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  1. yes...cdrama is sooo light.. ZLS make this come to life with her natural acting.. the subs so slow i make do with the raw version.. read in twterverse this ranks #1.. ml sometimes acts woody i just cant..lol
  2. im watching too...tho subs super slow.. events turned in ep3.. im happy for ZLS..(✿ ♡‿♡) ive read in twt this cdrama ranks #1..
  3. tqsm for this info.. being a dark horse has LOTS of benefits...(◠‿◕) may i ask..whats that award about ..?
  4. uhhh....read that too...very disheartening really ·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. im so so invested with the drama i just cant *#@&$#@* but will wait until april or may when she finished her current project.. good thing is..thats ONLY RUMOR.. as they say..10cent is testing the waters.. im still keeping my ChenJiao cp intact.. will hold on to what zls said in one of her interviews..THERE IS ONLY ONE CHEN QIAN QIAN..(。♡‿♡。) i wonder what the chinese.fans are saying now that international.fans are peeved with that..*\0/* p.s. tq fo
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