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KIM YOO JUNG 김유정 - Translated articles & videos

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For newer fans who are eager to know more about Kim Yoo Jung in the spoiler below are links that can help you ;)!





V APP                             Duration. 33:40 <Credit by Hyegyo1, just_yap, MaknaeCloud>

MBC Section TV           http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3cs74d_eng-sub-151025-mbc-section-tv-kim-yoo-jung-cut_people

MBC Human Documentary People is Good           Kim Yoo Jung Cut





EP.797 <Jan04> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2elef4_150104-inkigayo-hong-jong-hyun-cut_music

EP.798 <Jan11> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2elbcc_150111-inkigayo-hong-jong-hyun-cut_music

EP.799 <Jan18> https://youtu.be/qMkKVjAUHOE

EP.800 <Jan25> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2fl0kq_150125-inkigayo-800th-special-mc-cut-1080p_music

EP.801 <Feb01> [Winner Announcement] https://youtu.be/bw-qYvjBtuE

EP.802 <Feb08> https://youtu.be/vYEwhwPuPqc

EP.803 <Feb15> https://youtu.be/bhiyzhhFt0M

 EP.804 <March01> https://youtu.be/ztP21AMk2bE

 EP.805 <March08> https://youtu.be/xVS-OUPmlfA

 EP.806 <March15> --------------------------------------------------------

 EP.807 <March22> https://youtu.be/dMsnuKUP8MU

 EP.808 <March29> https://youtu.be/HBeu8-3O9Uc

 EP.809 <April05> [https://youtu.be/6R7Iyek9v9Y] [https://youtu.be/z7CdnCGFCd0] [https://youtu.be/e4llVzKB81o] [https://youtu.be/R49vk7QaKe4]

 EP.810 <April12> [https://youtu.be/8GWZF5qw1mQ]     [https://youtu.be/Q6iZTQI2yKA]

 EP.811 <April19> https://youtu.be/D-VoKAHLZEA

EP.812 <April26> https://youtu.be/V10BxX0RQ90     [Winner Announcement] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BzypRcHtpg&spfreload=10

 EP.813 <May03> [https://youtu.be/Wib_5YBJmuw] [https://youtu.be/xQ4ljaGv1xQ] [https://youtu.be/iPLFol2mC1w] [https://youtu.be/l8obJu0_a7w] [https://youtu.be/nx_-S3ViIy0] [https://youtu.be/Pj_YrUzJYOQ]

 EP.814 <May10> [https://youtu.be/7lDLZuusAO4] [https://youtu.be/mZll9eG4DmM] [https://youtu.be/MVo-6bEameA] [https://youtu.be/7BjZ8AYSd_Y]

 EP.815 <May17> https://youtu.be/zU0UOp9UoGg

 EP.816 <May24> https://youtu.be/v9qf_K8huDo

 EP.817 <May31> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2s6518_150531-sbs-인기가요-got7-잭슨-mc-cut_tv

 EP.818 <June07> [4:10] https://youtu.be/1yHi5AGKKIY     [4:28] https://youtu.be/1nJvbP3TJH0

 EP.819 <June14> https://youtu.be/K91GDyXiRqk

 EP.820 <June21> [http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2utajx_150621-mamamoo-마마무-backstage-interview-인기가요-inkigayo_music] [http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2utajp_150621-2pm-투피엠-backstage-interview-인기가요-inkigayo_music] [http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2utb7s_today-winner-150621-exo-엑소-1위-win-인기가요-inkigayo_music]

 EP.821 <June28> [https://youtu.be/RuzTlBSKC5s] [https://youtu.be/1r9jEWREK30] [] []                                              

 EP.822 <July05> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2x7doy_vietsub-150705-inkigayo-jackson-mc-cut_fun

 EP.823 <July12> https://youtu.be/AywaMtuSq9U

 EP.824 <July19> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2yj9qj_150719-인기가요-잭슨-mc-by플로라_tv

 EP.825 <July26> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2zb4d8_150726-인기가요-jb-mc-by플로라_tv

 EP.826 <Aug02> https://youtu.be/1f9lUA2FXbI     [Dailymotion] http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x302bc3_150802-인기가요-잭슨-mc-by플로라_tv

 EP.827 <Aug09> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x30ycdm_150809-인기가요-잭슨-mc-by플로라_tv

