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[Variety 2018] Little House in the Woods 숲속의 작은 집 The Happiness Experiment with So Ji Sub & Park Shin Hye

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On 4/23/2018 at 7:04 PM, mizuchan said:

I tried watching. But it is just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooring.......

In the first 30 mins of the show, I turned it off 3 times. A week later I tried watching the rest of the first episode, fast forwarding through the entire episode and decided to delete all future scheduled recordings of this program. To me this is a flop. It wasn't entertaining. 


LOL.. it seems like a recipe for (another) success.. considering.. "the chef & the ingredients".. I think it's a kind of new attraction to some people. :ph34r: The concept is good.. to induce self-happiness and reduce unnecessary (unbeknownst) stress or so it meant to show. But after watching parts from the 3 episodes.. I'm like you.. struggling to finish but never did. :mellow:


I'm attracted to the mouth-watering steak cooked by SJS though.. kinda the highlight to watch him preparing the meat and eat. Have to admit, it makes me so hungry every time.. and that's it. PSH's mackerel stew was so tempting as well. But this is no foodie-show.. unlike TMAD or YK.. the non-existing people interaction (just occasional chat messages) is rather hard to watch. :huh: It probably be better if there's at least two real people interacting.. the chosen 2 subjects were already a plus-point but solo adventures in the woods.. a plot for a horror movie, maybe. :sweatingbullets:


Still.. will watch the remaining episodes for SJS & PSH.. and hope TMAD returns soon. th_pwettybunny.gif

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Shinhye looks funny in her high chair after meat & asparagus dinner :D


Awww...i got to watched the last part only. next episode looks exciting with So Jisub finding 5 boxes in front of his house and Shinhye making a macrame. :wub:

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Compared to episode 1, thanks to the Happiness Experiment, Subject B now cooks and eats more variety of food. :lol:



April 27,  2018


Park Shin Hye And So Ji Sub Try To Go Without Their Phones On “Little House In The Forest”


Source: Soompi by K. Lew

So Ji Sub and Park Shin Hye got to experience being unplugged from the world.


On the April 27 episode of tvN variety show “Little House in the Forest,” So Ji Sub and Park Shin Hye carried out various missions.


The first mission given to the two actors was to recreate and eat the most delicious dish that makes them happiest. Park Shin Hye made potato soybean paste stew and explained, “When I was young, I was sick to the point where I couldn’t swallow food. But I enjoyed my mom’s potato soybean stew.”


After trying the food she cooked herself, Park Shin Hye confessed, “The one that my mom makes tastes better. But when I get married and have kids, [the taste] will probably become similar.


So Ji Sub, on the other hand, picked ramen and commented “I don’t eat ramen often, but at the end of a diet, I make sure to eat it. The process of making ramen in a variety of ways is delicious.”




Their next mission was to dig up various in-season roots and eat them with rice. Despite the wind and snow, the actors ventured outside with their hoes, and with much difficulty, dug up the roots.




After his meal, So Ji Sub commented, “It tastes really good since it’s in-season food that I dug up myself from nature.” He laughed and added, “It probably would have been better if I had dug them up when the weather was nicer.” Park Shin Hye also shared, “I think digging up the roots in the snow was an unforgettable memory.”


After a long day of physical work, the two were given a mission to not use their phones after 6 p.m., Park Shin Hye in particular, who almost always kept her phone by her side, was shocked by the message. After reading the message, the actress gave a dispirited smile and replied with a frustrated emoticon.


When the mission began, Park Shin Hye didn’t have a watch, so she was unable to know what time it was. She ventured outside and spent the rest of her time appreciating the scenic nature of Jeju Island as well as a spectacular sunset. She also cooked her dinner, and though she normally cooked with music playing from her phone, she cooked in silence this time.


The normally talkative actress also spoke less. “The silence is really long when I’m eating. I wish I could at least turn on some music,” she expressed. “I got to experience a lot of amazing scenery today. I spent a peaceful day without my phone today, but I think I actually enjoyed the weather more.”




On the other hand, So Ji Sub showed that his daily routine didn’t change much without his phone. He thought out loud, “I think it’ll taste better if I fry the ham on the stove heater,” and enjoyed his dinner. He also indulged his curiosity as he went to search for the loud noise that always woke him up in the middle of the night, and thoroughly investigated the tent covering the house.




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i am confused.. there are two dogs with a collar around their neck.. that means they are pet dogs.. which means there is civilization nearby..


then why do i not see even a single house when drone captures the aerial view of where they are staying?


first i thought it must be a camping site, but aerial view says it isn't.. it literally is in the middle of nowhere

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Park Shin Hye has worked with S Ji Sub and Yoo Seung Ho in 2013 on his music video 6 pm...ground....

so they are not total strangers ..

the lunch should be interesting because they mus5 have lots to share of their experience of living off grid...

also, it’s a casual setting. 

Lookin* forward to it..





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May 4, 2018


So Ji Sub And Park Shin Hye Share Their Tips And Experiences With Exercise On “Little House In The Forest”


Source: Soompi by C. Hong




On the May 4 episode of tvN’s “Little House in the Forest,” Park Shin Hye and So Ji Sub continued their mission to live without their cell phones.


After this mission, they received another one instructing them to exercise to raise their heartbeat. Park Shin Hye selected the aerobic exercise of jumping rope and said, “I did this a lot in high school. I think it’s a healthy exercise that you can do anywhere you have flat ground.” She also made sure to stretch before getting absorbed in the exercise. Afterwards, she laughed and said, “The swelling in my face has gone down and my body feels lighter.”



