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[Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988


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No hidden meaning, just wanna these here for our good old days :)2016-02-23%2013.45.29_zps2jzlmqhg.jpganL9I2q_zps4j0hzdbt.pngScreenshots_20160225_113816-1_zpsv0cing5

More picture pf GKP & HR related to Phuket trip.


KP'sKP's carrying 2 towels...one blue one brown...I wonder whose towel he help carrying, HR's or LMJ's? My wild guest is for the one sat next to him on board from Seoul to Phuket :D  


Check out this pic


It was said, one of the boys with HR in the pool was GKP...GKP, PBG & further on her left was AJH. However there's some said it was RJY instead of PBG. However looking at other clips PBG & RJY always played together, along with Lee Min Ji, so cud this be the left over group? HR ( who can't  swim well), GKP whom was seen teaching her how to swim, also who had stayed close to her tru out Phuket trip, CSW (Noeul)  & AJH. Also one of them can't  be RJY because he brought along many gadgets with him & was seen holding/wearing one thing or another, the very least, his camera but in this pic, the guy's hands were free, so not him.

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It's been a year when we started this thread & have fun spazzing about these 2. Although husband has been choosen & our couple become R88 in laws instead of lovers, I cant help feeling excited seeing them together offscreen... so for old time sake... 6f39936a-dc35-4337-a7c3-ec7568bb6f68.png

I guess this pic was taken during their Phuket trip but I wonder who with the cap?

Also HR went to a sshow Tasty Road & has a mission to call a man, it understandable she didnt call PBG or RJY but out of all the men she knew she call her Kyungpo oppa...listen to their conversation, he sounded like a sweet guy



 I dunno why like seeing these 2 together posing in private...they seem very close to each other irl. Close enuf for him to ask her to meet up late at night...and they really look good together. Hopefully they will have a chance to work together again in the future & this time as the main otp

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Specially for Taeyang Couple (KP-HR) shippers...


How nice of KP accompanying/escorting HR in the airport duty free shop while she shop for cosmsteics. I wonder where their managers were, letting them wander around on their own..

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OMG I finally find this topic ! 

I love Duk Sun and Sun Woo together so much that I cried a lot when I knew that the girl Sun Woo loved was not Duk Sun. I need to pause for awhile after going back to watch the film. 

They look so lovely together :heart:

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The Squad meet again to celebrate DongRyung birthday in July, I guess...20225184_104359046912377_487080497310282

As usual GKP wud be in between HR & BG or at least closer to her...I wonder why...is it because he wats to help cover up HR & BG scandalxrelationship, or because he personally has a bit of interest at HR.. :rolleyes:

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