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Kim Yoo Jung's Weekly Allowance: "I Rebelled So Now It's $15"

By Staff Writer | May 18, 2012 10:30 PM EDT


Kim Yoo Jung's Weekly Allowance: "I Rebelled So Now It's $15"
The child actress Kim Yoo Jung revealed her complaints about getting too little allowance. (Photo : KBS)

The child actress Kim Yoo Jung revealed her complaints about getting too little allowance.

On May 18, Kim Yoo Jung came out in KBS ' YeoYouManMan.’ When she was asked about her allowance rate, she said "It used to be $10 but I complained and raised it by $5."

She continued, "My friend gets $25. I think relatively I'm getting really little", making a cute complaint. She said, "But when I go out she gives me a little separately so if I say I want a raise my allowance I might not be able to get the money I get when I go out."


Viewers who saw the program commented, "A complaint that all of us had when we were little", "The allowance rate is surprising", and "Her allowance is similar to mine.”

Photo: KBS

Source: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/8270/20120518/kim-yoo-jung-allowance-complaint.htm


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 Five Fun Facts About Kim Yoo Jung 

BY Julie Jones | Jul 29, 2014 11:42 AM EDT



Child actress Kim Yoo Jung recently landed her first leading role in a drama. She will play Seo Ji Dam in "Secret Door," a historical drama that is based on the real life story of "Prince Sado." The drama co-stars Lee Je Hoon as Prince Sado and Han Suk Kyu as his father and executioner King Yeongjo.


Kim Yoo Jung has been acting for 10 years and has slowly transitioned from child roles to adult ones. She played as T.O.P.'s younger sister in the film "Commitment," and a teenage bully in the film "Elegant Lies."


Here are some facts you may not know about her:

  1.    1.  She was discovered at the age of five in a contest that her older sister joined. By the time she was in fifth grade, she acted in 13 dramas and 15 films. 

Since then she has played the younger versions of several popular actresses including Park Ye Jin, Lee Chung Ah, Moon Geun Young, Uee, Song Hye Kyo, and even played the young Han Hyo Joo twice.


  1.    2.  She won the Best Child Actress award twice, once for playing the young Han Ga In in "Moon Embracing the Sun" and the other  award for playing the young Han Ji Hye in "May Queen." 

             "I only realized that I was an actress later on in my life," said Kim in an interview with KoreaAm. "I realized that, at a certain point, I'd accepted that I was an actress without really knowing how it even started. So I've always thought of it as destiny."


  1.   3.  But that does not mean it was easy being a child actress. She was just starting out when she appeared in the 2005 film "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance." She played a girl who was kidnapped and at a certain point in the shooting was supposed to say "Mom, I want to go home," but her co-star Choi Min Sik played a character that was so scary, she started to cry instead. She got a talking to by the director and her mom.


  1.   4.   She picked T.O.P. as her favorite member of Big Bang and her ideal man. Then she got to play his younger sister in 'Commitment." She calls him oppa. During an interview on Connection Movie World, he said that they were friends.

"She actually has a sort of charisma that makes me act cute around her."


  1.   5.  She was happy for her role in "Elegant Lies," because it gave her a chance to play the teenage bully Hwa Yeon, which was something other than the sweet innocent roles she usually plays.

"I kept playing nice roles like the candy girl. I was always the nice and brave girl. It was like this for "The Moon That Embraces The Sun", "May Queen", and "Golden Rainbow." Since "May Queen", I began to feel slightly frustrated, but Hwa Yeon was really different. I had never played this kind of character."

"Secret Door" will air after the completion of  "Temptation."

Link: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/30873/20140729/five-fun-facts-about-kim-yoo-jung.htm


Copyright ⓒ 2015 DramaStars.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.


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Kim Yoo Jung, Photos From Drama Award Ceremony

'When Did She Grow This Much?'

By Jackie Chung | January 01, 2014 02:21 AM EST

kim yoo jung at drama awards
Actress Kim Yoo Jung's pictures from the waiting room are catching much attention. (Photo : blog)


Actress Kim Yoo Jung's pictures from the waiting room are catching much attention.

Today, Kim Yoo Jung posted up two pictures of herself that were taken at the '2013 MBC Drama Awards.'

In the pictures, Kim Yoo Jung was preparing for the award ceremony. She was wearing a dress that revealed her collar bones, showing off her matured beauty. Even though she is only 14 years old, she was showing the charm of a matured actress.


Internet users who saw this commented, "Already turning into a woman," "So beautiful," etc.

