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My phone is too dumb to properly insert all the name tags I'd love to. Nevertheless, on the 1000th page, I have to immensely thank all the major contributors to this thread - you know who you are:blush:. If it weren't for your undercover reports, analyses, secret stashes, fanfics, translations, and any other invaluable input, it wouldn't be so much fun staying here. 


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1000 :cookie:s to all of us we made it. Happy 1000 pages of YuZhou treasure. Special thanks to everyone who makes this page so great.

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1000th PAGE!!!

I didn't prepare any speech for this day (and page) so I can only thank you for everyone that keep this thread alive even after so many things trying to kill it. And mostly, thank you to our founder @skeletonworks for bringing us together in this wonderful family!

Happy 1000th page, everyone! Happy concert, bb kitten! Happy at Shanghai, bb whale!

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So, this is how i come to my ADDICTION on ADDICTED... Somehow, a suggestion page in Youtube help you to discover something new *ehem*

Who's attracted to their looks for the first time seeing Addicted..??? Me! I admit that I was attracted to their looks first. This is rare when you find a Chinese BL web drama with those gorgeous lads... :w00t:


Seems like Addicted really be my favorite for BL... I don't know how to explain but Addicted feels more realistic and touching to me... and i just can't let it go after watched it... start from ep 6 and 15, i watched those two episodes first yet I feel something really captivate my heart and go to stream all episodes in one night(with some skips) i just couldn't spend the whole night to watch it right? that's when i realized i was awake till 4am :sweatingbullets: 

I forced myself to sleep as i have classes the next morning and downloaded the episodes the nest day until it completed and go to the BTS and become more addicted to the series and overdose by it LOL 

Then, rambling on my twitter and found a friend and spying this soompy family before i could join coz soompi was so mean to me not to let me sign up nor sign in with my email that's registered as my old soompi account that i don't remember to own(maybe when I am supporting my idol and unconsciously made it) and wattpad account for the Eng translation of the novel and become YuZhou sipper and boom..!!! I'm so done... I can't detract myself from addicted... :phew:  

I love you all... and thanks to @skeletonworks i love you~:wub:



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1000 pages for ADDICTED only thread
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Dear auntie, it was still page 999 when you posted this. So here you go, I bring your hot hot, I mean HOT fanfic to the 1000th page. I thank you for all of your wonderful fanfic, and my fan is ON, so I was well prepared before reading it.

Aunti @sohocomo this is what I imagined reading your smut. HJY's horny face is just... just...


Happy 1000 page.

@thoron I summoned you to come and give us the 1000 page speech special. 

1 hour ago, sohocomo said:


I was trying to finish a scenario to share with everyone, but between work and sleep, well it's not done.

But it's 1000 pages! I want to do something special. I have to do something to celebrate.

I was randomly going through the last 999 pages a few days ago (though it was only about 978 at that time) and I realized something. If we were to go through, page by page, and take note of all of the posts with the blue "popular post" flag, over 95% of them...have smut. Yes, dear Addicted family, we all (or at least the majority of us) really like smut. (Myself included) So, I shall celebrate with everyone the best way I can.  

This is not auntie sohocomo writing from this point forward. The following is from my evil-twin/alter ego - LittleLadyLeo. Only for a celebration as big as 1000 pages will I let her out. I warn you now. (She's all about smut for smut's sake. That it.

Much Love Addicted Family :heart::heart::heart: 



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WeiZhou lay in bed, thoughtfully chewing his lip, trying to hold in his excitement. JingYu was here, in this apartment, with him.  WeiZhou had never felt connected to someone the way he was to JingYu. Though they didn't have much in common, they had quickly bonded as friends who could talk to each other about anything. It took only a little bit longer before they had bonded as lovers, with an innate sense of how to please, and be pleased, by each other. They hadn't been able to see each other for a few weeks. Just that short amount of time away from each other had seemed like an eternity. As much as WeiZhou wanted to just spend time with JingYu - talking, laughing, playing video games, watching a movie, whatever - he needed to sate his physical need first. As much as he hated to admit that about himself, it was the truth. Too many days of only imagining the feel of JingYu's mouth around his c**k made the imminent reality of it that much more exciting, and the waiting that much more excruciating.

