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[OFFICIAL] Lee Seung Gi ❤ Oh Yeon Seo (503 Couple | Dimple Couple | Love-Love Couple | SeungYeon Couple)


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8 hours ago, dvrels said:

There gonna be kiss scene of our otp on tonight episode, hopefully we gonna get the bts of this kiss scene

Yes!! I'm also waiting for their kiss scene BTS, i'm curious about how they react to each other.....

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guys, I just realized that Lee Seung Gi's lips on this kiss scene is quite colored with Oh Yeon Seo's lipstick even before the actual kiss? when i saw another scene of SOG, his lips is not that pink... OMG I think they must have shoot or reherseal it quite lot of times?? :wub: aaaaa i really waiting for this kiss scene's BTS!!


40 minutes ago, Ade Noveeanthy said:

Love seungyeon couple sooooo much... Cant wait to see them again next saturday, and wish them will be real even after the drama.. :wub:

Welcome! yes I hope they can be a real couple :wub:

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2 hours ago, estrellita1122 said:

Yesterday i remember that OYS ideal type is someone with good personality and a man that will be only good to her and bad with other women :D the character SOG fits her ideal type :grin: maybe that is why she is so immersed into the kiss :blush:

I remember it too, she was saying that during entertainment weekly 



She must like Oh Gong when she read the script for the first time

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The new bts of Hwayugi is out




I wonder why there is no Oh Yeon Seo in this bts, even when Lee Seunggi laugh at their wedding scene, the camera wasn't show OYS face, is she laughed too or not we don't know 

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I already watch the preview of ep 11, Buja turn evil and want to make Oh Gong hers. So sad she turn evil after Sunmi took care of her. The other sad scene is when MW look to SOG and JSM holding hands, i think MW pity them after knowing their fate (to kill and be kill)

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