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tollgate poll 5 - misc

stuff behind and fan service  

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  1. 1. the stuff behind! award #6. I want that watch! where the clothes/accessories are too good that you don't even care if that character annoys you

    • Robot shin's fashion in are you human too
    • outfits of JY in Lawless Lawyer
    • outfits of GHR in Misty
    • What's wrong with Secretary Kim
    • Mr. Sunshine the clothes of Kudo Hina and the hanbook of Ae-Shin
    • Money flower
  2. 2. fan service award #2. scenes that made you swoon

    • What's Wrong With Secretary Kim kiss scenes and confessions
    • good witch hugs and kisses, beach date
    • I am not a robot
    • Come hug me
    • Pretty noona who buys me food
    • Go Dong Man in Fight For My Way
  3. 3. fan service award #3. this is why you watch dramas

    • Good Witch
    • Just between Lovers
    • Switch
    • Come hug me
    • Should we kiss first
    • Why secretary kim

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  • Poll closed on 08/21/2018 at 08:38 PM

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the last poll! it closes on 22 Aug and all the polls are multiple choice. so you can vote for more than one. spread the word and ask your chingus here to vote as well. have fun! :glasses:


due to lack of space and nominations, here are the other Qs:


fan service award #1. scenes that made you giggle
1. What's wrong with Secretary Kim; Lee Young Joon's narcissistic ways
2. Choco Pie  with Thirty but Seventeen Shin Hye-Sun and Yang Se-Jong   
3. Just between Lovers
4. Happy sisters
5. Good witch


the stuff behind! award #1. where can I get that sofa? where the interiors and settings were more attractive than the story...
1. bakery of Jung Hee Yeon of Mystery Queen 2?.
2. the landscaped gardens from Let Me Introduce Her.
3. Why secretary Kim


the stuff behind! award #2. did they have a budget cut? why can't they have better lighting?
1. Bad guys 2
2. Happy sisters
3. Whisper


the stuff behind! award #3. who edited this drama? so good! so awful!
1. Happy sister


the stuff behind! award #4. So much product placement, were they unable to pay wages?
1. Voice Season 1.
2. K2
3. Wok of love
4. Happy sisters


the stuff behind! award #5. Wait... where did that chaebol's maseratti/lamborghini go? And now he's driving a normal sedan?
1. Warm and cozy


the stuff behind! award #7. the product placements that made you giggle and actually loved how it was weaved in.
1. Whisper
2. Happy sisters
3. Switch
4. Lawless lawyer

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