 EP.828 <Aug16> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x31v70w_150816-인기가요-잭슨-mc-by플로라_tv- https://youtu.be/-Z7jLsQHpiw

 EP.829 <Aug23http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x33cxnb_jackson-got7-mc-cut-2-inkigayo_fun                   

 EP.830 <Aug30> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34ccvu_150830-인기가요-잭슨-mc_tv

 EP.831 <Sept06> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x353i9y_150906-인기가요-잭슨-mc-by플로라_tv

 EP.832 <Sept13> [1] http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x36p3k0_150913-인기가요-잭슨-mc-by플로라_tv   [2] http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x36paaq_hd-150913-jackson-got7-mc-cut-sbs-inkigayo_webcam               

 EP.833 <Sept20> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x37ccxj_150920-인기가요-잭슨-mc-by플로라_tv     https://youtu.be/nxF1Wvy2JU0

 EP.834 <Sept27> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x37vvki_150927-인기가요-잭슨-mc-by플로라_people

 EP.835 <Oct04> [http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x38jkej_151004-인기가요-잭슨-mc-by플로라_tv] [http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x38jj27_151004-인기가요-got7-컴백-인터뷰-by플로라_tv]

 EP.836 <Oct18> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3a1mjr_151018-인기가요-잭슨-mc-by플로라_tv

 EP.837 <Oct25> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3ayc6j_151025-인기가요-잭슨-mc-by플로라_tv

 EP.838 <Nov01> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3bvpw2_151101-inkigayo-mc-jackson-cut_music

 EP.839 <Nov08> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3cwne7_151108-인기가요-비투비-육성재-mc-cut_tv

 EP.840 <Nov15> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3dwg3e_got7-jw中字-151115-inkigayo-jackson-mc-cut-1080p_music

 EP.841 <Nov29> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3g24u2

 EP.842 <Dec06> MC CUT MC CUT-2

 EP.843 <Dec13> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3hy3qi

 EP.844 <Dec20> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3irk6z                                        









   Mr. Pizza 

  • CF1 [Fancam1]
  • CF2










 INKIGAYO (SBS 인기가요) - MC CUT   


   Ep.845      <Jan.03>    MC CUT

   Ep.846      <Jan.10>    MC CUT

   Ep.849      <Jan.31>    MC CUT1  MC CUT2  MC CUT3

   Ep.850      <Feb.14>    MC CUT

   Ep.851      <Feb.21>    CUT1  CUT2

   Ep.852      <Feb.28>    MC CUT

   Ep.853      <March6>    MC CUT1  MC CUT2

   Ep.854      <March13>   MC CUT1  MC CUT2

   Ep.855      <March20>   MC CUT







   Shoemarker (KangaROOS)   


   Chojung Sparkling Water   

  • CF1 -


   Medicare Touch   



  • CF1 -




Drama / Movie / Guestings / Interview / Radio / Events


  Because I Love You  







  • 2016 Profile Photos - Making BTS [Link]
  • February Issue of SURE Magazine Photoshoot & BTS in Manila [Link1] [Link2]
  • March Issue of CeCi Magazine [Link1] [Link2]
  • April Issue of Nylon Magazine [Link1]
  • May Issue of InStyle Magazine [Link1]



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Made the thread so that fans can fast track translated articles, interviews, k-netz comments, etc about yoo jung.

Just feel free to post anything even the old stuff but except for negative ones ;).

You can also add videos about KYJ w/ eng sub :)


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K-Netizens reactions to BTS photos of Kim Yoo Jung's activities in Busan

(BIFF red carpet, stage greeting,v-app)







(Translated comments only related to Kim Yoo Jung)


