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  1. I sure miss this couple!! Li Xian and Yang Zi...Please return with another project soon!
  2. LMAO i did the exact thing!! bought the Viki Pass just to watch this!!! Now I'm bummed its ended and just scrambling to watch anything Li Xian is in lol
  3. Last episodes tomorrow!!! Kind of sad but I'm happy with it. I really really really hope Li Xian and Yang Zi team up again in a new drama! They have amazing chemistry onscreen. Good luck to the both of them on their upcoming projects!
  4. Yup, i feel the same way. I get that they are trying to show some contrast between HSY and TN but still, give the girl some better fashion sense! I seriously felt like they dressed her up like a Easter egg most of the time. I loved what Appledog wore and her hair style.
  5. Yes she was. They parted after she filmed this. August last year. i don’t care much for the kissing scenes because they aren’t as passionate as I thought they would be. It’s the situations they are in that lead to the kisses that gets me lol When I see the BTS of Yang Zi and Li Xian lol any thoughts of shipping them evaporated. Although I would like them to collaborate again! They are good as costars.
  6. I know what you mean! Honestly, just help each country air their dramas, vice versus. No need for remakes. Creating fresh ideas to give the audience is important!
  7. I think the writers wrote the perfect boyfriend: Han Shangyan. He’s absolute perfect lol I am literally giggling and screaming into my pillow every moment TN and HSY are together. Lol that is rare even for me! Then they got Li Xian to portray HSY and yes...Li Xian is the perfect HSY...real life and drama are different so Li Xian, bravo on those acting chops and bringing the perfect boyfriend to life! I want to be a squid bathing in sweet honey too! Lol
  8. I get super irritated when they are dubbed and you can definitely hear the difference. Li Xian has a wonderful voice and Yang Zi's voice is very cute.
  9. WOW, talk about Li Xian's popularity skyrocketing! Its so weird to see him so young with the same voice! LMAO He looks like a genius...playing a genius LOL Mango TV Youtube
  10. I'm going to wait until the whole series ends! I"m just watching their BTS right now while I wait. LOL Li Xian and Yang Zi are very funny off screen. All4LiXian on Youtube translated a lot of the interviews they did together and the way they interact is hilarious! I love the interview where Li Xian says a lot of the jokes he's told Yang Zi are for 18+. LMAO. Then there was the interview where they both talk about food BTS and each day they would buy food together skipping out on the food staff orders. LOL I am going to miss these two after this ends. I am already hoping they pair up again! Hopefully in a romantic historical drama HAHA
  11. Darn people. Have to ruin it for hardworking people with a click of a button! I hope they find this culprit and punish them for releasing the remaining episodes.
  12. You need to watch Tientsin Mystic! This was what I first saw him in when it came out and he's brilliant. The whole show gives you a mysterious creepy feel but the story-line is intriguing. When I first watched Li Xian, I thought, wow, this guy has very good expressions and his comedic timing is on point. Why is he so underrated?! lol If I had to compare Tientsin Mystic to GGS, when it comes to the story and production, hands down, Tientsin Mystic. If you watch Dr. Qin, LOL, just don't eat while watching, this one is more horrifying. I'm just proud LX is getting a lot of attention through GGS but its because its quite a cliche type of drama. GGS is a type of drama fan-girls live for so when he finally starred in this, I wasn't surprised this drama was a success. Overall, he's probably one of the more versatile actor's I've seen come out of China based on his choice of work.
  13. CREDITS GO TO ALL4LIXIAN at Youtube Read the comments in the video, the up-loader subbed the interview. lol Apparently, Li Xian and Yang Zi were in the same grade at Beijing Film Academy, not actual classmates. They even hosted a mid-autumn show together but Yang Zi forgot about it, he didn't though! LOL He believes in fate so yes, they were destined to play HSY and TN. LOL I hope they get to work together again in the future. They bring the screen on fire!
  14. Aww the second break up looks sad!! Yang Zi’s crying face is so pretty!!
  15. Lmao! These two are too funny! But thank the director. First kiss BTS. Li Xian wasn’t briefed about it so he was surprised by Yang Zi’s kiss. Other kiss in the clip, she wasn’t briefed. Even funnier, Li Xian thought she was going to hit him and the way she shows how she could hit him chest to chest. Lol can’t stop laughing with these two. i have to say, a good drama comes out of how well the leads work together and the goofier they are the more of a kick I get out of a show lol Li Xian and Yang Zi BTS is as much fun to watch as they are on screen.
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