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[Drama 2021] The Devil Judge ⚖️ 악마판사


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   tvN DRAMA   

The Devil Judge 


⚖️ 악마판사 ⚖️



Director: Choi Jung Gyu (Children of Nobody) 
Writer: Moon Yoo Seok (Miss Hammurabi) 

Executive producer: Jang Jeong-do
Production companies: Studio Dragon / NEW
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: 3 July 2021
Air time: Sat. & Sun. 21:00
Country: South Korea



A chase drama about a judge trying to punish the existence of evil by turning a court

into a reality show and a judge who wants to know the identity of his associate.

(Source: HanCinema)


⚖️ Official link  ⚖️

Official Website  /  Youtube 


⚖️ Teaser & Trailer ⚖️  

• 1st Teasers

• 2nd Teasers

• 3rd Teasers

• 4th Teasers

• EP 01 Preview

• EP 01 Hilight



⚖️ Official Posters ⚖️ 


w313iXt.jpg    G9T3hOW.jpg


jrG0gx7.jpg   jWlqVe4.jpg   Qi2ZwDb.jpg









Ji Sung as Kang Yo Han

Kang Yo-han is a head trial judge who punishes the dishonest in the courtroom with no mercy,

turning it into a reality show, and thus has earned the nickname "devil judge";

however, his mysterious aura conceals his true identity and ambitions.





Kim Min Jung as Jung Sun Ah

Kang Yo-han's greatest rival, she was born in a low income family

but is now the executive director of a corporate social responsibility foundation.





Park Jin Young as Kim Ga On / Kang Isaac

Kim Ga On : An associate trial judge who believes in justice.

Kang Isaac: Yo-han's deceased older half-brother.




Park Gyu Young as Yoon Soo Hyun

Kim Ga-on's childhood friend, she is a police detective

who tries to expose Kang Yo-han's secrets.





9WyBAqB.png V4VVJo6.png mW8b8xZ.png  fatPr5z.png

Ahn Nae-Sang as Min Jung-Ho  

An associate justice and Ga-on's former professor.


Kim Jae-Kyung as Oh Jin-Joo 

An associate judge on the Live Court Show.


Jang Young-Nam as Cha Kyung-Hee 

The Minister of Justice, an ambitious former elite prosecutor

whose goal is to become the President of South Korea.


Baek Hyun-jin as Heo Joong-se

A former actor and the current President of South Korea


LRZ0S7w.png ouKJOAn.png aPSr6Y5.png pRhjFxE.png

Lee Ki-taek as K

Yo-han's middleman.


Jeon Chae-eun as Kang Elijah 

Isaac's daughter and Yo-han's niece.


Yoon Ye-hee  as Ji Young-Ok

Yo-han's former nanny and his current housekeeper


Seo Sang-won as Ji Yoon-sik

The Chief Justice





Kim Su-ha as child Kang Elijah

Hong Seo-joon as Min Yong-sik

Chairman of Minbo Group and one of the country's leading billionaires

Lee Seo-hwan as Park Du-man

Chairman of HMBN and owner of the TV channel which broadcasts the Live Court Show