  1. [+2515, -136] Kim Yoo Jung really pretty! From now on too the actor that I'm looking forward~ I don't know the other people (Other Sidus actors that on this article)
  2. [+1966, -99] Kim Yoo Jung really pretty, She's only 1 year younger than me but how can she's so pretty like that waa....oowaa.....
  3. [+1881, -82] People that only came here for Yoojungie??
  4. [+1376, -81] Yoojungie, when she's doing V-app read and reply comment, was so pretty
  5. [+211, -12] Leave aside you dislike or like her, Yoojungie's visual is deabak heool... How can be so pretty?
  6. [+206, -11] Miss Kim Yoo Jung's beauty that increase more and more waaa I can't say anything but pretty. In the future too I'm excited for good activity
  7. [+188, -15] Waa Kim Yoo Jung's ambience.. Really pretty
  8. [+155, -13] Kim Yoo Jung's beauty is the best thing ever
  9. [+143, -14] Out of child actors, for me Kim Yoo Jung is the prettiest. Flawless. Forehead is pretty, loose or tied hair really pretty, the fundamental of acting
  10. [+123, -9] Waa... Kim Yoo Jung when I saw her in Miss Wife's premiere, really pretty in real life. Outstanding cheers from people there
  11. [+117, -10] This kid getting prettier day by day~ Reallt great seriously
  12. [+91, -10] It's a beauty that doesn't make you sick of it, Miss Yoojung
  13. [+90, -11] Scroll down, just by looking at Yoojungie, (just like) spring starting right now
  14. [+82, 14] Yoojungie must be protected in the country


Translations credit to MaknaeC IG - https://instagram.com/maknaecloud_/

Source - http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=420&aid=0000002575&spi_ref=m_entertain_twitter


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[Naver Photo]

Kim Yoo Jung, Everyone Was Amazed 'Real-life Beauty'


  1. [+1139, -131] She is really Korea's representative of actress in the future, isn't she? Really pretty
  2. [+987, -101] First, Yoojungie's acting is awesome... In 'May Queen', satoori (dialect) acting sounds truly impressive (there's still a sentence after this, it's compliment but I don't fully understand)
  3. [+882, -116] Someone told me that her face in real life is really small, just like a doll
  4. [+669, -90] No doubt pretty, I really like Kim Yoo Jung
  5. [+580, -88] Kim Yoo Jung pretty..
  6. [+216, -46] Since young age so pretty, acting is also good, a long run actor, a really good actor
  7. [+169, -40] The angle (of the photo) is too bad, could taken prettier
  8. [+159, -35] Really pretty!!! The actor that we anticipate in the future
  9. [+105, -23] The child actor that we anticipate in the future~
  10. [+78, -14] Her hair right now is so pretty, love it
  11. [+28, -0] Don't ever do plastic surgery.....
  12. [+22, -1] This kid is better in real life than in pictures
  13. [+24, -4] Not outstanding beauty. but there is charm
  14. [+32, -13] Eonni really pretty! Acting is also really good, eonni is the best


Translations credit to MaknaeC IG - https://instagram.com/maknaecloud_/

Source - http://entertain.naver.com/photo/read?oid=112&aid=0002734829


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Sung Dong Il hopes to have Kim Yoo Jung as a daughter-in-law


Joy News 24 - Naver: 'Secret' Sung Dong Il "Will try to get her to marry Joon and have her as a daughter-in-law"

1. [+10,716, -90] He's such a witty guy ㅋㅋㅋ I'm curious about Joon's whereabouts these days ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+8,316, -75] Joon... How old is he now?

3. [+5,265, -62] Omo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+4,967, -60] Uhm.. How big is their age difference? 

5. [+4,058, -48] Joon's dad~ Stay healthy 

6. [+739, -16] Joon right now has a big grin across his face

7. [+738, -23] Kim Yoo Jung's a '99er while Joon's an '06er... That's a 7-year age difference.... But then, there's Ki Sung Yong ('89) and Han Hye Jin ('81) with an 8-year age difference

8. [+680, -17] How is Joon doing lately? ㅋㅋ He disciplines his younger sisters and he's wise at a young age. Other parents post updates about their kids but we hardly hear about him.

9. [+669, -29] There's no doubt that Yoo Jung is gonna become so famous later on. When she reaches her thirties, that's when Joon can start thinking about marrying her

10. [+567, -7] Joon's still a baby but he's so handsome ㅠㅠ Looking forward to his growth

11. [+97, -6] Did he mean it as a compliment to show how he adores Yoo Jung? Joon's gonna be kicking his blanket over this

credit http://kkuljaem.blogspot.ca/2015/10/sung-dong-il-hopes-to-have-kim-yoo-jung.html


Sung Dong Il Wishes to Have Kim Yoo Jung as His Daughter-in-Law


On October 6, Sung Dong Il and Kim Yoo Jung attended the press conference of the upcoming mystery film “Secret.”