Photo Credit: Kim Yoo Jung's Blog


© 2015 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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Kim Yoo Jung, Park Seon Ho, and more join campaign to advocate puppy adoption!kim-yoo-jung_1448053017_af_org.jpg

SidusHQ actors Kim Yoo Jung, Park Seon Ho, Park Hyun Woo, and Choi Young Min joined a meaningful campaign that advocates the adoption of abandoned puppies. The four participated in the campaign and mingled with the furry pups, getting to know them through socialization and play! 

The campaign took form of a photo shoot at an actual shelter with puppies that were either abandoned or were strays. It was meant to eliminate the preconceived, negative notions on abandoned dogs, and for them to find loving homes. 


According to an insider, the actors were said to have not only been incredibly affectionate with the pups during the shoot, but they were also playing with them well after photo shoot was over! I mean, how could they not? The puppies look so darn cute! 





Kim Yoo-jeong, Park Seon-ho, Park Hyeon-woo-I, Choi Yeong-min donate talent for stray dogs

2015/11/27 | 193 views | 0 Comments | Permalink | Source



Kim Yoo-jeong, Park Seon-ho, Park Hyeon-woo-I, Choi Yeong-min stepped in to help finding new homes for stray dogs.

The four actors participated in the campaign to find new homes for stray dogs by participating in pictorial shoot. The campaign for stray dogs has been organized by 'Care', an animal rights group in order to promote positive ideas about stray dogs and find new homes for them.

The dogs in the revealed pictorial are actually stray dogs at the adoption center of Care. Kim Yoo-jeong saying 'stay' to the lovely dog, who's listening to her attentively and Park Seon-ho happily holding the puppy in the photos melt your hearts.

Park Hyeon-woo-I and Choi Yeong-min dressed up in the couple look to match their dog's appearance. Their perfect chemistry with each one's puppy created such heartwarming mood you'd feel as a family.

After the pictorial photoshoot, they gave treats to the dogs and played with them. They also wished the dogs would find new homes soon.

All four stars, who got together to help the stray dogs, are currently getting ready for their next project.

Source : www.tvj.co.kr/news/ar...

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Survey Reveals Parents Want Their Children to Look Like Yoo Seung Ho and Suzy

Actor Yoo Seung Ho and miss A′s Suzy were recently voted the number one stars parents-to-be want their children to look like.

According to a recent survey run by a company specializing in childhood education, Yoo Seung Ho and Suzy were ranked number one for the male star and female star future parents and married individuals want their child to look like with 38.6 percent of 23.7 percent of votes, respectively. 

Other stars in the male category, included Kim Soo Hyun, who ranked second with 23.7 percent of votes, Lee Jong Suk with 11.8 percent, Kim Woo Bin with 10.8 percent and Park Seo Joon with 8.9 percent and Im Si Wan with 5.9 percent of votes. The top five were all, most notably, actors. 

In the female category, Kim Yoo Jung ranked second behind Suzy with 18.8 percent of votes, followed by Park Shin Hye and Park Bo Young with 17.85 percent of votes, EXID′s Hani with 12.85 percent of votes and AOA′s Seolhyun with 8.9 percent of votes. Unlike the male category, the top five females included three girl group members. 

A rep from the company stated, "Selected as the male and female stars parents want their children to look like, the immense popularity of Yoo Seung Ho, who is often picked as a child star who grew up well, and the ′Nation′s First Love′ Suzy was confirmed."

Yoo Seung Ho stars in MBC Every1′s Imaginary Cat, which premieres today, as well as upcoming filmJoseon Magician and SBS drama Remember. Suzy stars in film Dorihwaga, which hits theaters on November 25. 

source : http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/100149/yooseungho-suzy-poll


Vote: Which Star Do You Want Your Child to Take After?

According to a report from a major childcare education company that came out on November 24, 2040 engaged couples and 404 married couples were asked which celebrities they would want their children to take after.

The overwhelming majority said they would want their sons to take after Yoo Seung Ho, and their daughters to take after Miss A‘s Suzy.  Yoo Seung Ho took first place in the survey with 38.6 percent of the votes, while Suzy took first with 23.7 percent.

Other notable mentions were Kim Soo Hyun (23.7 percent), Lee Jong Suk (11.8 percent), Kim Woo Bin (10.8 percent), Park Seo Joon (8.9 percent), and Im Siwan (5.9 percent) for the boys. For the girls, Kim Yoo Jung (18.8 percent)Park Shin Hye (17.85 percent), Park Bo Young (17.85 percent),EXID‘s Hani (12.8 percent), and AOA‘s Seolhyun (8.9 percent) were the next top contenders.

