wei Zhe Ming
    Brief sypnosis: By chance, best-selling author Wang Putao (Wang Fei Fei) and rookie editor Feng Tian Lan (Miles Wei) have become colleagues. The story unfolds through their marvellous adventures in their journey home. Status: Aired June 11, 2023 for 24 episodes

  6. Drama: The Inextricable Destiny 烬相思| Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy | starring: Ireine Song & Wang You Shuo
    Brief sypnosis: The story of He Jiu Ling, the youngest daughter of General He Liang of the Jialin Kingdom, who studes at Wuhua Mountain of Xuantian Sanren. He Jiu Ling really likes to wear red clothes and has a mischievous personality. However, her life changes forever when she meets Rong Yu, the chief of the Jialin National Astrology Hall. Rong Yu is a very gentle and kind man, with a very handsome appearance and a cold personality. Status: Aired on Oct 12, 2023 for 26 episodes
  7. Drama: Only for Love  以爱为营| Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy | starring: Ireine Song & Wang You Shuo
    Brief sypnosis: Zheng Shu Yi is a hard-working reporter for one of China’s leading financial newspapers. She’s determined to land a front-page story, so she is pulling out all the stops to land an interview with one of the most talked-about young CEOs in the land – Shi Yan. Shi Yan discovers that Zheng Shu Yi’s extensive reporting career means very few people know more about local startups and agrees to let her write a series of stories about her company, causing them to meet again and again. A pathway for love to blossom?  Status: Aired on Nov 3, 2023 for 36 episodes
  8. Drama: The Longest Day in Chang An 2 | Genres: Historical, Political | starring: TBA
    Brief sypnosis: TBA
  9. Drama: The White Castle 白色城堡 | Genres: Drama, Medical | starring: Peng Guan Ying, Tu Song Yan, Cass Gai & Gao Xin
    Brief sypnosis: A tale of four doctors who are known as the Four Heroes of Emergency, featuring how they save lifes.
  10. Drama: 19th Floor 19层 | Genres: Adventure, Thriller, Youth | starring: Sun Qian & Miles Wei
    Brief sypnosis: Chun Yu escapes from the 'ghost building' and recovers miraculously after a mental breakdown.  Ever since she received a text message from her phone that said "I know what the 19th floor of hell is?"; she has been inexplicably caught in an extremely terrifying game of hell that she can't get out of.  After receiving the same mysterious text message, her friends and classmates suffered successive misfortunes and 'GAME OVER' in different game stages. So, Chun Yu decides to unravel the secret from hell herself.  Adapted from the novel 'The Nineteenth Floor of Hell' (地狱的第十九层) by Cai Jun 



  1. Drama:  Enlighten Your Life / 许你万家灯火| Genres: Drama | starring: Zheng Ye Cheng, Guo Xiao Dong, Liu Rui Lin & Li Lan Di
    Brief sypnosis: The drama tells the story of how China's third-generation nuclear power technology "Hualong No. 1" came to be and relates the workers' struggle of more than 30 years (first the fathers and then the sons).  Status: Airs March 1, 2023 for 32 episodes
  2. Drama:  Like a Flowing River 3  大江大河3 | Genres: Historical, Busines, Life | starring: Wang Kai & Yang Shuo
    Brief sypnosis: Third instalment of the story of Song Yun Hui, Lei Dong Bao, and Yang Xun as they take part in China’s economic reform from the 1980s to the 1990s.



