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YeolGum (Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Bo Gum Brotherhood)

Vannyah M

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2 hours ago, arumdaun said:

Yuhuu Haneulie :wub: love your display picture. Should we start with the angle that we're going with? Like what kind of bromance that we want to present. Then we could build up their encounter story, quotes and so forth from there. At the rate we're going right now, isn't it best if we take it more on the comedic side? ^_^

Hello and welcome to YeolGum land hahahhaha :D I cant say much about intro and quotes and songs bcz i am not doing that part of work but you can give ideas to @balladblue she took that part of the job upon herself (unnie jjang). We agreed that YeolGum team will present bromance in funny way nothing serious just having fun and play coz it`s already too hard working on this with just 5 people on team :lol:

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7 minutes ago, Eichhoernchen said:

Achtung, Warning. The spoiler ahead is not to be opened by someone who have weak heart.

There you have been warned. Dont blame me for your heart attack XD

Cr:twitter, I dont know who made this, but it is surely fan made. If someone happened to know whom can I credit this to, please tell me. I will edit it right away

Just for fun guys.

I made you day right? Hohoho no need to thank me XD. Hope you guys like it

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah instant heart attack :w00t: If you find person who made this let me know i will ask her to make pic with me between the 2 of them i will pay  bwahahahahahahahahahah

P.S i have to repost this pic on open . Girls fan yourselves Eich brouth Africa temperature on thread :DCbbO1fJUMAAwMgJ.jpg

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I'd like to be a new passenger on the YeolGum ship :). I've been lurking on this beautiful and creative thread for some time and would like to join the spazz and love, but I was confused of what to post about, therefore, I've made this amateur photoshop-ed picture of our lovely Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Bo Gum couple <3. If there is anything I can do to help with the contest, I will try my best to give you guys a hand :D

Click the spoiler tag to see my amateur work ^^ Thank you! There are many imperfections hehehe.





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@EMM! bwhahahahaa that is gold! 

How I wish I have the skill of photoshop/ making gifs at times like this..huhu so many materials! We are spoiled too much, even when the show haven't been started. I don't know whats going to happen when it airs. I'm dead for sure.

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*cleas throat* Uhm.... I've got another nonsense fanfic. Just for funsies as usual :sweatingbullets:


I can feel the sun pricking my skin and beads of sweat rolling down my face. There is sand in my hair, on my face, in my mouth and in my shoes. Though I am thankful for this travel show, this is one of those times I wish Na PD was not so hard on us and allowed us better clothing and shoes. Kyung Pyo hyung and Yeolie hyung are 10 meters ahead of me. This climb seems never ending. Jae Hong hyung gave up climbing this hill five minutes ago. Something tells me he is still seated in the same spot on the sand in protest with his white hood covering most of his face. Maybe I should have joined him.

We get to the top of the hill and Na PD announce that we will have a competition and whoever slides down this hill on a cardboard the fastest wins a prize. Great, now he wants us to have sand in our butts too? I fake a smile. Kyung Pyo hyung is excited but Yeolie hyung starts complaining. Secretly I wish he would rant on my behalf as well.
"The winner gets a new set of underwear," Na PD said.
"Sorry, what is the prize?" I ask wanting to make sure I heard it right.
"Underwear. New ones."

I grab Yeolie hyung by the arm and declare "Na PD, I'm sliding down with Yeolie hyung." I remember something from physics class about inertia and how a heavier person, or in this case two people,  will slide down a hill faster. I desperately need to win this to replace Yeolie hyung's underwear that I left hanging on the tree. "Yeolie Hyung, don't worry. We will win this."



OK bye. *runs away*

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8 hours ago, beldaran said:


I was imagining they were on a magic carpet ride...!!! (and I want on....)


Ur comment reminded me of someone suggested "A whole New World" as a song for yeolgum's FMV, I was like naaaah at first but now that we have this "magic carpet ride" moment I totally could see that happening, lol.

Okay, now that we are at it,

CALLING OUT ALL YEOLGUM LOVERS!!  (Captain @Vannyah M, what do we call ourselves?)

We need song suggestions to be used in FMV entry for paradise shipper contest. I know it's kinda early but better be prepared, right? ;)

So far we have:

He ain't heavy, he's my brother?

That's what friends are for

Just the two of us

You've got a friend in me

Count on Me

Spongebob friendship song


A whole new world

Lion sleeps tonight

Looking forward to y'all crazy fun ideas XD

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7 hours ago, beldaran said:


I was imagining they were on a magic carpet ride...!!! (and I want on....)

me too... permission to landing on YeolGum dock ship ;)

8 hours ago, EMM! said:

I have a joke..


This Yeolum ship is not sailing..

  Reveal hidden contents



Anyways, here's the subbed video!
Go to: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3spxxp_eng-sub-160218-youth-over-flowers-3rd-teaser-with-ryu-jun-yeol-and-park-bogum_fun


ke..ke...ke... I'm sure when YOF africa aired this ship will sailed with full speed :lol:

thank you for subbing the video really really appreciate it. wish you always healthy, wealthy and your life full of joy :)

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18 minutes ago, ihate0ni0ns said:

CALLING ALL YEOLGUM LOVERS!!  (Captain @Vannyah M, what do we call ourselves?)

Oh, gahd...

I looked up what "Yeol" would be... and it came out to something like.. "Heat"...

And we know that "Geom" would be "Sword"...

....and this did not go to a good place.



In any case... less than 30 minutes until V APP time! Make sure you've got it on!!

Reminder: http://www.vlive.tv/video/5604

(May camp out on the YOF thread... :) )

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