So Ji Sub also warmed up before beginning a light jog. He also tried out interval training, which alternates between high-intensity and low-intensity exercise, and said that he hadn’t done it since he was younger. At the end, out of breath, he lay down on the grass and said, “I feel like my heart is bursting.”


He continued, “They say that [doing interval training] for four minutes gives you the same results as jogging for half an hour. I don’t do it very often. I do a lot of exercise that builds up my weak spots, so I only do this sometimes when I don’t have a lot of time to train. When I was young, I wanted to exercise to look good, but now I do it for health reasons.”



Source (1)

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I do agree that this show is really boring. But, it's good for making me fall asleep :D


Anyway, i'm actually amazed by sjs and psh different personalities. One is like water that just flows and the other is like fire that just keep flaming. And to think that a girl could actually do so many woodwork by herself is just wow :blink:. I'm very proud of her. 

And sjs with his calm and quiet demeanor, and only eat banana is like.. I've never seen a man like that for real :lol::lol:


The average ratings are 2%, so.. It's not that bad. Specially if we consider several drama like great seducer, a poem a day etc ratings that even lower than 2. 


This documented like show is not for everyone, but I still think it's actually a good show 


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A blooming Friday night over at Little House in the Forest :) watching it tonight makes me wanna go to their location pronto! One of this show's charm is it makes you fall in love with nature over & over again :wub:

Subject A & B are looking good and they are back at their cabin cooking sumptuous meal and their happy menial stuffs :lol::wub:


Our chirpy Shinhye is eating her dish, is that curry:blink: which reminds me of her 3MAD day. :)

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Jisub likes to walk around and i'll be glad to accompany him anytime  :)  just to savor the surrounding  :wub: 

By now, we all agree that his fave food & fruit is ba-na-naaaa :lol: :wub:

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Jisub's house exterior looks lovely and cool! he's putting a hammock :wub: but then it's tie break, coz he's lightweight :tongue: let's see how he gonna remedy it :blink: Yay! it works. How fresh & relaxing life it is :wub: im happy seeing his happiness even in such a small things :)

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What a lovely lunch-date! :lol: Their cabins were not that far away from each other (unless subject B traveled by car but was not shown) but this probably the only time they'll ever meet and appear together in the episodes.



May 11, 2018


Park Shin Hye And So Ji Sub Eat Together For The First Time On “Little House In The Forest”


Source: Soompi by K. Lew

So Ji Sub and Park Shin Hye finally met and shared a meal together on “Little House in the Forest.”


On the May 11 episode of tvN’s “Little House in the Forest,” So Ji Sub and Park Shin Hye were given the mission of meeting up for a meal.


So Ji Sub began his day by eating breakfast and reading his book for a while. He was then given a mission to film seven different colors, and he completed this mission by filming various wildlife and nature like camellia flowers and violets. Park Shin Hye, on the other hand, was given the mission of putting up a hammock. After completing the mission, she commented, “I’m proud. I think I’ll be able to get lots of fruit to put in the hammock.




The two then prepared to meet each other. So Ji Sub showed off his gentlemanly side, saying, “I think it’s better if I go to her first. There’s going to be a lot of things to carry.” Park Shin Hye shared, “When I first started preparing, I felt a bit pressured because it was so chaotic and someone was coming to my house. There wasn’t any food to make, but I felt like I had to make something for him with the ingredients I have.”


Ahead of his visit, Park Shin Hye prepared some kimchi pancakes and mixed noodles. So Ji Sub packed some of his own food, including some leftover meat, banana, garlic, carrots, and rice. He worried over the lack of food, saying, “I don’t want to go empty-handed, but I don’t have anything to bring. I’m going to chop some firewood and bring that.” He added, “Even if the food I make is a bit sloppy, it’s okay because I’m alone. But when I’m eating with someone else, I don’t want to give them that food.”




During their meal, So Ji Sub talked about what it was like to live alone and shared, “I like cooking, but rather than saying I’m good at it, I think I would just say I’ve lived alone for a long time [so I’ve had to cook]. I wouldn’t really call them proper dishes. It’s mostly just some meat and vegetables. I think it costs more to buy ingredients for one portion, so I find it better to just eat out sometimes.”


Park Shin Hye agreed with him and said, “I used to eat out a lot, but lately I’ve been making some sort of soup and putting it in the fridge.” She also marveled at So Ji Sub’s rice and asked how he hadn’t burned it.




The two also talked about the moments they had enjoyed while filming the show. Park Shin Hye expressed, “I liked that it became more simple. It was the most fun when I had to light a fire.” So Ji Sub then shared, “When I’m in Seoul, I check the time frequently,” saying that he didn’t have to check the time at his house in the forest.


Park Shin Hye commented on their meal together, saying, “I think the food was more delicious than it normally is. So Ji Sub also shared, “She was good at cooking, and I enjoyed the food. I think next time when the weather is nice, it’ll be good to invite her over and have a cup of tea.”


They then returned to their solitary lives in their respective houses. Park Shin Hye enjoyed the fruit hammock she had made, and cooked curry for dinner. So Ji Sub was surprised that it was hot on the way home, as his home had always been cold. He was also surprised by the cow that appeared in front of his house. He tried his hand at making a hammock as well and enjoyed the scenery for the rest of the day.





“Little House in the Forest” airs every Friday at 9:50 p.m. KST.


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2 hours ago, bbeedee said:

just curious is they are any engsub available?


Subscene has it (currently up to ep 4) as tvNAsia is also airing the show a week later after the actual broadcast in Korea.. likely to prepare the English subs. By this Sunday,  hopefully we'll have the subs for Ep. 5 as well. 


Thank you so much to the uploader. :)

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