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  1. Hello! Haha I saw that it's like so coincidental that they would both do that... They are both very cute and I'd like them to work together again someday
  2. Hello! Haha same here. Just can't move on from them... and yes I agree, the BTS is gold
  3. Welcome to the Gum house! I hope you love KNG and KAJ together because we do! Please feel free to be delulu in this thread Edit: Also, shipmate, if you could delete the pictures you quoted because when you quote pictures, it slows the thread down and could get us banned. Keep shipping!!!
  4. Oh, that's makes more sense now, haha! Aw that's so cute to imagine he has such a sweet and warm heart and Kim Ah Joong allowed him to do that. It's a bummer she had the flu because she was afraid to kiss him and so the goodbye kiss wasn't deep. But, it makes sense because they were afraid they were going to miss each other more if they kissed deep. I really want to say that KAJ really pushed through because when I had the flu, I barely even wanted to move. She showed so much commitment and no one could take her place as Young Kyung.
  5. Sorry to cut your post there, chingu Cleaning her nose? That sounds wierd but I mean that's only something couples would do, right? *tries to reassure myself* Haha, did you mean she hits him with a kick? Sorry couldn't really make out your words but either way, they are still very sweet and idk when I will get over them (if I ever do).
  6. Happy New Year, Gummers! Some good news! You know how KNG might be doing The Pirates sequel with SYJ? I don't think we need to worry because she might be dating some other guy I don't want to be offensive to KNG and SYJ shippers but why would you be here anyway, lol. Anyhow, hopefully KNG and KAJ will get together someday...somehow...somewhere...someidk lol.
  7. Yes, in 200 Pounds of Beauty, which was in 2006, she was very pretty and it hardly looks like she aged. Come on KNG, she's waiting for youuu. I wonder who will make the first move xD.
  8. Yeah..no matter what happens they move on in life...rn im not watching a romantic KAJ drama bc I can't get over them...I wonder what awaits for them
  9. Right?!?! It kinda stinks that both of them are low profile...it does have an advantage though we can imagine that they are dating without them having to tell us that they aren't
  10. Haha KAJ has a lot of Namsachin so I'm technically always jelly for KNG lol. I wonder when KNG and KAJ couple will ever see the light of day Oh and by the way happy 304 pages!
  11. Yeah...but like I said he's still considering and they are not sure if they are making it. I can't bear seeing KAJ or KNG with another person that's opposite gender it just makes me jealous
  12. I know you waited a long time for this and it's nice to know that they kept holding hands. They are so cute together I hope that they send each other coffee trucks or something. I wonder why they did not show reaction of kiss??? Mind my delulu mind but maybe it had something to do with true feelings???
  13. Ahh I just saw that KNG is thinking about doing a sequel to The Pirates with a girl that should not be said. Please KNG-ssi do a sequel to LUTYN with KAJ. I know he and the girl that shall not be said denied the rumors about them dating but I'm still worried. They had a good chemistry,but I'm rooting for KNG and KAJ... I hope that if they do shoot the sequel, they will have good ratings and be successful but I hope KNG and SYJ won't end up together (not trying to sound rude and sorry for mentioning her name). Hwaiting, KNG-ssi( and KAJ!;Currently I'm watching her 2016 drama, Punch)!
  14. Anyonghasaeyo! Seems like an intriguing drama plot.I've watched a few historical dramas with my mom and my favorite kdrama is a historical, romance, comedy. So I guess since it's heartwarming and fluffy it will be like a mix of Live Up to your Name and What's Wrong with Secretary Kim??? Anyway, I'm not very creative with plots but I'd like to help someway...please tell me if there is something I could do other than dealing with the plot or something...maybe the names or background people??? Haha, I don't know
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