They were also asked which celebrity couple they most wanted as their in-laws.Sean and Jung Hye Young were the first choice with 35.6 percent of the votes. The other couples in the poll included Choo Sung Hoon and Yano Shiho (30.7 percent), Haha and Byul (13.8 percent), Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young(10.9 percent), and Ahn Jung Hwan and Lee Hye Won (8.9 percent).

Which star would you want your children to take after? Also, which celebrity couple would you want as your in-laws?

source : http://www.soompi.com/2015/11/24/suzy-and-yoo-seung-ho-voted-as-stars-they-want-their-children-to-take-after/

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[enter-talk] WOW KIM YOOJUNG

Posted on 8:36 AM by kei z
she's freaking prettyㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ people around me always say how her head is big but it looks so small to me ㅠㅠlet's share pretty pictures of Yoojung <3
post response:
original post: here
Is the size of her head even matter :expressionless::angry:

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 Translated by: MaknaeC/MaknaeCloud 

So, with the help of translator, this is what I've got about Yoojung's interview . This is interview when Yoojung went to Japan for Big Concert Drama's Symphony "The World of Dae Jang Geum, Yi San, and Dong Yi" last March.


Interview & Event Report

March 27, 2015, Kim Yoo Jung visited Japan as guest at Tokyo International Forum for Big Concert Drama's Symphony "The World of Dae Jang Geum, Yi San, and Dong Yi".

Please tell us your impression about your appearance in symphony

I'm surprised that so many people came. and while listening to the songs, memories when I was filming came to my mind one by one.

You made debut as child actor when you're 5 years old, you started acting by any chance?

My mom upload photos to internet, seems like I began received various audition after that. I was still small at that time, now I want to be more and more good actress.

As a child actor, did you studying acting?

It's not that I learned it especially. I kept learning from directors and seniors on the site. But now, in order to become an adult actress, I think it's better to study a little.

The work that became your turning point that you want to become a better actress?

Rather than a spesific work, since I've been acting since I was a child, I can't calm if I'm not acting. So you can say that it has become a habit.          When I'm resting, I become anxious and think, "I had to do acting as soon as possible."

How do you remember your dialogues?

Rather than to memorize beforehand, I'm the type who remember while rehearsing with my co-stars.

Among 'Dong Yi' and 'Moon Embraces The Sun' co-stars, who still remains an impression?

In 'Dong Yi', Bae Soo Bin oppa, he's so kind to me, he also gave a doll as gift. In 'Moon-Sun',  There's a lot of same generation actors, so we've fun with each other during filming. The person that has left an impression especially, after all, is Yeo Jin Goo oppa. It's comfortable because he's also my previous co-star, we always played together. Also the love scenes, I didn't feel nervous. Yang Mi Kyung eomma (Yeon Woo's mom in Moon-Sun) also help me kindly.

Your favourite scene in 'Moon-Sun'?

It's illusion scene when the young version of Yeon Woo has conversation with adult  Yangmyung-gun played by Jung Il Woo, because Yangmyung-gun don't know the face of the adult Yeon Woo, so he has conversation while remembering the child Yeon Woo. I think it's a fresh and beautiful scene.

In 'May Queen' from being poor and then changing to a bright and positive role...

Playing completely different person, I think it's the charm of an actor's job. Each work, instead of being Kim Yoo Jung, I'm getting used to be a completely different person. 

Is there any difference between modern drama and historical drama?

Although Modern drama is more easy because it's similiar to my daily life, not wearing traditional clothes. But when filming (I think it's about historical drama) there're moments that you have taken yourself really living on that era. I think it's experience that became treasure.

If you hadn't become an actress, what do you think were you doing?

Culinary arts or good athletes. Especially basketball, football, all ball games are good. I would like to try doing it someday.

What about school?

I often absent from school when there's filming, so I do my best as possible when I'm studying. My favourite subject is national language because I'm familiar with the language and read the script since childhood. I also like chemistry and history. At school, I'm just a common girl who playing with my friends.

In SBS Inkigayo, you served as the MC

The day when filming inkigayo, it feels like you go to relieve stress (laughs). Since I became good friends with Kwanghee oppa and Hong Jonghyun oppa, it's very fun.

You went somewhere in Japan?

I can't go because I don't have time (at that time she's filming Angry Mom right?) but I want to walk to eat and go to Osaka someday. I often eat takoyaki in Korea but I've never eat it in Japan. (we know, always food and food :D).

