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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] The Qin Empire IV 大秦帝国之天下

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Chinese title: 大秦帝国之天下/Da Qin Di Guo Zhi Tian Xia 
English title: The Qin Empire IV

Genre: Historical, Political

Episodes: 45

Director: Yan Yi (延艺)

Broadcast Period: 



Zhang Lu Yi as Ying Zheng
Duan Yi Hong as Lü Buwei
Li Nai Wen as Li Si
Zhu Zhu as Zhao Ji
Xin Bai Qing as Ying Zichu
Vivian Wu as Lady Hua Yang
You Yong as Wang Jian
Li Hong Tao as Kun Yue
Zhou Tie as Ying Zixi
Wang Qing Xiang as Ying Ji


It follows the Qin State during the late stages of the Warring States era. Ying Zheng, Lu Bu Wei, Li Si, Wang Jian, and many formidable politicians work together to unite the six states under one rule. The Qin Empire becomes the first dynasty of Imperial China. 
The Qin State has achieved strategic dominance among the six states due to aggressive measures put forth by King Zhao Xiang. After the consecutive deaths of King Zhao Xiang and his successor King Xiao Wen, the royal court was thrown into disputes over legitimacy. Lu Bu Wei, a powerful and influential merchant attempts to seize power by helping Ying Yi Ren, a prince in exile, to the throne. The eldest prince leaves the capital bringing the political unrest to a close. 
Qin strikes down the other states with the ambition to rule all the lands. However, the battle between Qin and Zhao proves to be difficult and deadly. After Ying Zheng, a prince of Qin, and his mother Zhao Ji make their way home, Ying Zheng begins to exhibit the qualities of a ruler under the guidance of Lu Bu Wei. In order to seat her son on the throne, Zhao Ji and Lu Bu Wei join hands against Huayang Furen. Ying Zheng starts on a bloody path to becoming an emperor as he uses the people around him to secure power.
(Source: Chinesedrama.info

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Coming soon...

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@angelangie l  LavelyShai

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hope to watch this soon...

the synopsis seems good...


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3 hours ago, mvrecci said:

hope to watch this soon...

the synopsis seems good...

It's been rumoured to air for awhile, still waiting for it. You can try its sort of prequel on Netflix, Qin Empire: Alliance. It's about this Emperor's great great grandpa, it's the second entry in the series while this is the fourth, the entries are all about different people so watching them in order isn't strictly necessary.

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