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[Drama 2017] Strongest Deliveryman 최강배달꾼

Go Seung Ji

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KBS2 Presents

Strongest Deliveryman 최강배달꾼



Jeon Woo Sung

(The Promise, The Fugitive of Joseon, Ohlala Couple)



Lee Jung Woo

(Joseon Gunman)

Episodes: 16


Broadcast Period

 2017-Aug-04 to 2017-Sep-23
Friday and Saturday 23:00 



Strongest Deliveryman is KBS’s upcoming human drama from writer Lee Jung-woo of Joseon Gunman and PD Jeon Woo-sung of Heaven’s Promise and Oohlala Spouses. It’s an uplifting story about “dirt spoon” part-timers at the very bottom rung of the job ladder: jajangmyung delivery workers. The hero’s name is Choi Kang-soo (choi kang means “strongest,” hence the title), and the drama is about his life as a  jajangmyun delivery boy and his growth and success, which of course includes romance. 

Chae Soo-bin will play Lee Dana, a jajangmyun delivery girl who dreams of escaping “Hell Joseon,” aka contemporary impossible-to-find-employment Korea. She cares about nothing else except making money, and turns down all courtship advances from men, preferring to walk her own path.




Production Information

"Strongest Deliveryman" takes over the KBS2 Friday & Saturday time slot previously occupied by "The Best Hit"





Go Kyung Pyo as Choi Kang Soo



Chae Soo Bin as Lee Dan Ah



Kim Sun Ho as Oh Jin Gyoo


Go Won Hee as Lee Jin Yoon


Nam Ji Hyun as Choi Yun Ji


Kim Hye Ri
Lee Won Jong
Jo Hee Bong
Lee Min Young
Kim Ki Doo
Lee Kan Hee
Ye Soo Jung
Heo Ji Won
Kang Bong Sung
Jung Ik Han (정익한)
Kim Min Suk (김민석)



Sources: Asianwiki | Dramawiki |  Korean-drama 







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#ChaeSooBin confirmed to be the female lead in KBS's #StrongestDeliveryman





KBS revives Friday-Saturday drama slot with The Best Hit, Strongest Deliveryman


After tvN’s success with weekend dramas like The Lonely Shining Goblin and The Good Wife, KBS has decided to step up its game and re-enter the competition for Friday-Saturday ratings. First, KBS will be putting out its drama-variety hybrid show, The Best Hit, which stars Yoon Shi-yoon and Cha Tae-hyun (and marks Cha’s debut as a director) in June. After The Best Hit, the station has scheduled a drama called Strongest Deliveryman...................... 




Yoon Shi-yoon looks at new human drama Strongest Deliveryman



Strongest Deliveryman is described as a relatable story about people born with “dirt spoons” in their mouths, aka underprivileged, everyday folk. The title is a pun on the main character’s name, Choi Kang-soo (choi kang means .“strongest”),....



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Actress Chae Soo Bin Confirmed To Play Leading Lady In Upcoming KBS Drama


Actress Chae Soo Bin is set to star in KBS 2TV’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Best Delivery Person” (literal title). A source from KBS confirmed the news, and added that the male lead has not been cast yet.

Chae Soo Bin will play Lee Dan Ah, a beautiful delivery woman who dreams of escaping “Hell Joseon.” The actress is currently working on MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People” and will move straight to her next piece, meaning that 2017 will be a busy year for her.

“Best Delivery Person” will follow the life and love stories of people born in lower social classes who deliver food for a living. The first episode will in July.

Are you intrigued by the short premise we’ve been given about the drama and Chae Soo Bin’s character?



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I remember in 2015 she had like 4 dramas in KBS.  And she still is KBS baby :D 

I'm not watching her current drama but nice to see her getting the lead. I like her in BlueBirds House.

So is this gonna female version of..... Misaeng? kinda?  I'll check this one out. Thanks for the thread.

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Chae Soo-bin signs on to be Strongest Deliveryman’s leading lady

by girlfriday


Chae Soo-bin is currently busy playing strongman Hong Gil-dong’s lady love in Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, but she’s already signed on to be Strongest Deliveryman’s leading lady next, which means she’ll go right from one drama set (and one strong man) to the other. That’s nothing but good news to me since she’s a talented young actress with range and natural charm, and I’m glad to know that she’s being offered more leading roles since following Moonlight Drawn By Clouds with Rebel. I kind of even miss the days when she played the teenage hellion mean girl in Sassy Go Go, because she was just that good............