Finally, JingYu came out of the bathroom, damp skin glistening, giving him an aura of radiance. Maybe that was just WeiZhou's impression, but as he was the only other person in the room, his impression was all that mattered. The fact that JingYu had not a stitch of clothing nor towel wrapped around him told WeiZhou that his lover's mind was in the same place as his. Tonight wasn't about love or companionship or romantic feelings. This moment was about sex, pure and simple.

JingYu felt his c**k start to rise just looking at WeiZhou in all of his naked glory. Lying in bed, fondling himself, as he stared at the man standing before him. All of this was a tease to JingYu. The need to be with this man had been building in JingYu since they had been apart. How he had managed to finish his job and stay away was a pure mystery to him. Every night of his absence had been spent staring at WeiZhou's picture on his phone and jerking off while remembering the feel of him. It hadn't been satisfying in the least. Now he was going to make up for it, if it was the last thing he could ever do.

With a growl that was fueled by the fire in his groin, JingYu leapt for WeiZhou. His lips somehow made contact with WeiZhou's before the rest of his body landed on top of the other man. With no foreplay, no coaxing, JingYu's tongue thrust into the other's mouth, forcing its way to taste every nook and cranny. At the same time, WeiZhou pushed his tongue into JingYu's mouth, both of them drinking in the other's saliva and passion. Hands grasped and clawed, each of them trying to pull themselves into the other. Hot breath forced into each other's lungs only added to the intoxication and numbing need. As their mouths continued to tangle and dance, JingYu raised his hips, allowing his swollen member to swing and bump against WeiZhou's, causing him to reach between them with a moan. His hand found JingYu's c**k, and with a stiff squeeze, began stroking it. With every pass toward the tip, fingers moistened themselves on sticky fluid that made them slick and hot. This caused JingYu to break their kiss, throwing his head back with a roar. He was already too sensitive. As amazing as it felt to have this man's hand holding him, he couldn't let him finish this so quickly.

Sitting up, straddling WeiZhou, JingYu tore the hand away from him. Grabbing WeiZhou's other hand, JingYu pressed them into the bed on either side, holding WeiZhou down. With his lover trapped, JingYu leaned down and began a frenzied exploration of WeiZhou's neck with his mouth. Licking, biting, sucking at every inch from jaw to shoulder, devouring the taste of skin and passion induced sweat. WeiZhou moaned and writhed beneath him, the feel of WeiZhou's c**k rubbing against his a** urging JingYu on. He licked at a hardened nipple, tugging at it with his teeth, pulling it into his mouth with pursed lips. Hearing WeiZhou whimper at this, JingYu gave one more hard nip on the peak. There was just something about WeiZhou whimpering with unfulfilled need that delighted him. If he hadn't been so hungry for this man, he could have done this all night.

As JingYu moved from straddling WeiZhou to sliding between his legs, he laced their fingers together, still holding his lover back from touching him, but not restricting him either. Using his nose, chin, and tongue, JingYu teased the engorged flesh in front of him, WeiZhou’s groans filling his ears as though the sweetest, most hypnotic music was playing just for him. WeiZhou ripped his hand from JingYu's to reach behind himself and place another pillow under his head. They had long ago discovered together an encouraging, perverted thrill in watching each other's faces as one serviced the other. JingYu waited until WeiZhou was reclined comfortably before sucking one of WeiZhou's testicles into his mouth, tongue flicking and swirling. Feeling the movement of the object beneath the tightening skin caused JingYu to shudder with greed. He dropped his jaw to move to the other side. Each tug and caress of JingYu's mouth caused a shiver to run through the length of WeiZhou's body, his hands clutching at the sheets beneath him. JingYu raised his head to look fully upon WeiZhou's face. Parted lips moving slightly with each panting breath, eyes half closed and unfocused - the look of a man on the edge. With a grin, JingYu let a spit heavy tongue glide along the length of WeiZhou’s sex. He continued licking at it as though it was a lollipop or ice cream cone, each touch of his tongue eliciting a moan or gasp from between WeiZhou's swollen lips. JingYu enjoyed teasing his boyfriend this way, even as it was a tease to himself.

