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  1. Been ages since I have been here! So much going on between these two with other people lol. I think I gave up long ago on this ship. I had hope for PA 2 but those hopes have gone too. Per Jaynestars, ZLY just signed onto a new project and the story sounds like it could be the old rumored Mythical Realm which was suppose to be her and LGX.... Just a theory though. ZLY is the real deal though, that woman seems to work her butt off! LGX is picky and the more I don’t see or hear of you the more I forget you. I feel it’s getting to that point with him for me lol Their last Swordman’s promo killed it for me. I was so disappointed. Clearly they didn’t film together. Felt cheated as heck with that editing BS.
  2. Definitely not a slap kiss drama. Lol They are getting a lot better at not producing those type of scenes. Thai dramas actually has a huge fan base. It’s only not as big as kdramas or cdramas because Thai channels forbid eng subs or other subs so international fans don’t get to watch unless you speak the language or you’re Thai. Subbers tried subbing this drama but got shut down numerous times. Thai dramas have been trending at #1 on twitter worldwide more then a few times and on IG for quite some time now. They aren’t as famous but they generate viewership outside of Thailand still. This drama helped boost Thai dramas a lot. They call this drama the Thai equivalent of Bu Bu Jing Xin and Descendant of the Sun.
  3. The best Thai romance drama to come out of Thailand in a long time!! So hooked on this drama since it’s first air date! Obsessed even!!! I’m surprised there is a thread for this. Lol BTW, the videos posted on the last couple comments aren’t from this drama lol. Its a totally different drama that’s still airing in Thailand. the couple in this drama!!!! I love them so much!!! The storyline is so different and seriously, the leading male character in the story has to be THE most romantic/best lover I have come across in any drama! Love love love this drama to pieces. This drama is one of the top rated dramas in Thailand ever and its trended at #1 on Twitter multiple times. So it’s crazy popular.
  4. He better put that restaurant to use. Eat there as often as he can! Lol
  5. Goodness, did LGX get even skinnier? His neck and face at the robot show looks like the horrible photoshop picture he had up on his weibo. Too skinny! What happened!?
  6. Goodness, so proud of the ZLY/LGX shippers! I have not been here forever since I was happily in Thai drama lalaland and this thread is still booming lol. Why LGX, why? I keep wanting to pet your hair!
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