  1. Drama:  Flying Up Without Disturbing 勿扰飞升 | Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy | starring: Li Hong Yi & Lu Ting Yu
    Brief sypnosis: Kong Hou, a princess who has been neglected in the mortal world, accidentally enters the immortal world by chance. In that realm, her fate transforms, becoming someone who is greatly pampered by others as she wins the hearts of the cultivators there. A tale of her adventures as she seeks cultivation (descending the mountain), including how she returns with a husband in tow.
  2. Drama:  Hug You Through Lies 穿过谎言拥抱你 | Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama | starring: Tang Min & Liu Yu Han
    Brief sypnosis: The story follows our heroine, Lin Xiao Xia who poses as a jewellery con artist to trick people into buying fake expensive jewelries. She meets our hero – a spoiled rich young master of a jewellery company who ran away after stealing a precious necklace from his family. Together they experience a transformational journey, she becomes a jewellery designer and he learns to appreciate the work that his family does.
  3. Drama:  Liberation of Shanghai  战上海 | Genres: Business, Chinese Civil War, Historical drama  | starring: Zhang Jia Yi, Liu Tao, Li Ze Feng, Feng Shao Feng
    Brief sypnosis: This drama, focusing on financial aspects, is based on real-life events and historical people, taking place just as the Chinese Communist Party wins the Shanghai Campaign (a battle fought between the nationalists and the communists for the control of Shanghai, the largest city in China and the wealthiest). It focuses on how the Party brings prosperity to Shanghai after the battle (its liberation from the nationalists).
  4. Drama:  Husband and Wife 小夫妻 | Genres: Comedy, Life | starring: Qin Hao & Zhang Xiao Fei
    Brief sypnosis: A wife (ZhangXiao Fei) runs a blog site which becames hugely successful. To manage the family and kids, she decides to hire her husband (Qin Hao) as her employee.
  5. Drama:  Dear Miss Hypatia 亲爱的希帕蒂娅 | Genres: Romance, School, Youth | starring: Guo Zi Fan & Ireine Song
    Brief sypnosis: Hypatia was a female philosopher in ancient Egypt, the embodiment of beauty and wisdom. "Dear Hypatia" tells the story of the sunshine girl Jian Dan (Song Yiren) and the cold male, Han Yan Sheng (Guo Zifan) who start off as 'enemies' turning into friends and lovers, set amidst a college campus environment.
  6. Drama: Hui Fei De Da Xiang 会飞的大象 | Genres: Business, Life, Drama | starring: Gong Jun & Ren Min
    Brief sypnosis: Duan Mingjie and Jiang Fang of Changxing Truck Factory, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, responded to the call of the state and shifted from truck production to car production. In order to introduce foreign advanced assembly lines, they traveled all over the European and American car manufacturing countries, encountering obstacles everywhere. After a long and arduos journey, they finally create the "flying machine",  "Elephant" brand cars that benefit the country and the factory.




  1. Born to Fly 长空之王 | Genres: Action, Drama | starring: Wang Yi Bo, Hu Jun & Yu Shi
    Brief sypnosis: The story of a special operations team headed by ace pilots Lei Yu, Deng Fang, etc., on a mission to complete an arduous job. They challenge the sky and their own limits with their superior flying skills and courage. All kinds of unexpected crises come one after another, as they complete that mission. Status: 
  2. My Tomorrow Your Yesteray 倒数说爱你 | Genres: Romance, Youth | starring: Arthur Chen & Zhou Ye
    Brief sypnosis: Gu Yu Xuan (Arther Chen Fei Yu) and Han Shu Yan (Zhou Ye) met by chance when they were children, then met and fell in love again after many years later as adults. After experiencing the happiness and sweetness of love, they face the test of fate and a sweet love story ensues.
  3. One and Only 热烈 | Genres: Music, Comedy, Youth | starring: Huang Bo & Wang Yi Bo
    Brief sypnosis: Tells the story of Chen Shuo, who is still clinging to his dreams in the face of a dilemma, and accidentally meets Ding Lei in his life. In the face of several obstacles and difficulties, can they turn the tide and fight back against the problems of life?
  4. My Divine Envoy 我的神使大人 | Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy | starring: Li Zi Xuan & Chen Jing Ke
    Brief sypnosis: Li Mengmeng (Li Zixuan), a girl who lacks self-confidence, does badly at school and is ignored by everyone, travels into another dimension and becomes a mentor to the young black-bellied emperor Qi Yan (played by Chen Jingke).
  5. All Ears 不虚此行 | Genres: Drama | starring: Hu Ge & Leo Wu
    Brief sypnosis: About Wen Shan (Hu Ge), who writes eulogies for a living and looks for answers in the relationship of others, while searching for a direction in his own life.
  6. Qun Xing Shan Yao De Ye Wan 群星闪耀的夜晚 | Genres: Drama | starring: Yin Fang & Zhang Jin Yi
    Brief sypnosis: About the lives of people living in the city of Changsha, Hunan. It will focus on the joys and sorrows of people who work at night. [Note: Both leads are born and bred in Hunan, so it is likely to be more authentic, if they are given a chance to speak the local dialect.]


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