Jeong In-gyeom as Seo Jeong-hak

Chairman of the Social Responsibility Foundation

Lee So-young as Jae-hee

Sun-ah's assistant

Joo In-young as Kim Sang-soo

 Min Yong-sik's wife

Jung Ae-youn as Do Yeon-jung

Heo Joong-se's wife and the First Lady of South Korea

Yoon Da-kyung as Pi Hyang-mi

Park Du-man's wife

Park Hyoung-soo as Ko In-guk

Ju Il-do's former attorney

Kim Moo-chan as Jo Min-sung

Chief of the Regional Investigation Unit

Hwang Hee-jung as Hwang Yi-jung

An aspiring actress who works for Yo-han

Moon Dong-hyeok as Lee Young-min

Cha Kyung-hee's only son and the Vice President of Joongwon FNB 

Nam Sung-jin as Lee Jae-kyung

Cha Kyung-hee's husband and CEO of Joongwon FNB

Seo Sang-won as Ji Yoon-sik

the Chief Justice

Joo Suk-tae as Kang Ji-sang

Yo-han's father

Lee Hae-woon as Jukchang/Kim Choong-sik,

An youtuber



CR. Wikipedia



Character Chart 











 ⚖️ Script reading ⚖️


•The Devil Judge Script Reading Revealed


⚖️ Press conference ⚖️


•Live stream

•Official photos

•Special interview

• TVING Highlight



⚖️ Making & Interview ⚖️


Poster shooting BTS

• Jinyoung Short Character introduce

First filming : Enemy x Romance chemistry

• EP 1 - 2 Making

• EP 3 - 4 Making

• 티벤터뷰 Interview

• EP 5 - 6 Making

• Yohan's home tour with Gaon

• EP 8 - 9 Making Part01

• EP 8 - 9 Making Part02

• EP 9 - 10 Making

• EP 11 - 12 Making

• EP 13 - 14 Making

• EP 15 - 16 Making

• Cast farewell messages




⚖️ Original Soundtrack ⚖️






The Devil Judge  OST Part 1

Track Listing

01. Huckleberry Finn – Tempest

02. Huckleberry Finn – Tempest (Inst.)

Listen // Official MV 

>> cr. Spotify MUSIC&NEW 뮤직앤뉴  <<




The Devil Judge  OST Part 2

Track Listing

01. Sondia –  Nightmare (악몽)

02. Sondia –  Nightmare (악몽) (Inst.)

Listen // Official MV 

>> cr. Spotify MUSIC&NEW 뮤직앤뉴  <<




The Devil Judge  OST Part 3

Track Listing

01. Zeenan - What you gonna do
02. Zeenan - What you gonna do (Inst.)

Listen // Official MV 

>> cr. Spotify MUSIC&NEW 뮤직앤뉴  <<




The Devil Judge  OST Part 4

Track Listing

01. HuckleBerryfinn - The Nights (너를 떠올린 건 항상 밤이었다) 
02. HuckleBerryfinn - The Nights (너를 떠올린 건 항상 밤이었다)  (Inst.)

Listen // Official MV 

>> cr. Spotify MUSIC&NEW 뮤직앤뉴  <<







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Ji Sung In Talks To Star In New Drama By “Miss Hammurabi” Writer

Ji Sung In Talks To Star In New Drama By “Miss Hammurabi” Writer

Jun 9, 2020
by J. Lim

We may be seeing Ji Sung in a new drama soon!

On June 9, it was reported that Ji Sung would be leading a new drama called “The Devil Judge” (literal title) that will air in the second half of 2020. A source from his agency Namoo Actors stated, “It’s true that Ji Sung is currently considering a role for the drama.”

“The Devil Judge” is set to be the story of how judges uncover who people really are in court, and is said to be written by Moon Yoo Suk, a real-life judge who also wrote JTBC’s “Miss Hammurabi” and the novel that drama was based on.

If Ji Sung accepts the role, this will be his first drama since last September, when SBS’s “Doctor John” ended.





GOT7’s Jinyoung Joins Ji Sung In Talks For New Drama

GOT7’s Jinyoung Joins Ji Sung In Talks For New Drama

Aug 13, 2020
by E. Cha

GOT7’s Jinyoung may be appearing in the upcoming drama “Devil Judge” (literal translation)!

On August 13, JYP Entertainment announced, “Jinyoung has received a casting offer for ‘Devil Judge’ and is currently reviewing the offer with a favorable outlook.”

“Devil Judge” will tell the story of a head judge who turns the court into a reality show in order to punish evil—and the chase that ensues as another judge attempts to learn the head judge’s true identity. Ji Sung is also currently in talks to star in the drama.

Are you excited to potentially see Jinyoung in this new drama? Share your thoughts below, and stay tuned for updates!





Park Gyu Young In Talks Along With GOT7’s Jinyoung And Ji Sung For New Drama

Park Gyu Young In Talks Along With GOT7’s Jinyoung And Ji Sung For New Drama

Aug 27, 2020
by S. Nam

Park Gyu Young may be starring in a new drama with Ji Sung and GOT7’s Jinyoung!

On August 27, Sports Chosun reported that Park Gyu Young will be joining the cast of the upcoming tvN drama “Devil Judge” (literal translation) as a leading character.

