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Ideas or plots that you wish could be made into a drama?

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I grew up watching dramas and I wanted to be a drama writer but alas, its just not realistic. But here is one my own drama plotlines that I like to daydream about. Check it out if you are bored (sorry, its long), comment, and post some of your own ideas!




  • ML = male lead
  • FL = female lead
  • SML = second male lead


Title/Idea: The Young Noble is a Kept Husband


Genre: historical, romance, comedy, heart-warming, fluffy


Background: set in ancient Korean kingdom of Silla



ML is from a low-rank noble family who are in charge of a small village in the booneys. ML's father is a righteous noble but he's too nice and naive so he gets cheated often, resulting in ML's family being in huge debt. They are so poor that they had to dismiss most of their servants and they even personally do chores. Just when they are at the brink of poverty, his family receives a very generous offer to have one of their sons marry the spinster daughter of the richest, most cunning merchant in the capital. Here's the catch: unimaginable wealth exchanged for the condition that the groom has to marry into the bride's family. His family at first denies such a ridiculous request but ML knows that they are desperate. Since his older brother has to stay to inherit the family rank and property, ML sacrifices himself to be a kept husband.



  • ML: 18-20 years old. He's the second born son, the middle child with an elder brother and a very young little sister.
    • Personality/traits: kind at heart but can be a smartass sometimes, hardworking, has good intuition/sense but mostly book-smart, mature for his age, has a lot of patience but when he breaks its scary (puppy becomes a wolf)
    • Occupation: was a scholar-writer, copies manuscripts and writes poems and stories which he sells in the capital to help his family get by but now he's just a trophy husband (he's got other plans though)
    • Physical: cute, younger guy vibes (in my head, I cast Nam Da Reum lol like in 2 years, he'd be perfect), knows he's a prettyboy and uses it to his advantage, kind of on the weak side
  • FL: 23-25 years old. She's the daughter of her father's mistress. Her mother is dead and she has a hate-love relationship with her step mother. She had an older half-brother who had passed away due to an "accident" recently so she's the only child now. Her father is infertile now so he wants her to bear a son to inherit the business. Her life ambition to be a free-loading NEET is now ruined. Her ex-lover is the SML.
    • Personality/traits: street-smart AF but keeps it on the down-low, a bit of a tsundere, raised like nobility since her family is rich
    • Occupation: was ancient NEET but now she's learning cut-throat business management 
    • Physical: rumors say that she's an ugly witch so that's why she can't get married but she chose not to marry and she's actually really pretty, has cold chic features, she has a healthy figure since she taught marital arts since young
  • SML: 27-29 years old. Prince who is competing for the throne. Married to FL's best friend, who was from a high ranked noble family. Still holds a flame for FL.


Notes: I wanted the romance between the leads to start off with prejudices, where the ML thinks FL is from a cruel merchant family who makes profit off of others misfortune and FL thinks ML needs to get off his noble high horse because his family practically sold him off. After getting to know each other's pains and hardships, their relationship becomes friends and then finally there's a love that's built off mutual understanding and companionship. 


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10 hours ago, Kim Yunmi said:

I already posted something like this yesterday....


Oh sorry! I wasn't sure if my thread was related. I would delete this and move my comment over to yours but I'm not sure how.

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A little offbeat, but perfect for K-Drama formats. I'm thinking of a Columbo reboot, maybe with Lee Sun Gyun of Pasta fame in the title role, and include a few of the Columbo tropes: unkempt raincoat, uncombed hair, crappy car, cigar (lots of dour "no smoking!" looks from the women), and of course his meddling, bumbling, sly like a fox approach. With an ensemble cast, the reboot could be a fresh take on the iconic detective that really couldn't be replicated outside of Asian drama (it could work for J-Drama as well).

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Anyonghasaeyo! Seems like an intriguing drama plot.I've watched a few historical dramas with my mom and my favorite kdrama is a historical, romance, comedy. So I guess since it's heartwarming and fluffy it will be like a mix of Live Up to your Name and What's Wrong with Secretary Kim??? Anyway, I'm not very creative with plots but I'd like to help someway...please tell me if there is something I could do other than dealing with the plot or something...maybe the names or background people??? Haha, I don't know:P

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I would turn the story of a SOPA school into a drama's plot. Also a cool dorama would be about the history of the former president of Korea, who was overthrown by the whole country. Plus the story of idols who were beaten up by the agency’s director and who sued him in court ...

In Korea itself, the plots that can be used for doramas are very, very much.:scream:

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Modern update on Pride and Prejudice, set in Korea. I'll use the British names for simplicity, but obviously these would be changed.


Elizabeth Bennet's father owns a local newspaper that has been struggling to stay afloat now that most people read the news online. Elizabeth went to school for journalism, but rather than work for one of the big corporations she's been attempting to keep the company afloat and working on reporting important local stories.


Darcy is the CEO and President of Darcy Enterprises (his Aunt is Chairwoman). He comes to town with his friend Bingley, a Tech Entrepreneur. Darcy and Elizabeth meet at a party and she immediately dislikes him when he says disparaging things about the local press.  However, her sister and Bingley hit it off. They are forced to spend time together in the coming weeks as Elizabeth covers Bingley's grand opening. Elizabeth finds him smug and entitled. But Darcy realizes she's extremely smart and funny and develops quite a crush.


Later, things go really sour for the two when Elizabeth finds out her father's business partner is intending to sell the paper to Darcy Media Corp (a subsidiary). She tells him that not only does she not want to date him, but she does not intend to ever work for him or his family. 


Will he be able to change her mind? Can local journalism be saved? Who is the mysterious soldier who is stationed at the nearby base who seems to have a relationship with Darcy?  

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