All eyes were on Sung Dong Il, who decided to film this movie with no appearance fees. He explained, “I decided to take this role because I made a promise, man to man. Right from the beginning, I said I will do whatever [the director] wants me to do. I kept this promise which I made two years ago while having a drink with a good production company representative. The performance of the film is just a part of life. What I value is keeping good ties with friends.”

As he wrapped up his comments, he added, “Whenever I look at Yoo Jung I keep thinking, ‘I want to do whatever it takes to make her marry my son, Joon, and have her as my daughter-in-law.’”

Meanwhile, “Secret” is slated to premiere on October 15.

Source (1)

credit http://www.soompi.com/2015/10/06/sung-dong-il-wishes-to-have-kim-yoo-jung-as-his-daughter-in-law/

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Kim Yoo Jung clarifies plastic surgery rumors


Newsen - Nate: Kim Yoo Jung clarifies plastic surgery rumors "My looks have changed? I've lost my baby fat"

1. [+1,287, -23] She looks the same. How did the plastic surgery rumors come about?

2. [+1,025, -24] She looks the same as when was little plus we always see her on tv. The plastic surgery rumors are pointless. ㅋㅋ She can only get prettier from here

3. [+722, -19] She's growing up well.... Pretty

4. [+35, 0] Watch her turn into one of Korea's top stars once she turns 26. She's currently at the point where her child star image is disappearing while she's becoming more mature and feminine. If she looks after herself, she very likely will join the ranks of fresh-faced top stars like Jeon Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo and Han Ji Min.

5. [+24, 0] She can ruin that face right away if she goes under the knife. Maintain the image that you have right now, that's your ticket to the goddess status

6. [+21, -1] Why accuse a young girl of going under the knife? She's as pretty as ever

7. [+10, 0] Kim Yoo Jung is very pretty.. A contrast to the identical plastic beauties we see these days. While she's already natural, her cheerful smile has a healing effect

8. [+9, 0] What changed exactly? I still see her baby fat ㅋㅋㅋ



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Kim Yoo Jung's pictorial for Marie Claire




Dispatch - Naver: 'The gap between a girl and a lady'... Kim Yoo Jung's pictorial of two faces

1. [+2566, -121] Kim Yoo Jung is still so young but she has an aura and appeal that draws people in

2. [+1636, -128] Yoo Jung ㅠㅠSo prettyㅠㅠㅠ Her acting is amazing tooㅠㅠ

3. [+1318, -117] Yoo Jung is so lovely when she smiles~ Unni's always cheering for you! Fighting

4. [+1084, -107] Wow so prettyㅎㅎ

5. [+1035, -96] She has that intelligent allure in her. I like it

6. [+126, -19] Natural beauty. Don't ever get something done on your face

7. [+88, -14] Yoo Jung-ah, don't every worry about looks but focus on acting!!

8. [+75, -8] I'm really liking 'Angry Mom'~~!

9. [+74, -9] Yoo Jung, fighting. 'Angry Mom', fighting

10. [+32, -5] Don't be like someone who goes to hotels~ I trust you

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Kim Yoo Jung's recent selca


Dispatch - Nate: "I'm a hiphop cuties... Kim Yoo Jung who looks adorable in a snapback

1. [+821, -34] Please do not ever get plastic surgery... I'm looking forward to how you'll be 5 years from now

2. [+778, -26] She outperformed Han Ga In as the younger Yeon Woo in 'The Moon Embracing the Sun'. She has a knack for acting and always does a wonderful job in whatever role she plays.. She's a natural born actress

3. [+660, -23] She's so pretty. I'm curious what she'll look like later on

4. [+39, -1] Kim Yoo Jung has lovely eyes. They have the look of mischief in them and sometimes they look innocent. She's got contrasting charms

5. [+19, -1] She's good with both modern and sageuk dramas. Really pretty

6. [+19, -2] Kim Yoo Jung likes to incorporate hiphop elements in her casual style. I think she really likes hiphop music  and she listens to Ed Sheeran too

7. [+18, 0] Even if you get pressured by your surroundings, don't ever get plastic surgery

Source: kkuljaem


Kim Yoo Jung blows away the summer heat with fresh-faced selca

Posted on July 29, 2015

On July 27th, Kim Yoo Jung captured the hearts of fans with her summertime update with a selca and some ice cream.