In response to the reports, a source from Park Gyu Young’s agency Saram Entertainment stated, “Park Gyu Young has received the offer to star in the new drama ‘Devil Judge,’ and she is positively reviewing the offer.”

“Devil Judge” will tell the story of a head judge who turns the court into a reality show in order to punish evil—and the chase that ensues as another judge attempts to learn the head judge’s true identity. Ji Sung and Jinyoung are currently in talks to star in the drama.

According to the reports, Park Gyu Young has been offered the role of Yoon Soo Hyun, the long time friend of Kim Ga On, who Jinyoung is in talks to star as. Having confessed to Kim Ga On five times since preschool, she is an unyielding woman who doesn’t know how to give up. After graduating from the police academy, Yoon Soo Hyun becomes a detective who is the ace of the investigation team. Her refreshing beauty also adds to her popularity, and only Kim Ga On seems to be unaware of her charms. As Kim Ga On’s most loyal friend, Yoon Soo Hyun will be a charismatic character who is ready to put anything on the line to protect Kim Ga On.

After making her debut through a web drama in 2016, Park Gyu Young starred in “Magic School” also with Jinyoung, “Solomon’s Perjury,” “Just Between Lovers,” “The Third Charm,” “Romance Is a Bonus Book,” “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,” and more.

“Devil Judge” will be written by judge Moon Yoo Suk, who is the original author and scriptwriter behind “Miss Hammurabi,” and helmed by producing director (PD) Choi Jung Gyu, who directed “Children of Nobody.”

The drama is slated to air in the first half of 2021.




Kim Min Jung Joins Ji Sung And GOT7’s Jinyoung In Talks For New Drama

Kim Min Jung Joins Ji Sung And GOT7’s Jinyoung In Talks For New Drama

Dec 4, 2020
by E. Cha

Kim Min Jung may be starring opposite Ji Sung and GOT7’s Jinyoung in an upcoming drama!

On December 4, Kim Min Jung’s agency confirmed that the actress is currently in talks for a starring role in the upcoming drama “Devil Judge” (literal translation). A representative of the agency stated, “Kim Min Jung has been offered the female lead in tvN’s new drama ‘Devil Judge,’ which is scheduled to air next year, and she is currently reviewing the offer.”

“Devil Judge” will tell the story of a head judge who turns the court into a reality show in order to punish evil—and the chase that ensues as another judge attempts to learn the head judge’s true identity.

Ji Sung is currently in talks to star as Kang Yo Han, the titular “devil judge,” while Jinyoung is in talks for the role of judge Kim Ga On. Park Gyu Young is also in talks to appear in the drama as detective Yoon Soo Hyun.

Kim Min Jung is said to have been offered the role of the tough and ambitious Jung Sun Ah, who is the only person capable of making Kang Yo Han break a sweat. Although she was born into an impoverished family, she was able to climb the ladder of society due to her brilliant mind, innate charm, and her unparalleled thirst for success and power.

Should Kim Min Jung and Ji Sung both accept their roles, they will be reuniting for the first time in 12 years: the two actors starred together in the MBC drama “New Heart” back in 2007.

Are you excited to potentially see Kim Min Jung, Ji Sung, Jinyoung, and Park Gyu Young in this new drama?














CR. Child Actress IG

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Cr. Twitter @je2sver




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tvN <악마판사> 캐스팅 공개!


믿고 보는 지성x김민정x진영x박규영 배우 감각적 연출 '붉은 달 푸른 해' 최정규 감독님 전직 판사 출신 '미스 함무라비' 문유석 작가님 갓벽한 작감배 조합


2021년 하반기 tvN에서 만나요

Smiling face with horns

#tvN #악마판사 #지성 #김민정 #진영 #박규영




Source : TVN Drama

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tvN unveils four actors cast in lead roles for upcoming drama 'Devil Judge'


February 3, 2021



Clockwise from top left: Ji Sung, Kim Min-jung, Park Gyu-young and GOT7's Jin-young. [ILGAN SPORTS]


Cable channel tvN announced four of the leading roles of its much-anticipated drama series, “Devil Judge” (translated) on Wednesday. The actors cast are veterans Ji Sung, Kim Min-jung, Park Gyu-young and K-pop boy band GOT7’s Jinyoung.  