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@JoonB I like that you're honest like that.. ha ha..." Depending on the male lead, I may watch this or not." :D 

 Here's hoping  Ji Soo! Ji Soo! Ji Soo!  because my god, two great young actors who deserves a lead roles esp Ji Soo! Hello KBS dramagods!! is it too much to ask?! Hah. #fingerscrossed and drama should be well written! please! I did watch dramas of writer and PD so....waiting for the male lead.

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 I just realize  I see that this was in the works since last year. it was offered Yoo Shi Hoon  But wait I guess he turned it down cos he chose to be in the upcoming drama "The Best Hit"

 Waiting for male lead updates. 

I want a male lead with good acting skills. Also hoping those excellent rookies from Solomon's Perjury can be part of the drama.

I  hope this isn't rom-com!  KBS  don't ever make this drama a rom-com!

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Still waiting who will be the male lead. The Strongest Deliveryman.

OT: since I mentioned the cast I hope for the drama includes  impressive rookies of SP,  I thought about it, and they probably will be be in school 2017 instead and not this drama... just cos they're young ^^

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Wow finally my adorable ghost GoKyungPyo finally getting his first leading role? 


Though IDK what to think about the plot and never watch previous drama of the scriptwriter or directors so don't know what to expect..

But well no matter what hoping for good script&directing since I wanna see GKP first lead drama be good

And Wow ChaeSooBin I do like her XD

and she get to costar with all my favorite boys in their first leading drama role from Park Bogum to YoonKyunSang and now GoKyungPyo

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Okay.. so we now have a leading man in Go Kyung Po. I'm okay with that. Was expecting ( or wanting, ) someone else :D 

I hope this turns out to be a good drama for them. esp CSB.she's talented and should be more  well written good dramas   characters to show more her acting skills.

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“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Villain Jang Mi Kwan Lands Role In Upcoming Drama With Go Kyung Pyo And Chae Soo Bin


After his breakout hit as the psychotic criminal in the drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” model-turned-actor Jang Mi Kwan has landed his next role!

According to a source from his agency, he has been cast as the second-generation chaebol heir Oh Jin Gyu in “Best Delivery People.” Oh Jin Gyu has been described as a prodigal son who undergoes character development through the drama when he is abandoned by his family.

The source said, “He is preparing hard for the role he’d been given. It’s a very different character from his last role so he is excited and working hard to showcase a new side of himself. Please continue to support him in the future.”

“Best Delivery People” stars Chae Soo Bin, fresh off her leading role in “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People,” as well as “Chicago Typewriter‘s” Go Kyung Pyo in his first leading role.

The drama, which is about the lives of the working classes in modern Korea, is expected to air sometime in July.

Source (1)


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The cast is shaping to be better and better...First having the leads in Go Kyung Pyo who i totally adore and Che Soo Bin and now Jang Mi Kwan who did such a good job with what he had(still sad they let his character fall somewhat flat with all they could do taking out useless plots,gangsters ehem)
Also another kudos to the casting directors for giving important roles to new and talented actors,it's always welcome some fresh vibe and new faces...

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Jang Mi-kwan and Lee Yeol-eum join KBS’s Strongest Deliveryman

by tipsymocha


Awww, I love how most of the main cast announced for Strongest Deliveryman are moving up in the drama character hierarchy with this show. Both Jang Mi-kwan (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon) and Lee Yeol-eum (Village: Secret of Achiara) have confirmed roles in the supporting cast of the upcoming KBS drama. Jang Mi-kwan will graduate from villain to second lead in his second drama since his debut, while Lee Yeol-eum will finally shed her high school uniform and play an ambitious woman seeking to expand her parents’ real estate business................


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 Drama I'm waiting for in July. Happy for Chae Soo Bin getting female lead role. Ever since I first saw her in Bluebirds House, I thought 'll probably see her in a lead role soon.  More good dramas, more to see the potential. Seeing the  description below for the 4 main cast, I have this strong feeling I'll have second lead syndrome :tongue:

RT cto as tagged

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“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Villain Jang Mi Kwan’s Upcoming Drama Role Falls Through


Actor Jang Mi Kwan won’t be joining KBS 2TV’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Best Delivery People” (working title) after all.

On June 13, the chief producer of “Best Delivery People” said, “Jang Mi Kwan will be leaving the cast.” He explained that this was because there were some disagreements while working out details.

The role that Jang Mi Kwan had been offered was that of Oh Jin Kyu, a second generation chaebol. The original casting news had gained lots of attention since he portrayed the perfect villain in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

The chief producer added, “Since we are going to begin filming this week or next week, we are discussing who will take Jang Mi Kwan’s place.”

Meanwhile, “Best Delivery People” is set to air sometime in July, with Chae Soo Bin and Go Kyung Pyo portraying the lead roles.

Source (1)


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