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  1. I wish the best for both and all cast too. Can’t wait for the trailers and drama itself btw he looks so serious and why is he dress like that outside? Wonder what story is there for him to be on a bathrobe outside so serious lol
  2. Thanks for the information and i have seen Oh Yeon Seo post pics on her Instagram playing soccer and basketball. Not sure if that is her practicing for the drama since she will be a gym teacher/coach
  3. Ahjumma your my hero. Yes i am happy actually that celltrion ent. Decided to sue all rumors or hate/insulting comments done by haters ir antis. I was actually upset that her previous agency representative never did anything about it. Since last year i have been saving all info i come across but since i do not know korean i was not sure how to send it to celltrion. Thanks for the info and i will PM you with what i got plus pics of oys photoshop in a very disrespectful insulting way too for a women
  4. Hello everyone. So busy with my personal stuff and i came to find out about a crazy mess on twitter and Instagram lol been so busy and I find out that as me being a shipper was add into it lol just because i am a shipper but then again i was so busy that i have not even bother leaving comments on any shipping accounts to be accused of making rumors or “free promotions to your fave” or etc.
  5. Yes yes she never covers herself like that plus now i woke up see all oys count dowm 1,2,3,4,5,6 lol she definitely is happy someone is coming home lol by the way ig translation is so funny on LSG caption lmao thanks for the right translation chingu
  6. Hello ladies and gentleman(if we have) so much going on and i saw OYS latest update cover all up. I never have seen her all cover up like that before. Well they say is always a first time for everything. I was surprised by LSG brand logo he created. I know that he is crazy for pink but i never thought that we will add the heart and start on his logo with pink lol well he is known for being very honest and transparent personality.
  7. Wow it took me time to finish reading. Now She is so busy with the updates now that they are away from eachother. I new Unnie will turn out like this when he is away. I still remember that post in the past. “Did you call me?” She is predictable now? love can make you do lots of unpredictable things She is sending lots of love love love
  8. Yes that FM in Taiwan when he ask not to send him off. I came with a conclusion but is better for me to wait patiently until all surrenderings is covered and saved. Or maybe to tell my theory after they get married. ;-)
  9. Ahjumma yes oys is very good friends with one of FT members and now she became close with Hongki too. Now after thinking and thinking i came to wonder why LSG ask his fans in one of his FMs to not follow him to the airport to see him leave. It was Taiwan FM? Or which one was it? I need to go to my noted files later after a rest since is late. ;-)
  10. Lol her agency do not let her posts pics with bling bling anymore since they try for a week or few weeks to control her Instagram. now since she is allowed to manage her own with not being obvious. Now OYS does the caption with diamond ring and then when she gets on paris she puts her diamond back when there is nothing official going on. Brave brave brave
  11. @haymochi I agree but i love how you name everything better then myself. Being oys old fan and seeing how she has turn during and after hwayugi is a huge hint that OYS is in love and that A monkey work hard following her around on set ;-) love can make you do many things that you never expected to do. Btw if our conclusions are right about their anniversary date is 28 and about their post of January 28 2018 then that means they were a couple during the drama plus no wonder why he was complimenting OYS on the award ceremony “you look even prettier then when filming “ he was working hard hard hard ;-)
  12. Ahjamma and @cikbie572 I also come with the same conclusion but like you guys said take it with a grain of salt. But OYS was up to something when she decided to use her Instagram and post something with a caption “have a good day (honey emoji)” since that post i was sure onnie is taken (she never in the past has done things like that) but i can me imagining things so if you feel that i am delusional then close your eyes and move on from my post and believe in what it is crossing your mind while reading my posts. ;-) ;-) ;-)
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