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[Movie 2006] 200 Pounds Beauty/secret Of The Beauty 미녀는 괴로

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wow i think the title for this movie was 200 pound beauty so i couldnt find it..... so is there any downloads for this yet??? i really want to watch it

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CALL it a fat shot at fame that worked.

Until the movie 200 Pounds Beauty, Korean actress Kim Ah Jung had always been known as an acting lightweight, famous only for good looks and 'knockout figure'.


The usually svelte Kim Ah Jung.

But now, she has found big-time fame by donning a fat suit to play an obese backstage singer who undergoes full-body plastic surgery to become slim. Ah Jung, 25, was the only one who dared take up the challenge of the 90kg role which was reportedly rejected by other actresses.

Her jaw-dropping transformation - not unlike Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow in the film Shallow Hal - has won rave reviews in Korea and catapulted the movie to the No 1 spot on the local box-office chart. Within a month, 200 Pounds Beauty has attracted more than 4.5 million admissions.

Ah Jung herself has also become the talk of the town, inspiring Sports Chosun to coin the term 'Kim Ah Jung Syndrome' to refer to her raging popularity. Korean newspaper Donga Ilbo's resident film critic also praised her 'artful comic acting' and how her tears 'embellish' a key concert performance scene.

The movie's theme song Maria, also performed by Ah Jung, has soared to No 1 on a local music chart. It has also been downloaded 170,000 times from Cyworld, where the single is posted. In addition, Ah Jung has also snagged no less than five product endorsements, including a coveted lingerie commercial.


She plays a 90kg woman in 200 Pounds Beauty (left)

Ah Jung, who made her acting debut on TV in 2004, was once deemed too snobbish and unapproachable. She has admitted she does not warm to strangers easily, and that she is too 'timid' to initiate conversation. But not anymore, it seems.


Earlier when she was busy touring Korea to promote 200 Pounds Beauty, Ah Jung was only too eager to share her filming experiences. Like how it took four hours for a special Hollywood makeup team to 'inflate' her to 90kg, and how it was unbearably hot to wear the fat suit made of latex and cotton. 'To smile as I usually do, I had to double my energy because of the thick makeup on my face,' she told The Korea Times.

But the svelte 48kg star, who stands at 1.69m, was also frank to admit that she found it hard to accept her ballooned image. 'When I first looked at myself after the special effects makeup, I was really shocked and cried when nobody was looking... until the seventh shooting, I couldn't focus on acting,' she told The Korea Herald.

However, she said it was easy to immerse in her fat character. She even drew strength from nasty comments from passers-by who whispered they 'felt sick' to see her filming in the streets.

Exactly how does she look? Singapore fans do not have to wait long to find out. Innoform Media has acquired the distribution rights for 200 Pounds Beauty and its general manager Lim Teck said it will hit our screens late next month or in March. 'We like the concept of the movie and we think it'd work here,' said Mr Lim. 'The fat/slim theme will definitely attract attention here and Kim Ah Jung really went all out for her comedic role.'

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Guest cutiepie

200 Pounds Beauty OST


1. Beautiful Girl - 김아중

2. 별 - 유미

3. Maria - 김아중

4. 슈퍼스타 - Loveholic

5. Dance With My Daddy - Alex (Clazziquai)

6. You Don't Know I Love You - U

7. 튜울립 - Venny (상상밴드) Feat. 종휘

8. Miss You Much - 유미

9. Beautiful Girl (Teaser Edit)

10. 바보처럼 - 김형중

11. 별 (Original Dialog Ver.) - 김아중

192kbps mp3


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I'm sooo watching this movie!!!

Ever since I saw it's trailer!!!


The song "Maria" is very nice too!!!

She has a great voice,indeed!

Joo Jin-moo!!! <3

I'll be waiting patiently until someone kind enough will share the movie with us ;)

I can't hardly wait!!! hehehe

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oh man i cant wait to catch dis movie in singapore.. so glad dat dey wud be playing it here.. was jus worried dat it might even be denied a chance to be shown... it was SOOOO popular in korea when i visited korea during de past week... the theme song was playing almost everywhere... hahaaa :)

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it's still aired on theatre in korea so i think we will have to wait for a clubbox link

i saw the movie was in theatre while i was in korea but i didnt sawn it

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