According to tvN, “Devil Judge,” is a “live courtroom show” that attempts to show what justice is. Ji Sung plays the main character Kang Yo-han, who is the head trial judge and has earned the nickname “devil judge” for his ruthlessness and show-no-mercy approach in the courtroom.  


Kim will play Jung Sun-ah, the greatest rival of Judge Kang Yo-han and also the executive director of a corporate social responsibility foundation. She is closely connected to many powerful figures who can make important decisions that impact the nation. 


GOT7’s Jinyoung will play Kim Ga-on, an associate trial judge who continues to live with hope that justice can bring about a change. Ga-on lost his parents as a young boy and had a rough childhood but succeeded to become a judge, but he struggles working with Judge Kang.  


Park will play Yoon Soo-hyun, a police detective in a regional investigation unit who is trying to expose Judge Kang. She and Ga-on have been friends since childhood and grew up like siblings.  


“Devil Judge” will be written by Moon Yoo-suk, who wrote the screenplay for the hit courtroom drama “Miss Hammurabi” (2018). It is scheduled to premiere sometime in the second half of 2021.


BY YIM SEUNG-HYE   [yim.seunghye@joongang.co.kr]

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I'm SOOOO excited for this drama! GAH, Jisung is finally back :cries: And the fact that Jinyoung is joining him too?!?!


I love that Jinyoung gets to act with the power acting couple (Jisung and Park Bo Young!!) :kiss_wink: Although I'm pretty sure that Jinyoung only acted with Park Bo Young in one scene in When My Love Blooms...


Jisung never disappoints with his projects so I am really looking forward to this drama!

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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] The Devil Judge 악마판사- Ji Sung /Jin young / Gyu Young / Min Jung

tvN’s ‘The Devil Judge’: Will Ji Sung Be a Hero or a Villain?

by kim yeo un




Credit: tvN

tvN’s The Devil Judge confirmed to air its first episode on Saturday, July 3rd. Also, it revealed the main poster of Ji Sung, looking fierce.

The Devil Judge is a series set in a fictional dystopia, Korea. It delivers a message about justice through a format of a live streaming courtroom show in which the entire nation participates. The series will begin its episode with a question in mind: “the devil judge who appeared amid the chaotic era, would he be a hero for everyone, or be a devil wearing a judge’s mask?”

In the main poster, Kang Yo Han shows his firm will to carry out the system with a destructive innovation. Mainly, he shows the contrast with Dike, the goddess of justice and a symbol of the law. With her eyes covered, the goddess holds a scale in one hand and a knife in the other hand. Besides, Kang Yo Han is staring straight ahead, holding a hammer instead of a gavel. Whether Kang Yo Han will be a hero during the chaos who comes to correct the old corrupted legal system or be the devil that emerged during the confusion will raise a big question. Now, the attention is drawn to the justice he is about to bring in the dystopian society.

The Devil Judge is a series that will not follow the traces of existing legal shows and bring fresh fun to the small screen.

Source (1)

Translator Kim Y.U: Welcome K-pop, K-drama, K-movie, K-culture fans. I hope you enjoy our news about K-entertainment.

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Watch: Ji Sung Shows His Charisma As “The Devil Judge” In Teaser For New Drama



May 28, 2021
by C. Hong

tvN has shared another teaser of Ji Sung in the upcoming drama “The Devil Judge”!

Set in an imaginary dystopian Korea, “The Devil Judge” aims to share a message about justice through a live broadcast courtroom show in which the entire nation participates in a trial. Is the judge Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung) a hero of the people, or a devil who wears the mask of the law?

The new teaser begins with flashes of the dystopian Korea setting, with the city engulfed in flames and people rioting in the streets. As society collapses, Ji Sung shows his charismatic gaze as he puts on flashy judges’ robes and announces, “Citizens, the people’s court will now commence.” He holds court at a trial that is filled with cameras and screens, resembling a television shoot more than a courtroom. At the end, the judge shares a mysterious smile that hints that he might not be on the side of justice after all.




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