Finally, please tell me your most favourite work?

I love all of them but I want to mention 'Dong Yi'. Previously my mother always helped me, but start from Dong Yi you analyze the script by yourself, while worries, it reached the point where you played by your own power. At this time, when I listen to Dong Yi's song on this symphony, I was happy.

[May contain inaccuracies. Since I don't understand japanese at all, it takes a lot of time, so please give proper credit if you take this translation]


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Kim Yoo Jung looking significantly thin?


Pann: Doesn't Kim Yoo Jung look thin? 

1. [+142, -3] Even if she isn't, why only show her face?

2. [+124, -6] Someone I know who works out at the same place she does told me that she exercises like crazy to the point that she looks like she's dying

3. [+101, -7] She's skinny but she looks good.. I'm jealous

4. [+26, -2] She was chubby the last time I saw her. Breaks my heart to see her looking so thin

5. [+23, -1] Yoo Jung wasn't even fat before, she was moderately plump and she looked like a goddess even before losing all that weight. This is how she used to look like

6. [+20, 0] She was a bit chubby when I saw her in the neighborhood... She lost so much weight

7. [+14, 0] She used to be quite thick. She must've dieted

8. [+14, 0] I go to the same school as her and I can tell you that she has always been slim but she really did lose a significant amount

9. [+13, 0] Looking forward to what she'll look like in 3 years.

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[T Photo] Kim Yoo Jung 'Refreshing V'


[+2660, -333] When it comes to aura, this girl is the best among child actors..Honestly admit it.

[+1987, -161] Actors live with images, for this girl she’s a classy beauty

[+1166, -113] When she grows up she will become damn pretty, even now (already) pretty

[+627, -81] Yoojung Yoojung Kim Yoo Jung

[+320, -29] Even now fully pretty, don’t ever touch it~~ (the user means don’t do plastic surgery)

[+339, -57] Needless to say, if you put together overall terms, appearance-acting ability-acting career, (she is) Top 1 child actor, Nation’s Child Actor; Now when Kim Yoo Jung starts to attain adulthood and leave the world of child actors, I’m quite concerned who can replace her position....ㅋㅋㅋShe will become an adult soon… in the meantime, for appeared before our eyes in countless works such as Movie DMZ, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Lump Sugar, Haeundae, Elegant Lies, Painter of The Wind, Iljimae, Queen Seondeok, Revolt of Gumiho, Moon Embraces The Sun, Angry Mom, etc, etc…I’m really thankful. Later when you become an adult, I’ll cheer for you too. I believe there’s no child actor that can surpass you, so let’s work harder (cheer up) ^^

[+117, -17] At inkigayo...(she’s) daebak pretty…as expected, sooo pretty

[+23, -2] Really.. eventhough most child actors’ faces doesn’t change, among them Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Yoo Jung’s aura really grows nicely

source : http://entertain.naver.com/photo/read?oid=213&aid=0000818525 ; translated by : MaknaeCloud

From page 164 of Kim Yoo Jung Thread

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Philippines lucky fan Risha met Kim Yoo Jung at MOA yesterday. She PRAISES, "I met Yoo Jung yesterday at Mall of Asia. KIM YOO JUNG IS SO BEAUTIFUL and REALLY KIND. When I met Yoo Jung, Yoo Jung was eating but Yoo Jung gave her food to her manager and smiled with me and took photo with me as my request. Kim Yoo Jung is really kind. I'm the luckiest fan in the world. I love her very much. :heart: ". :heart:

(Cr: Risha - Thank you Risha very much for sharing this)

Source: Kim You Jung 김유정 FanCafe Galaxy


Source: Kim You Jung 김유정 FanCafe Galaxy


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DECEMBER 20, 2015 - SBS Inkigayo










Photos are not mine so credit to rightful owner

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Kim Yoo Jung Appointed As The New Model of Samsonite Red

Kim Hee Jung, Director Marketing of Samsonite Korea, said, “Since child Kim Yoo Jung have built up a high favorability as well as lovely appearance. Samsonite Red is oriented to be a trendy and credible brand, so we chose someone who is a good fit as the new model. We hope Kim Yoo Jung along with Samsonite Red’s 2016 Male Model continue to raise our synergy.”

Another reason why Samsonite Red has chosen Kim Yoo Jung as its new model is because Kim Yoo Jung has attracted the attention of various ages (young and old) fans.

