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  1. CREDITS GO TO ALL4LIXIAN at Youtube Read the comments in the video, the up-loader subbed the interview. lol Apparently, Li Xian and Yang Zi were in the same grade at Beijing Film Academy, not actual classmates. They even hosted a mid-autumn show together but Yang Zi forgot about it, he didn't though! LOL He believes in fate so yes, they were destined to play HSY and TN. LOL I hope they get to work together again in the future. They bring the screen on fire!
  2. Aww the second break up looks sad!! Yang Zi’s crying face is so pretty!!
  3. Lmao! These two are too funny! But thank the director. First kiss BTS. Li Xian wasn’t briefed about it so he was surprised by Yang Zi’s kiss. Other kiss in the clip, she wasn’t briefed. Even funnier, Li Xian thought she was going to hit him and the way she shows how she could hit him chest to chest. Lol can’t stop laughing with these two. i have to say, a good drama comes out of how well the leads work together and the goofier they are the more of a kick I get out of a show lol Li Xian and Yang Zi BTS is as much fun to watch as they are on screen.
  4. Exactly! Li Xian is very expressive. Its clear who is the breakout star in this show. lol Without Li Xian I don't know if I will watch this. His portrayal is wonderful!
  5. I wonder if Li Xian and Yang Zi have known of each other since uni days because they are from the same class at Beijing Film Academy...they were fated to star in this together LOL
  6. This was something I thought about too. His character is very passionate about the things he likes. So I can see the similarities between the cat and TN. I guess I'm thinking too realistically when it comes to this show. lol
  7. No doubt, I love all the lovey dovey stuff between the leads...but I'm rather confused how quickly HSY fell for TN. Like...nothing...at least to me, was significant enough between them for him to already like her a lot. He did a 360 in two episodes or something with his feelings for her. I hope they continue to focus on why she is a genius because I'm not feeling that part of her still...In a span of 40 episodes, they should have gone more into detail with the love development between HSY and TN.
  8. Recent promotions for GGS. Li Xian and Yang Zi are so comedic together lol.
  9. Next Generation Male God. lol....Li Xian's popularity is rising rapidly. WOW. So happy for him. I'm re-watching Tientsin Mystic just to kill time until the next day to watch Go Go Squid. Considering his other work, he has some of the best expressions I have seen in a Chinese actor. Plus his roles are so different from each other. https://38jiejie.com/2019/07/13/why-are-fan-girls-fawning-over-li-xian-the-male-lead-in-c-drama-go-go-squid/
  10. Wow....thank you so much @Lululililululu for explaining in detail based on the novel and drama. This made me love Han Shangyan as a character even more. He's so passionate about dreams. Can't wait to see more development in him and his relationship with Tong Nian.
  11. I don't think Appledog had any chemistry with either DT or Solo...she's just kind of there...but i have to say...now don't be upset because i thought she had more chemistry with Han Shangyan then anyone LOL In the latest flashback, I swear I thought HSY liked her but didn't want to get in the way of her and Solo... This is what happens when you cant understand mandarin and have to rely on face expressions. LOL
  12. Just watched 9-10 and they played a slower version of Li Xian's song in episode 10 and its gets even better!! He has a good voice. I hope they release it soon. I want to listen to it without any scene interruption lol Excited for tomorrow's episodes. I don't particularly like drunk scenes in dramas but it looks pretty funny based on instagram lol btw, don't know if its just me but I like Han Shangyan when he's really pissed off because Li Xian's angry expression is firing hot. LOL
  13. LOL I am liking these two so much behind the scenes. Yang Zi is like a ball of energy and she seems to bring out Li Xian's goofiness too. @Lululililululu Thanks for posting about his next drama! Will have to put that on my list. I'll have to get use to his hair. lol
  14. 900k?! WOW. Huge #! I'm very happy for him! I'm glad he is getting more recognition for his work, although I think Tientsin Mystic and Medical Examiner Qin is more up my alley. LOL I literally youtubed and googled him all day the other day to see what else he's been in and I feel like he's as mysterious as Han Shangyan off-screen. There isn't much on him at all but that's a good thing for an actor. I'm still very confused why HSY hates his friend so I can't wait until they reconcile. It looks pretty sad according to Li Xian's MV where his friend screams I'm Sorry in the tub and he's also crying. Something very big must have happened and I'm curious as heck about it. lol
  15. T_T Only a month with Han Shangyan and Tong Nian? It’s ok, my summer’s gonna be very sweet then. I hope Li Xian gain more fans. I think he hit this one out of the ballpark.
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