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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Proud of Love Season 2 别那么骄傲2

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Proud of Love Season 2


Chinese title: 别那么骄傲2 / Bie Na Me Jiao Ao Er
English title: Proud of Love Season 2

Genre: Comedy, High School, Fiction, Romance

Episodes: 18

Director: Chén qìn yuán

Broadcast Period: January 11, 2017

Prequel: Proud of Love 别那么骄傲


Vivian Sung

Tong Meng Shi

Guan Hong


Is it possible to change the bad events of your past? Shen Xi (Vivian Sung) stumbles upon a mirror that has the power to take her back in time to her past. But every time she tries to return to the time just before He Zhi Zhou (Tong Meng Shi) suffered his accident to try to change the course of events, things don’t turn out exactly as Shen Xi wants them to. Despite her repeated efforts to try to prevent the accident, Shen Xi discovers that her meddlesome actions make things worse in the present world. Can Shen Xi find a way to change the course of history to save the man she loves? “Proud of Love Season 2” is the second season of the 2016 Chinese drama series “Proud of Love” that aired in 2017. It is directed by Shen Qin Yuan and is adapted from the novel “Don’t Be So Proud” by Sui Hou Zhu.

Watch it here with Eng subs!

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