Kim Yoo Jung is scheduled to participate in various promotional activities of Samsonite Red for 2016 together with its Male Model. As for now, they haven’t announced who is the male model for 2016.

Source : Topstarnews (http://article.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=167298), Translated by : MaknaeCloud



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Kim Yoo Jung's Agency Posts New Photos Of The Actress Behind Stage Of 'Inkigayo'


Actress Kim Yoo Jung revealed new pictures of herself.

"The reason Sundays are so long awaited for is that MC Kim Yoo Jung appears on SBS 'Inkigayo', right? Fighting today too," was posted by Kim's agency SidusHQ on Sunday along with pictures.

In the pictures, Kim is holding que sheets in her hand for SBS "Inkigayo" and is making cute faces at the camera. She is wearing big round glasses with a striped suit, giving her a boyish and cute look.

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Okay, so here’s the thing. Kim Yoo-jung (Angry Mom) is suuuuper beautiful. She looks radiant and youthful. But that doesn’t mean her style choice is a winner, because it’s just so heavy and grim with all that black, and all the long black hair to boot. It’s not chic enough to be edgy, and not weird enough to be gothic.


2015 MBC Drama Awards




This is a total 180 from the head-to-toe black look worn by Kim Yoo-jung (Angry Mom, also SBS’s Inki Gayo) last night. I didn’t hate the black, but I do think she looks much brighter and fresher here in this dusty rose. It must be fun to have multiple back-to-back events to attend, giving a young star opportunity to play with dramatic contrasts.


2015 SAF


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The 20 best red carpet looks from the 2015 Korean awards season


9.  Kim Yoo Jung (SBS Drama Awards)


Kim Yoo Jung is in that in-between stage where she's still a teen, but she's transitioning into more adult roles.This pink gown straddles that line perfectly, making her look sweet and age-appropriate without dressing like a little kid. I definitely prefer it to her all-black ensemble for the MBC Drama Awards, which was pretty, but a bit too too heavy and sad-looking for someone her age.




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Kim Yoojung Shows Her Crystal Clear Skin In New CF



Kim Yoojung impresses with her crystal clear skin in the new Skinfood CF, check it out below



Kim Yoojung Shows Her Professional Looks



Kim Yoojung looks professional in the promo video of Skin Food, check out the video below



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South Korean Celebrities Kim Woo Bin, Kim Yoo Jung Front the 2016 Global Advertising Campaign for Samsonite RED As New Brand Ambassadors

Korean Stars Front Samsonite Red 2016

South Korean actor Kim Woo Bin and actress Kim Yoo Jung are the new global ambassadors for fashion brand Samsonite RED for 2016.

The two celebrities have been chosen as brand ambassadors for Samsonite RED's global advertising campaign for its Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Kim Woo Bin and Kim Yoo Jung are expected to participate in a series of activities to promote the brand this year, Luxury Insider noted Thursday.

The two "Korean personalities will be fronting Samsonite RED's global advertising campaign for the Spring Summer 2016 collection, and participating in a line-up of marketing activities for the brand in 2016." Read a statement in the Luxury Insider, Asia's leading online luxury magazine.

Additionally, both personalities will star in Samsonite RED's digital and print media globally this year beginning February.

Affectionately referred to as the "shoulder gangster" for his toned broad shoulders, Kim Woo Bin has appeared in many television dramas and movies. According to Market Interactive.com, he has gained massive popularity over the years for portraying a masculine charm and appeal to his characters. Reports say the model-turned-actor is emerging as a top mainstream actor and Hallyu wave influencer across Asia. 

On the other hand, Kim Yoo Jung is a young actress who has gained respect from her seniors for her impeccable acting chops. The baby-faced beauty began her career as a child actress and had since received a lot of support and warmth from the public.

"[Kim Woo Bin] will play an important role in publicizing Samsonite Red internationally while [Kim Yoo Jung] boasts a wide fan base across all ages and genders. Hence, I am certain that our collaboration with these two stars will propel Samsonite RED to greater heights this year," said Kim Heejeong, marketing director of Samsonite Korea.

Heejeong also said that both celebrities have great acting abilities and personalities that will highly be needed for the campaign.

The new TV commercial for Samsonite RED was shot in Gwangzhou, and will be broadcasted in South Korea later this month. 

In the meantime, Kim Woo Bin is set to appear in the upcoming KBS2 drama series titled "Mindlessly but Fondly." 

source : http://en.koreaportal.com/articles/9463/20160110/korean-tv-personalities-kim-woo-bin-jung-front-2016-global.htm, pic cr : woobinahhh

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