Though his legs were held under JingYu's arms, WeiZhou began rocking his hips, left to right, up and down. His eyes widened even as his forehead wrinkled from somewhere between heaven and hell, as he looked at JingYu, begging him to stop the teasing. JingYu ran his tongue once more from base to tip, this time settling his tongue under the open slit, lapping at the juice that had gathered there. He had never liked the thought of consuming body fluids, it had always been unseemly to him, but that had changed the first time he had tasted WeiZhou. Like a personal aphrodisiac created specifically for him, JingYu could not get enough of the taste of this man. This small sip of him made JingYu want more. But he still wanted to tease as well.

With more gentleness than he really wanted to use, JingYu wrapped his lips around the head of WeiZhou's c**k, pushing his tongue into the dripping slit on top. Lightly sucking on the point, his tongue slowly making small movements, JingYu watched WeiZhou begin to come undone before him. Fingernails scratching into his own thighs, head pushed back into the pillows, WeiZhou groaned like a man under extreme torture. Again, ever so slowly, JingYu swirled his tongue around and around, as he increased the pressure from his lungs to pull all of WeiZhou into his mouth. As his nose became buried in the tufts of hair around the base, JingYu swallowed the tip into his throat. Even as he pulled his head back, JingYu kept his lips tight and continued to suck with force. WeiZhou cried out, certain JingYu was going to swallow him whole. Over and over, again and again, JingYu repeated this same motion, his hands traveling over WeiZhou's chest and stomach and thighs, feeling the muscles beneath clench and quiver. With JingYu's arms no longer locking his legs in place, WeiZhou bent his knees, pushing his hips up, raising his a** ever so slightly. JingYu took the cue and trailed his hands along WeiZhou's inner thighs. With light touches, he began to play with the puckered opening now within his reach. With a moan, WeiZhou shook as JingYu tentatively pressed his fingers forward, but not with enough pressure to enter.

Reaching behind his head, under the pillows, WeiZhou took hold of something and waved it blindly towards JingYu. Thank goodness he had been prepared. Even as his mouth still held WeiZhou, JingYu grabbed the small bottle and quickly poured the contents onto his fingers. The now slick fingers returned to the clenched passage, this time with enough force to enter, little by little, leaving WeiZhou panting for breath. JingYu took care with his movements given the time they had been apart.  Even though his desire ran heavy and fast, he forced himself to slow down for WeiZhou's sake. He stroked more times than normal before raising another finger, then another. WeiZhou's continued, constant, gasps and moans made JingYu feel proud at his ability to excite his lover to this extent. He needed to see more.

Without any type of search or warning, JingYu curled his fingers right into the most sensitive of spots, wiggling them with pressure. WeiZhou's shoulders and head shot off of the bed as he yelled deliriously. He began thrashing about in earnest as JingYu continued with his fingers to bring WeiZhou to the edge. His body was flushed from head to toe, his voice gutteral and animalistic. JingYu couldn't hold himself back any longer. Just as suddenly as he had started, he stopped, quickly removing his fingers and pulling his mouth from WeiZhou's crotch. WeiZhou whimpered with the quick withdrawal, his hands flailing to find and grab JingYu. Instead, he found the discarded bottle. He sat up, capturing JingYu's mouth with his own, as he poured the contents of the bottle onto the c**k he held in strong hands. He spread the gel along the length as quickly as possible as he licked and bit at JingYu's ear, huskily begging, "F**k me. Now!"

