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[News] 2018.12.20 Kim Go Eun And Jung Hae In Complete Filming New Romance Movie



Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In have completed filming for their new romance movie!


“Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” (working title) is a romance film that tells the story of optimistic young man Hyun Woo (Jung Hae In) and hard-working woman Mi Soo (Kim Go Eun) that begins with their random encounter with each other. They continue to cross paths for a very long time, hoping to find the right “frequency” that will finally bring them together.


The filming began on September 1 and came to an end on December 14. With the actors’ passionate acting and flawless ensemble performance, they were able to finish filming with no problem.


Kim Go Eun commented, “This film allowed me to think about the meaning of time and love and to appreciate them more. As I still feel the butterflies inside as if I were Mi Soo, I don’t think I will be able to forget a single moment from filming.”


Jung Hae In said, “During filming for ‘Yoo Yeol’s Music Album,’ both my character and I learned the importance of appreciating every minute that passes by. The work was fun and it gave me a lot of joy. I thank my partner Kim Go Eun. I hope that our audience will be able to feel the hard work of director Jung Ji Woo that was put into this film.”


Director Jung Ji Woo stated, “I could never forget the faces of the actors that shined so brightly throughout the process. We will complete the final few stages well and present the final work to you in 2019.”


“Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” will premiere sometime in 2019.


Source (1) via soompi

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[News] 2019.01.23 Hae In Awarded for iQiyi Entertainment Award




Host asked him if he knew which scene made viewers felt their hearts pounding hard. For Hae In, he said it was the scene when Son Ye Jin's character held his hand under the table. But turns out it was the koala hug (as per video).








[Instagram] 2019.01.24 Jung Hae In in Los Angeles - IG Update



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[News] 2019.01.29 Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Confirmed For Drama By “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” Writer And PD



Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In will be uniting for a new drama!


It was reported on January 29 that Han Ji Min will be the female lead. In response to the reports, MBC confirmed, “Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In are confirmed to appear in ‘Spring Night’ (literal title).”


The drama is set to premiere in May via MBC.


Source (1)


Original Article:


Jung Hae In has selected his next project!


Earlier in the month, it was revealed that Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin are in talks to reunite for a new drama.


On January 29, it was confirmed that Jung Hae In has accepted the role for “Spring Night” (literal title). The drama is also his reunion with PD (producing director) Ahn Pan Seok and writer Kim Eun from “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.”


Jung Hae In will be taking on the role of pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho in “Spring Night.”


The actor commented, “I wanted to greet viewers quickly after ‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.’ The director gave me a good offer, and after reading the script, I really wanted to do it. I think I will be able to show different emotional expressions in ‘Spring Night’ from the other characters I have played, so I wanted to take on the challenge.”


Jung Hae In recently completed filming for his upcoming movie “Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” (working title) and will now begin preparations for “Spring Night.”


Source (1)


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[News] 2019.04.16 Jung Hae In Plays A Single Parent in Spring Night



Spring Night's production has been keeping a hush hush on the storyline/character descriptions even though they've announced the casts. But today it's been revealed that Jung Hae In will challenge himself by playing a single parent raising a son on his own. It'll be the first time he plays a single father.


Spring Night will air on MBC in May.

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