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[Upcoming Drama 2017] City of Stars 별의 도시


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City of stars

별의 도시



Exclutive producer: TBA
Producer: TBA
Director: Jang Jin (We're brother) 
Writer: TBA
Network: TBA
Episodes: TBA
Release Date: May of 2017
Air time: TBA
Country: TBA



Two men who’ve grown up dreaming of going into space. They are both chosen for an astronaut training program 
for a mission to seek out Helium-3; the need for alternative energy sources is pressing in a future 
where the earth’s supplies have dwindled. The story will incorporate elements of international espionage 
and battle between intelligence agencies as nations fight amongst themselves, driven by greed and self-interest

Cr. Dramabeans






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Jang Dong Gun to work with Hyun Bin in new drama about aerospace?



Jang Dong Gun and Hyun Bin in one drama?! It might really be happening!


According to an exclusive report, Jang Dong Geun may be making a comeback to the small screen through the upcoming drama 'City of Star'. He'll be joining Hyun Bin who was previously confirmed as the lead of the new production.  


SEE ALSO: Hyun Bin to play the lead in new drama about aerospace?



'City of Star' portrays the story of two men and their aerospace project. Janag Dong Gun's role in question is named Kim Hyung Jin, who reunites with Yoo Dong Ha (played by Hyun Bin) to carry out a project. The drama will officially start off productions in May of 2017 and will be 100% pre-filmed. 


Stay tuned for updates on 'City of Star'!

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1 hour ago, ororomunroe said:

Are they both confirmed or are they just reviewing their offers? 

 According to Korean sources they are not confirmed. Hyun bin`s agency was upset with the rumors (he indeed received the offer but never met with the production since then) and Jang Dong Gun said that he did not receive the proposition in the first place. So they both denied at this point.




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Byun Yo Han Confirmed For Role In New Aerospace Drama

by U. Kim

Byun Yo Han’s next drama has been confirmed!

On January 23, a source from Byun Yo Han’s agency Saram Entertainment shared, “Byun Yo Han has accepted a role offer for ‘City of Stars’ (literal title). We have not been informed about the filming schedule yet.”

“City of Stars” will tell the story about the love and dreams of young people who desire to travel to space. The drama will incorporate cinematic visuals and specialized depictions of aerospace technology.

Byun Yo Han will play Yoo Dong Ha, a light aircraft maintenance mechanic who suffers from claustrophobia after getting involved in an accident when he was serving in the air force. Traveling to and from Star City and a space center in Goheung, he is faced with several conflicts and competition with his companions. In order to go to space, he must overcome his claustrophobia.







January 23 2019

Byun Yo-Han cast in drama series “City of Stars”


Byun Yo-Han is cast in drama series “City of Stars” (literal title). The drama series will be directed by Jang Jin. In the drama series, Byun Yo-Han will play Yoo Dong-Ha. He is a former Air Force pilot, but he has not flown since he began having claustrophobia. He then is selected for a program to train potential astronauts.

“City of Stars” is tentatively scheduled to air sometime during the second half of this year. Network to broadcast the drama series has not yet been decided.



Finally this drama will be produced. I am so glad to see Byun Yo Han as the protagonist.

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