WeiZhou dropped back against the pillows, hands reaching behind his own legs to lift them towards his head. JingYu marveled at how wanton this man before him could be, but at the same time was so thankful for this side of him as well. This attitude was such a complement to his own. Leaning forward so his shoulders caught on WeiZhou's feet, JingYu stretched himself out, straightening WeiZhou’s legs up to his ears, opening him more. With one quick movement, guided by lust and a sense of domination, JingYu thrust himself into WeiZhou, causing both of them to gasp and cry out, bodies shuddering together. WeiZhou pulsed around him, muscles clenching and loosening, pulling JingYu in himself. Wild abandon took control of JingYu's senses with the feel of taking his lover this way. His body moved swiftly needing to press all of himself into WeiZhou, as though the world would end before they could reach their climax. The quick, hard thrusts shook WeiZhou to his core, his body fighting against the invasion of his senses, blinding him with a pleasure that made him scream. His fingers dug into JingYu's arms, urging him forward, faster, faster. JingYu reached between them and grabbed WeiZhou's c**k, the strokes of his hand matching the speed and intensity of his hips. WeiZhou had been primed so close already that it took very little effort from JingYu before the c**k he held began to release, spurting white strings along WeiZhou's abdomen with force. The muscles that held his own member clenched and spasmed around him. Added to the gasps and moans that escaped WeiZhou's pursed lips, and JingYu was driven to thrust harder, faster, more, more, until his own body seized under release. But even with that, he was not done. He continued pressuring himself in the tight passage, the heat of his own fluids encasing him, continued stroking the other man's c**k, trying to prolong this exquisite feeling they produced in each other.

WeiZhou pulled JingYu's head towards his, tongue reaching out to slip between gasping lips. JingYu restrained that tongue with his teeth, holding it lightly as his own tongue flicked and licked, before claiming all of WeiZhou's mouth with his own. Finally, giving in to their mutual over-sensitvity that caused each of them to whimper and cry, JingYu  released his hand and pulled himself from WeiZhou. Gasping between kisses, hands searching each other's sweat soaked bodies, they continued to press into each other. JingYu finally rolled his body to the side, pulling WeiZhou with him, refusing to let go completely. They lay there for a long while, sweat and cum drying on them, until they both began to shiver. This time from cold rather than lust. With a chuckle, WeiZhou ran a finger over JingYu's lips, before it was caught and pulled into a warm mouth, the heat and moisture mimicking what they had done to his c**k. WeiZhou began to pant, his tongue tentatively licking the air between his parted lips with each flick of JingYu’s tongue over his finger. It wasn’t until JingYu’s lips loosened, letting WeiZhou’s hand slide from its hold, before Weizhou was able to gather his thoughts and speak again.

"We both need another shower. I can't sleep like this."

JingYu strengthened his arms around WeiZhou, letting a sly grin form on his lips.

"Who said we're going to sleep? I haven't seen you in weeks."

WeiZhou’s eyes widened, partially in shock, partially in excited anticipation.

"You want to f**k again?"

JingYu’s hand ran the length of WeiZhou’s torso, fingers lazily swirling down his side, causing WeiZhou’s skin to tighten and become even more sensitive.

"No. I don't want to f**k again."


WeiZhou groaned as JingYu pressed his tongue into the soft indentation right behind his ear. JingYu’s hands gently began to run over a** cheeks that quivered at his touch.

"This time I'm going to make love to you."


Too much? Need something a little sweet perhaps?


  Reveal hidden contents


It had taken three rounds of wild abandon to sate their combined passions. Three times of pushing each other's bodies to the physical limit before those bodies finally waved the white flag of surrender and collapsed into deep sleep. Sweat and semen mixing, drying into an adhesive that kept their limbs bonded, even as muscles involuntarily twitched and spasmed against each other from overexertion. The air in the small room remained heavy and pungent with the remnants of panting breaths, gutteral moans, and earth shaking screams.

JingYu slowly began to come around as his leg started to cramp. He grimaced as he tried to slide out of WeiZhou's embrace slowly so as not to wake him. He knelt on the floor next to the bed, gazing upon the peaceful, sleeping face of his lover. JingYu liked that word. Lover. It could mean so many things. When he thought of it in regards to WeiZhou, it embodied all of the meanings.