Captioned, “A bite of ice cream, heart shape biu biu <3,” the photos show the actress in a collared white shirt with a face mask on.

In one image, she holds a small ice cream bar to her face with a smile while in the second, she makes a small heart with her fingers and winks. Fans have fallen in love with her again for her innocent and fresh look in these photos, blowing the summer heat away with her ice cream photo and love for her followers.

Take a look at her photo here:

kim yoo jung weibo selca

Source: Kim Yoo Jung’s Weibo and TV Report


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[Translation] Kim Yoo Jung, matchless beauty (original word used – 절세가인/絶世佳人), transformed into a Gisaeng “Scent of a mature woman”

Kim Yoo Jung in Secret Door as Gisaeng

My original comments translation on Twitter: @hyegyo1kyj

Comments translation (*I edited my translation a lil bit from the version I posted on twitter to make it sound more accurate and I updated the upvotes and existing comments rank):

  1. [+4673, -183] Daebak. Such a doll
  2. [+3368, -150] Really pretty…
  3. [+1682, -98] Whoa…!! Daebak pretty
  4. [+2200, -132] Reaallllyyyyyy pretty
  5. [+327, -24] I don’t know why the the title of the article has ‘the scent of a mature/grown up woman’, isn’t she a minor? If the reporter’s not a lolicon, it’s good if this kind of article title is not written since she’s still a high schooler, not a woman.
  6. [+332, -41] Pretty… When you become an adult please don’t do plastic surgery
  7. [+320, -40] She’s still a student, and they make her play a character like that??
  8. [+298, -42] I reject making a young child play a role like that… The agency also seems weird.

Original Article: TV Daily @ Naver

Source: https://actresskimyoojung.wordpress.com/

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Radio Star Ep 381 (Ft. Kim Yoo Jung, Kwak Dong Yeon, Kim Dong Hyun, Noh Tae Yeob) Comments Translation

Did some comments translation from Naver ala Netizenbuzz that ppl like nowadays. lol.

Radio Star 381 Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Dong Hyun, Kwak Dong Yeon, Kim Yoo Jung. Noh Tae Yeob ‘Radio Star’ recording, ratings is this year’s TOP 3 (for Radio Star).

Article here

*FYI, they recorded 7.2% ratings up 0.7% from last week. It is Radio Star’s Top 3 ratings for this year so far. The other 2 episodes which got Top 2 is when Choi Chin Soo (baseball player) featured if I’m not mistaken.

  1. [+1386, -68] Similar to Infinity Challenge, Radio Star has got many people who watch through downloading it should be first place looking at it as they have alot of popularity.
  2. [+1244, -70] Yoo Jung is so pretty hehehe
  3. [+1134, -45] Yesterday it was much more fun than I thought Kim Yoo Jung, Kwak Dong Yeon, Noh Tae Yeob were more grown up/bigger than I thought they were kk Like now, I hope they continue growing ll But I’m wondering if Noh Tae Yeob’s confession was a success or not
  4. [+885, -44] I thought yesterday was fun!!!!! Yoo Jung Jjang/the best
  5. [+877, -62] Dong Hyun’s father pls gain strength!


‘Radio Star’ Kim Yoo Jung “Acting, it feels like i’m losing my self/sense of identity/ has the feeling of losing this appearance of mine”

Article here

*She was asked “What is acting to Kim Yoo Jung?/Kim Yoo Jung’s acting is?” She answered “Kim Yoo Jung”. She then explained that “even now it feels like I’m acting… It is quite ambiguous. It feels like I’m losing my appearance/sense of identity.” T.T

  1. [+170, -10] A smart girl really. Her speech sounds mature and reveals her inside that is deep.
  2. [+123, -10] While watching Radio Star, her words are mature for a moment I forgot she is a student.. ㅠㅠ Her thoughts are deep… When is Dong Hyun gonna be wise (lmao)
  3. [+47, -1] Really I don’t normally write posts like this but today’s broadcast ending words were somehow awesome. Kyang (cute version of Kyaaaa) I’ll keep cheering as I want to leave already fighting to those who are here!!


‘Radio Star’ Kim Yoo Jung “My tone matches best with Han Ga In who comes out in ‘Moon Embraces the Sun'”

Article here

  1. [+614, -16] You are better in acting
  2. [+425, -16] If you continue growing like this, you can become an actress that surpass Han Ga In.
  3. [+417, -11] Honestly, you are better in acting ㅋㅋ
  4. [+358, -4] Moon Embraces the Sun’s child actors are legendary.


