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[Upcoming 2017 Thai Drama] Leh Lub Salub Rang


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Omg!!!! This drama is soooooo hilarious!!! When they switch bodies, this is where the real fun begins! 

Its amazing how on point this couple is with their characters. I guess dating in real life does help! Lol I am on episode 4 and laughed at every scene with how detailed they are. Yaya acting as Ramin and Nadech acting as Petra is...yeah I'm proud of Yadech in this series. 

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Lol! If anyone is interested, head over to asianfuse forums, this drama is more active over there! Lol anyway, I am impressed with Nadech and Yaya's performances in this drama. They look so good together and I have shipped them since their first drama in 2010. Love how they have grown to be such a beautiful and fun couple! Off screen they are the wackiest couple I have ever seen in the Asian drama world. Super proud of these lovebirds!IMG_8731_zpsggkua5pe.pngIMG_8728_zpsp9cm4atu.jpg

credit into NYclub

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