Making his way to the bathroom, JingYu turned on the water to fill the tub. Steam began to rise and fill the air. The muscles in his legs and back screamed for the relaxing heat to soothe them, but JingYu slowly turned through the doorway back into the bedroom. He was done being selfish for the night. It was time to embrace one of the other meanings of the word 'lover'.

Leaning down, he wanted to slide his arms under WeiZhou's body and carry him to the waiting bath, but that would not happen, as JingYu's back spasmed suddenly. Instead he had to make do with gently running his hand along WeiZhou's arm, softly calling his name.

"ZhouZhou? Babe? Let's go get in the tub. We both need it."

WeiZhou's eyes fluttered open, confusion and weariness etched on his face, but he allowed JingYu to roll him over and help him stand. Leaning into each other, they walked to the bathroom, a great cloud of steam rolling over them when the door opened. The bathtub was nearly full, so JingYu turned off the water, WeiZhou clutching his waist for support, and just to touch him. Stepping into the water, JingYu felt the heat encase his feet and lower legs, slowly seeping into his aching muscles. He guided WeiZhou by the hand to join him. Standing still for a moment, JingYu wrapped his arms around WeiZhou's waist, hands splayed across his back, pressing their bodies together as JingYu gingerly kissed swollen lips. They both had scratches on their backs, arms, thighs, chests, only now being seen as the wounds reacted to the steam and heat. JingYu placed his lips over some of the biggest welts on WeiZhou's chest and shoulders.

"Ah, Zhou, I'm sorry. I guess we got a little carried away?"

WeiZhou cupped JingYu's face in his hand, lifting it from its ministrations. His other hand fleetingly traced over the scratches on JingYu's body before he leaned in to reconnect their lips. As his tongue languidly pushed its way into a waiting mouth, WeiZhou began to lower himself into the water, one hand pressing JingYu’s head to his,  the other pressing on a stout shoulder to beckon JingYu to kneel with him. Water lapping gently around their torsos, hands wandering slowly on each other's bodies, their tongues were pliant against each other, taking their time to feel and taste, giving themselves to the other. JingYu's mouth trailed to a firm chin, murmuring kisses along a defined jawline, tongue flicking at an ear lobe. JingYu tried to convey the depth of himself without words. With great care to not splash in the water, he slid off of his knees to sit, his legs stretching out on either side of WeiZhou. He then urged WeiZhou to turn around, stretch his legs out, and lean back into him. With the water now encasing them up to their chests, both men reclined and allowed the heat to sooth their overused bodies. JingYu occasionally arched his back, allowing the water to flow between them for a moment. WeiZhou's fingers drew soft patterns on the hands and arms that held him before entwining their fingers together. JingYu scraped his lips along the back of WeiZhou's neck, intoxicating himself on the lingering taste and smell of their previous activities.

Feeling his muscles returning to their normal state, JingYu reached for a cloth. With soft pressure, he began running it along WeiZhou's chest and arms, slowly wiping away the tension that remained. Lips pressed against WeiZhou's neck, the cloth began to glide to abs and waist, accompanied by a gentle hand smoothing after it. Ever so slowly, it continued down, softly scrubbing along hips and thighs. Edges of the cloth floated in the water, tickling at WeiZhou's c**k, causing him to moan as he slowly began reacting yet again that night to JingYu's touch. He slid further into the water, up to his neck, when the cloth and hand gently held and wiped between his legs with whispering touches. WeiZhou rolled over in the water, JingYu's hands on his waist to help him. Raising his face, WeiZhou's eyes silently begged for the touch of JingYu's lips. Happily complying, JingYu sucked at the plump bottom lip as his hands guided the cloth over wide shoulders and strong back. WeiZhou flicked his tongue along a puckered lip as though knocking for entrance. Tongues again dancing into heavy, panting breaths, the cloth slid over firm a** cheeks, fleetingly dipping into the dividing crevice. WeiZhou's fingers curled into JingYu's shoulders, both of them urged by their bodies' response to each other.

