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  1. So after weeks of working with a bunch of other Koreans... we came up with two scenarios for Koreans dramas. And given there are a fair number of Korean drama writers on soompi, AND the last round of suggestions I posted were taken... but no one believes me, I thought I'd post two with cooperation with others so they will remember it. I know I (and the others) won't get credit for the pitch, etc... but there were requests... so... I am using my writer talents for my friends. Because they are admittedly longish... (too many cooks) I'll give the the pitch (which you need anyway) and then the
  2. LS is annoying me a bit because I feel like what he really needs is therapy and to learn what boundaries are. The WY needs a romantic detox. And the JS needs to respect that she needs a little time for that detox. I don't abide by stalkers winning--LS's touching Stalker Level 5 here. LS needs to lose to win, it's the only arc that is believable at this point. Like sufficiently lose to the point of breaking so he can build himself to be more emotionally intelligent. He also needs to lose in a way that he learns that boundaries are important. Controlling men aren't sexy and I don't underst
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