Source: https://actresskimyoojung.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/radio-star-ep-381-ft-kim-yoo-jung-kwak-dong-yeon-kim-dong-hyun-noh-tae-yeob-comments-translation/


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Actress Kim Yoo Jung shows off her more matured recent look

Posted on July 24, 201518k shares

Netizens dig up and discuss top child actress Kim Yoojung’s more matured look in her recent photos. 

Actress Kim Yoojung was originally known through her acting as a child actress in a number of drama and film production. However, through the years, fans and netizens got to see her grow to be a beautiful woman. Famous for her innocent image and her flawless skin, netizens have gathered to discuss her recent look.

The images were originally uploaded through Pann and came with the title “Eye Healing Experience! Kim Yoojung,” where they uploaded recent, eye-catching photos of the actress.

Here are the direct translation of the post and discussion!

“I randomly ran into this in the morning….”


“But I got a unexpected eye healing experience”


“Yoojung is like…. an actress I have to search the age for every time she pops up..”



“How old does she have to be in order to have this aura?!?!?!?!”




“How can she be so complete?!?????”





“She is 17 (=my little siblings age) ^^ ha”





“How does a 17 year old not have any pimples on her skin?”






“Was it only me with skin problems at age 17???? :(







“She looks like this at this age, I wonder what aura she will have when she matures more”





“Even her body is very wester…. her face is so tiny :(


Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.16.10 AM



[ +60 / -2] I think you have to see someone like her to know what beauty truly means.. Her prettiness is literally coming out of her face. She is nuclear pretty..


[ +37 / -10] I say she is the top amongst child actresses! She is really pretty haha So cute too. I look forward to her future haha


[ +25 / -1] :(:(:(:(:( soo pretty. Her body too despite her age.. :(:(:(




Source: Pann

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[teen stories]


Posted on 6:00 PM by kei z

Our school is a public all girls school
Kim Yoo Jung came as a first grade

seriously her face is f*cking pretty
I'm sorry but all the other kids turned into octopus..
king octopus of course..☆

her personality looked good too, seriously she did an all kill 
she's f*cking pretty☆




me too I wanna be close to her ㅠㅠ
anyway's Kim Yoojung blow up♡♡
post response:

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middle schooler Kim Yoojung's beauty at Garosugil so impressive
there's no way that she's simply a student
her face is perfection....
I know she'll become an adult and I'm a bit sad ㅠㅠ
I wonder what image she'll have when she's an adult
her eyes are already so bright...
her looks can win over any other female actresses
looks like she's gonna grow into a big actress
she's not conventional but that makes her even prettier
she's must be so thankful to her parents
ahhh so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
they say that in real life she really looks like a doll...
will I be able to see her in real?...

post response:[+565][-81]

  1. [+127, -17] her eyes are half-moon shaped when she smiles so it's lovely..I like her as a girl so I can't imagine how men would flutter when they see herㅜㅜ
  2. [+103, -15] ah that child actress...her acting is freaking good
  3. [+89, -15] I wonder if there are wolves after this cutie..
  4. [+37, -3] Kim Yoojung as a baby... that superiority...download.jsp?FileID=30459293
  5. [+21, -4] I went to inkigayo I went to the bathroom and I saw her there .. so impressive, her face was like those of small kids'!! she was so youthful and cute

The transtaled article here and the ORIGINAL ARTICLE here 
P.S. the number of upvotes and downvotes based on the current number in original article 


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Kim Yoo Jung doing idol dances on Inkigayo

December 5, 2014
Pann: Kim Yoo Jung copying idols on Inkigayo






Fangirling Bobby


Photo of her when she was a baby

post response:[+333][-65]

1. [+111, -12] Woah she's in grade 9 but she doesn't lack. She was born with a celebrity's aura

2. [+76, -6] Don't ever get plastic surgery

3. [+58, -15] People like her have celebrity disease but Kim Yoo Jung behaves well and she laughs a lot. I think she'll be like that for a long time

4. [+45, -4] So pretty... Natural beauties like Park Shin Hye, Sulli, and Kim Tae Hee have unique aura... Kim Yoo Jung can sing and act... She also has a good face and a good body ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Maybe I should die

