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Ayashi no Ceres

Guest jho

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Ayashi No Ceres ; Ceres Celestial Legend
My favourite anime of all time (: People either hate it or love it. Any thoughts/comments?
The series focuses on Aya Mikage, who learns on her sixteenth birthday that she is the reincarnation of a celestial maiden (天女 tennyo?) named Ceres, and her twin brother Aki the reincarnation of Ceres' former husband, Mikagi. Ceres begins manifesting in Aya. To try to save her brother, Aya must find Ceres' lost celestial robe (羽衣 hagoromo?), while trying to avoid being killed or captured by her own family, who wants to use Ceres's supreme celestial abilities for their own personal gain.
Published by: Viz
Anime Episodes: 24
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MY FRICKING FAVORITE ANIME IN THE WHOLE WORLD (manga is tied with kodocha tho =])

man...tooya....lmfao hes my desktop background

i would sooooo hit that .... lucky lucky aya *droools*

does anyone know where to get a copy of the anime with good quality/subtitles? cuz the one i got is really crappy and the subtitles dont even make sense (but it didnt stop me from watching it 26 times in the last 2 years). the first time i saw it was on vhs and the subtitles were pretty good but its more convenient to own on dvd xD

also does anyone know how many volumes are left to be translated n printed (so theyre sold at bookstores)?

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Hmm I read the manga and thought it was okay. I rather liked the backstories of the supporting characters, especially the singer (SORRY I forgot her name).

Tooya WAS hot.

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Guest goodvibrations

Ayashi no cere was the first anime that I've seen with so much drama. The art was really nice and the men were hot. I really liked the theme song, Scarlet.

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Guest Doreamon

I love Ceres, i love the manga. Beautiful art and story.

But then i watched the anime, and i think i died a little inside. SO HORRIBLE.

Gah. but i still luff the manga X3

Just hate the animation.

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Guest moonie_heejunnie

i like the manga. the drawings are excellent as can be expected from yuu watase. the anime is like...urm...obviously sucky compared to the manga. but i actually watched the anime first so yeah...

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