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[NAVER] Netizens praise BLACKPINK for their '마지막처럼 (AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST)' Comeback Stage on Music Core





So proud and happy that the girls are getting the recognition they deserve!! Honestly, "What exactly can't BLACKPINK do?" laugh.png




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BLACKPINK Talks About Support From Yang Hyun Suk And Shares Thoughts On Upcoming 1st Anniversary



[24.6.2017] In a recent interview, BLACKPINK revealed the advice and support they received from Yang Hyun Suk, and shared thoughts about their first year since debut.

BLACKPINK recently swept international music charts with their new song “As If It’s Your Last.” When reminded that they are reaching the group’s first anniversary in August, Lisa replied, “We received so much love in such a short time. The pressure is growing. We want to keep showing our best.”

Jisoo described her thoughts on an ideal first year anniversary, saying, “We still have a lot of hidden sides to us. We hope we will be able to meet our fans and get to know each other as much as we can. We hope we can make a happy first year anniversary.” She added, “We still have a long way to go, but we always want to be empowering singers.”

Although BLACKPINK reached mega popularity within the past year, their daily lives do not seem to have changed much. “Our daily routine is the same as when we were trainees. We go back and forth between our home, our schedule, and the company. We go to the training room to practice whenever we have time,” shared Jennie.

They also talked about the warm side of their seemingly strict boss, Yang Hyun Suk. Yang Hyun Suk had recently showed his support for BLACKPINK on social media. Jennie expressed her appreciation for his kindness, saying, “Our boss always tells us to do well by ourselves, but he secretly supports us from behind. I found out about his social media post through the internet too. It was touching.”

BLACKPINK also received advice from Yang Hyun Suk. “Our boss always tells us to emphasize the choreography. He told us that the audience trusts and listens to us more if the performance is fun to watch,” described Jisoo. She further explained, “He wanted charisma in our last song, but this time he advised us to smile and try to look cute. So we focused on practicing that.”

src: soompi



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19 hours ago, kachingkachinglotto said:

I am in love with Jennie but Lisa totally stole my heart this comeback- she stood out the most for me but they were all amazing and the song is sooo catchy - can't get the chorus out of my head 

true that, as i even keep replaying their new song, yet i wish YG to release more songs ASAP :confused:

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6 hours ago, mky1717 said:

hey guys! i'm new to soompi forums, and i just wanted to make my first post here! 

i made a cover of blackpink's new song "as if it's your last"! feel free to check it out here :)

You had a great voice, its so nice to see korean Blink here :relaxed:

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I really like how summery "As if its your last" is!! So far black pink's songs have been fierce and mature, so its great to see them try a fun cheerful song! 

I actually did a cover of it, so pls be sure to check it out if u have time!


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