5. [+13, -1] She grew up really well. So pretty

6. [+12, -2] The stylist ruined her pretty face with the styling

Source: http://kpopkfans.blogspot.com/2014/12/kim-yoo-jung-doing-idol-dances-on.html


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Kim Yoo Jung's pretty looks & aura

September 29, 2015
post response:[+640][-53]
Pann: Is Kim Yoo Jung seriously insane?
1. [+72, -7] Her aura is very great. Actors need to have a charm that can attract people and she has it.
2. [+69, -4] She's pretty and her aura is amazing
3. [+66, -8] I was walking at Hongdae Station and there were advertisement banners of Kim Yoo Jung. She looked so pretty so I turned back and saw them again... I noticed that a lot of other people did, too ㅋㅋㅋ
4. [+34, -1] She's so classy
5. [+28, -16] She gives off Jun Ji Hyun vibes
6. [+26, -3] She easily slays actresses that are in their 20's... Park Shin Hye is growing well as an actress in her 20's... Other actresses are disappointing after the top actresses in their 30's so I'm glad the teenage actresses are growing up well ㅠㅠ She's so pretty
7. [+26, -3] I even wonder how a person can look like her... she's so pretty ㅋㅋ She has a strong actress aura, her aura is just amazing

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Dispatch - Naver: "A girl's maturity"... Kim Yoo Jung's dreamlike ambience

1. [+2,403, -120] Ha... Pre.. Pretty...

2. [+1,952, -109] Pretty is the only word I can think of right now

3. [+1,796, -109] She's getting prettier lately

4. [+284, -28] I'm really looking forward to how she'll change as she gets older

5. [+168, -29] We're the same age but she's so pretty.. ㅠㅠ They picked a nice concept for this photoshoot. Lately, I've been noticing how much she resembles Hyunah.

6. [+57, -4] Her agency's sticking the word 'mature' too much in her articles. I get that you're trying to get rid of her child star image but don't force it too much


Source: kkuljaem


K-Netizen's reactions to Kim Yoo Jung's Vogue Pictorial

[Dispatch via Naver] "The Girl's Maturity" Kim Yoo Jung, The Peak of Fantasy

  1. [+2382, -118] Ha....Pre....Pretty....
  2. [+1938, -108] Really pretty, there's no other words that come out
  3. [+1781, -108] These days, looks pretty more and more
  4. [+1278, -111] Damn pretty
  5. [+526, -44] Though it's pretty...Kim Yoo Jung is more charismatic, it's actress-feel
  6. [+438, -39] Since born, Yoojungie never been ugly
  7. [+392, -34] These days, Kim Yoo Jung is really pretty
  8. [+375, -29] Haa...Pretty...It's not a pose that teenager have
  9. [+352, -31] Since child, legitimate actor who has grown steadily
  10. [+284, -28] Later on...I anticipate how you grow up further more
  11. [+242, -30] Waa daebak really pretty
  12. [+231, -28] Really pretty and also good in acting
  13. [+168, -29] Even though the same as me, she's so beautiful. Pictorial concept also seems good. Nowadays I often thought that Yoojung's face resemble Hyuna increasingly. The basic feeling itself are distinctly different. Anyway, the conclusion is pretty


Link:  http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=433&aid=0000011994

Credit to MaknaeC: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ff-36_PIHZA/VgZ3biLSDtI/AAAAAAAAOXc/917CldIVBeQ/w381-h626/vogue-oct.jpg


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[Full Translation] Kim Yoo Jung @ SBS One Night TV on 30th September 2015
Kim Yoo Jung's portion of interview starts from 44:00 @





Words in ( ) are words not explicitly said out loud in the video but implied & i wrote it so you would understand the meaning of sentence/context better.
Words in [ ] are my own words

Translation starts from 44:54
[This part is scripted & is a parody of You From The Stars. He uses the olden/sageuk language.]

Narration: Sincerely thank you for growing up well!
I: isn't it Yoo Jung?! Yoo Jung ah!
I: To meet you i have waited for 600 years
I: Receive this that I have grown for 600 years.
For you i have grown this for 600 years.
KYJ: During the 600 years this is not the only thing that grew isn't it?
I: Yoo Jung grew alot more (than the plant) I see!
I: I'm pleased to meet you, so let us shake hands
[Brings out chicken feet to shake hands with KYJ LMAO cause she came on One Night last December eating chicken feet on the show ?]
I: Because Yoo Jung said she likes chicken feet so i personally caught it
[he means he personally caught the chicken & bring it to her caveman-like]
I: Do shake hands with it [literal translation is 'Catch it with your hands' but it does not mean so caveman/callous]
KYJ: i said i liked the dipping sauce....
I: ah dipping sauce... Bring the dipping sauce!

