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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Proud of Love 别那么骄傲

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Chinese title: 别那么骄傲/ Bi Na Me Jiao Ao
English title: Proud of Love

Genre: Fiction, Comedy

Episodes: 20

Director: Shen Qin Yuan

Broadcast Period: September 19, 2016

Sequel: Proud of Love Season 2 别那么骄傲2


Vivian Sung

Tong Meng Shi

Guan Hong

Yan Jing Jie

Hou Yan Xi


It was a vacation that they will never forget. Shen Xi (Vivian Sung) is a peppy college student who is majoring in dance but loves to eat just a little too much. He Zhi Zhou (Tong Meng Shi) is an aloof, moody engineering major at a nearby university. While Shen Xi goes on vacation with a group of her girlfriends, Zhi Zhou also is on vacation with his engineering friends at the same location. During the vacation, Shen Xi falls into the water at the same time that Zhi Zhou is struck by lightning! They end up swapping souls, and Zhi Zhou suddenly finds himself in the body of Shen Xi and Shen Xi finds herself inside the body of Zhi Zhou. While Shen Xi is delighted by the wonders of her new body and the fact that she can now get close to her crush, who happens to be one of Zhi Zhou’s roommates, Zhi Zhou is freaked out about being stuck inside a woman’s body. What will become of this soul-swapping duo?

Watch it here with English subs!





Tóng Mèngshí & Cyndi Wang - Yuān Jiā Lù Zhǎi


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I'm watching this currently. Meng Shi is too cute in portraying himself as a girl!
I also like the OSTs especially Hebe Tien and Cyndi Wang's new songs. It's a bit nostalgic that their songs are appearing on an idol drama again.

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I'm really not expecting this would really happened between them. Nice one! ^^



Waiting for Season 2 now.

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Will they swap again in season 2? Hopefully so! The main guy character is so boring when he is in his own body! 

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