Rising to his knees, WeiZhou took hold of another cloth and pushed it into the water. Just as JingYu had done for him, WeiZhou began to slowly massage the shoulders and chest before him, his gaze never leaving JingYu's face. Eyes fluttering closed, JingYu sighed when WeiZhou's hands began playing around his waist and hips. The feel of WeiZhou's breath on his lips made JingYu lean forward, reaching for him, as hands lifted his scrotum, cloth tickling over the stretch of skin underneath. He gasped into WeiZhou's open mouth as fingers wrapped around his c**k, at first gently, but growing more forceful with each stroke. WeiZhou's lips mirrored his hands, pressing into JingYu with sudden urgency. JingYu pulled on WeiZhou's waist, bringing the man to lay against him, chest to chest. Heart to heart.

With some reluctance, JIngYu broke the kiss. Fingers trailing over cheek and brow he stared into half-lidded eyes of passion and emotion.

"Let's go to bed," WeiZhou whispered breathlessly.

Each grabbed a towel as they stepped from the water, but not for themselves. With joint movements they wiped each other's skin, the friction from the towels setting both of them on fire again. Neither man took notice of his own reaction, only that his touch was causing the other to react, and each took pride in that fact. JingYu ran his fingers across the parted lips of the man before him as he wrapped an arm around his waist, stepping forward and pressing their bodies together. Another loving connection from their lips to their toes conveyed a sense of joy and reverence for each other that only the two of them could understand.



@lielee and @narakeiko since 1000 page is quite special can you wait to discuss anything else for now on the page and wait til the page turned to 1001 or 1002 and just reserve the page to special congratulations like the tradition we have here since hundreds pages ago? Also @filmlore46 pretty please?

Bringing back thoron's wit and sarcasm to remind us of the soompi 6th moderator to this thread. The (non)existent LEO

and why why you guys talking about another drama on our 1000 page special? (No, don't answer that. Answer that on the next page. Not this page)

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Guest skeletonworks

 HAPPY 1000th PAGES!!!! 


Wow it feels like it was just yesterday that this thread was opened. But at the same time, it feels like it's been years since I ship Johnny & Zhouzhou together :heart:

Sometimes there are too many drama in this fandom that I feel like quitting TBH. Then ban, the ending of Shangyin, the separation & the list goes on. It's like watching a real life drama of these two boys! The heartbreak is just too much. But I didn't quit because of YOU LOTS :heart: The constant spamming of Yuzhou updates, manips, delulu theory, fanfics are like magnets that keeps me in this fandom. So I would like to thank everyone for still being here despite the rough journey that we encountered numerous times as our ship sails.. Love you guys to the moon and back! Without you lots, this thread wouldn't have achieved 1000th pages in such a short span of time (5 months!! The LS thread I created took almost a year to reach 1000th pages..)

I would also like to thank addicts who translate updates on Yuzhou, fancomics, novel, webseries etc. What would we all do without your kindness and generosity :heart: Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Hugs each one of you!

Now begin my extreme delulu rambling... Johnny & Zhouzhou are made for each other. Even though both of them used to have girlfriends in the past, but Shangyin brought them together and it's beautiful that they got to meet each other and experience something that they'd never have thought they would in their entire life before the Shangyin era. They are still young, hence it is plausible that they fall in love with each other while filming Shangyin. They complement each other very well, so compatible and brought the best in each other when they're together. They're irresistible!!! I'm just so happy to be part of their voyage!!! I can't seem to stop shipping them because every time my withdrawal syndrome kicked in, these two young lads would always do something taolu that keep me in delulu loop. Too many coincidences are not a coincidence anymore sZGBxt5.gif


(I don't want to mention anyone specifically because I don't want people to feel left out if I missed one but you know who you are :wub:)

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Guest skeletonworks

LOL sorry for this. When I first wrote that 1000th pages celebration speech, my computer froze on me so I had to redo and being absent-minded I created a new post -_-

So here's a little something:


Johnny trying to distract Zhouzhou script reading using his lickable biceps 2r7ovd5.gif

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