[Next section]
Director: cue!

I: I prepared something else
KYj: What is it (that you prepared)?
Caption: Ring!
I: It is this

[I skipped translating this part here where she feeds him chicken feet & both of them do a poem with 'Chicken Feet' where they have to start the sentence with chicken & feet]

[Starting from 47.37]
caption: Start of interview
I: Crowned as representative of Child Actors Korea's Nation Little Sister... Kim Yoo Jung-ssi how do you feel about it?
KYJ:.I'm very happy (about it)
I: 22 Sept 1999 17 years old rabbit zodiac, the child actor that grew up suffering the most and has overcome it for 16 years, you did well in becoming beautiful. Do you agree with that?
KYJ: I will do good/well in becoming more beautiful
I: Even more beautiful?! Thank you! ?
I: All these while in dramas & movies you played as a child role/character.. These days, it feels a little different...
KYJ: a little?
I: What's different about you? Where is it different? How is it different?
KYJ: It seems like i lost a little baby fat in my face
[Love Cell 2 scenes inserted here]
I: How/What is/Describe your ideal guy/person?
KYJ: His voice is..a little husky. [Interviewer starts doing husky voice]
He must be good in singing
[Interviewer sings]
Caption: he's good in singing!
I: I'll do it in a husky voice
[Interviewer sings so softly]
KYJ: I can't hear it
I: Kwang (Empty/Fail/invalid). In my next life...…… ?
Caption: eventhough she's young in age, Yoojung enjoys trot

[Next section]
KYJ: Self brightening star
KYJ: Hello! These days the song that I fell for is senior Taejinah's JinJinChaRa
Senior Taejinah also personally signed (my copy of his album)
I'll see you at the movie showcase!
[Secret aka Circle of Atonement showcase inserted here]

[Next section]
Q: What does Kim Yoo Jung like & dislike?
I like my grandmother
The thing that i dislike is dieting
Q: As an actress the most greed you have is for?
Nice/kind, bright, sad acting....i want/would like to show you various facets/appearance
Q: Kim Yoo Jung's dream is?
KYJ: To travel
I always want to travel alot
I want to try experiencing alot of things by myself/alone [she also means she wants to try travelling around/vacationing alone]

[This next part it is scripted again]
I: This weird & burdening interview is now over.
KYJ: so now we will meet again after 700 years.
Other commenters: just now she said 3-4 years
KYJ: it seems like there will at least be 700 years
KYJ: well! Thanks for the ring
I: Take care
[KYJ waves]
KYJ: Thank you! [KYJ does a proper/formal bow to him]
[KYJ runs & squeals ahhhhh]
[Caption on interviewer: Let us meet in another episode again, pls i'm begging you- Hyuksoo (Interviewer's name)]

Translation credits: Hyegyo1  l  Photo credit: Kissmeyoojung

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Son Ho Jun Reveals First Impression of ′Secret′ Co-Star Kim Yoo Jung

Son Ho Jun complimented Kim Yoo Jung on her looks.

Son Ho Jun appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM′s Gong Hyung Jin′s Cine Town on October 12, where he talked about Secret co-star Kim Yoo Jung′s charms.


When Gong Hyung Jin asked, "Did you meet Kim Yoo Jung for the first time [through Secret]?" Son Ho Jun answered, "I met her for the first time through this film."

Son Ho Jun added, "Kim Yoo Jung is a high school student now," before saying "She′s really pretty. I saw her for the first time thinking she was like a baby at first because she′s so young, but her appearance itself isn′t [that of] a baby."

Meanwhile, Son Ho Jun plays Nam Cheol Woong, a man who has been living with the pain and anger of the murder of his fiancee for 10 years, in the film Secret. The film also stars Sung Dong Il and Kim Yoo Jung and hit theaters on October 15.


Source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/98678/son-ho-jun-reveals-first-impression-of-secret-co-star-kim-yoo-jung


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