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KIM YOO JUNG 김유정 - Translated articles & videos

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Kim Yoo Jung Wraps Up Ten Years as K-drama Sageuk’s Go To Child Actress




It’s the ten year anniversary of Kim Yoo Jung’s storied drama sageuk child actress career, spanning from Iljimae to Painter of the Wind all the way through recent year’s Secret Door and upcoming Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.


She was soooooo cherubic and cute when she first started out but could turn the intensity on like a dime, and in The Moon Embraces the Sun she out-acted her adult counterpart by leaps and bounds, emphasized when the two actresses shared a scene later on in the drama. It’s hard enough to be a child actor but to shine in the harder to act medium of sageuks makes Kim Yoo Jung that much more appreciated for her innate and unbridled talent. Check out her sageuk growth revolution below from wee thing to striking teenager.





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Park Bo Gum & Kim Yoo Jung go to Horse Riding Club to be trained in riding horses for their new coming drama "Moonlight drawn by clouds", which will be aired in August 15th 2016.

The trainers said both are very polite and friendly

(사진: danbi486)






Yoo Jung said "Happy birthday" to close oppa Park Sun Ho to celebrate his 24th birthday.

(사진: you_r_love)






A group of fans took photo with Kim Yoo Jung.

They said she's very nice with small face and thanked her for taking time to take photos with them.

Very friendly Yoo Jung!

(사진: hanseul328)





Kim You Jung 김유정 FanCafe Galaxy


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Photos that prove Kim Yoo Jung is only getting prettier each year

kim yoo jung

Despite her young age, Kim Yoo Jung has been praised for both her incredible acting and visuals.


And while the SidusHQ actress has been considered one of the top young visuals in the industry for a while now, fans believe that she’s only getting prettier every year. In fact, as she’s maturing, fans can only watch in awe as she develops into one of the top beauties in entertainment history.



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Q: An actress you look up to/ respect?

KYJ: The person in question is Jodie Foster. She has a beautiful look and is a strong person, I quite like her vibe/ aura a lot too.


Trans: Hyegyo1

Source: InstyleKoreaTV



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'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds to start filming next month' + B1A4's Jinyoung joins




Joy News - Naver: 'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds' to start filming next month... to wrap up casting this week

1. [+398, -3] This coming month, I'm thrilled already! Looking forward to Park Bogum as Crown Prince Hyomyeong!

2. [+378, -4] Looking forward to Moonlight. Park Bogum and Kim Yoo Jung hwaiting!

3. [+363, -3] Preparations seem to be going in full force. I'm anticipating it

4. [+346, -3] Finally, filming is under way. Looking forward to it

5. [+232, -3] Anticipating it!! Bogum!!



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“Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” Finalizes Main Cast And Air Date


KBS2′s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” has finalized its main cast.

The highly anticipated drama confirmed Park Bo Gum early on who was later joined by Kim Yoo Jung. B1A4′s Jinyoung was also considered for a role and now he is confirmed. Joining them is actress Chae Soo Bin. Furthermore, rookie actor Lee Seo Won will be rounding out the main cast.

“Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” is a fictional historical romance drama that tells the tales of youths during the Joseon Dynasty. Park Bo Gum will portray smart and good-looking Lee Young (also known as Crown Prince Hyomyeong). Kim Yoo Jung will act as Hong Ra On, a girl who cross-dresses and meets Lee Young in the palace. Jinyoung will be Kim Yoon Sung while Chae Soo Bin’s character is Jo Ha Yeon. Lastly, Lee Seo Won will be Lee Young’s childhood friend Kim Byung Yeon.

The cast held their first script reading session on May 26 in Yeoido, Seoul.

Meanwhile, “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” will air after “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho,” “Baek-Hee Has Returned,” and “Beautiful Mind” ends. The first episode is slated to air on August 15.

Are you excited for “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds”?

Source (1) (2)

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“Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” Reveals Cast Photo And Character Details


KBS’s “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” has revealed a photo featuring their main cast including Park Bo GumKim Yoo Jung, B1A4′s JinyoungChae Soo Bin, and Lee Seo Won.

The photo is from their first script reading session which was held on May 26. More details about each character have been revealed!

Park Bo Gum is Lee Young (Crown Prince Hyomyeong). He is described as appearing cold on the outside but warm on the inside. He’s serious with a picky personality but still bright and playful being 19 years old. A new type of palace romance is expected to bloom between him and Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung) who he has a reunion with at the palace after having been humiliated by her in the past.

Kim Yoo Jung is Hong Ra On who disguises herself as a eunuch. She unexpectedly becomes accepted as a eunuch for the palace. She later finds out that a scholar with whom she has an ill-fated relationship with is actually the crown prince. This is how their unpredictable palace romance story begins.

Jinyoung completes the love triangle between Lee Young and Hong Ra On as Kim Yoon Sung. His character is a flower boy scholar who comes from a prestigious family and lacks nothing. Conflict begins when he starts to get curious and interested in Hong Ra On.

Chae Soo Bin is the crown prince’s wife Jo Ha Yeon. She is a beautiful and ambitious character who proposed a marriage of convenience to Lee Young. Her pride suffers when she finds out the truth about her husband only having eyes for a eunuch. As the romance develops between Lee Young and Hong Ra On, Jo Ha Yeon changes.

Lastly, Lee Seo Won will be Kim Byung Yeon. His character is Lee Young’s childhood friend. Despite having a simple personality and being unable to notice things at time, he is a source of refuge to rely on and confess everything to for Lee Young. He is also an important person to Hong Ra On.

“Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” will air its first episode on August 15.

Source : Soompi

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Akdong Musician Reveals Some Of Their Closest Celebrity Friends

Akdong Musician Reveals Some Of Their Closest Celebrity Friends


Akdong Musician recently appeared on SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” radio show on May 27, where they talked about their close celebrity friends.

During the program, Lee Soohyun says, “My closest [celebrity friend] is Lee Hi, who’s close in age to me, and the iKON members.”

She further explains,

“The first actress I got close to was Kim Yoo Jung, who was the MC for one of the music shows when I was promoting with Lee Hi. I worked up the courage to tell her that I wanted to become friends. At first, she seemed to be taken aback when I told her to become comfortable with me since we’re the same age. The next week, she awkwardly linked arms with me and asked, ‘Soohyun, can I have your number?’ Touched by her actions, I gave her my number right away. She even moved close to my house recently, so we’ve been seeing each other a lot. I’m so happy I can be close with people my age.”

Source: Soompi




Source: Allkpop


Akdong Musician's Suhyun talked about her friend, actress Kim Yoo Jung, who is the same age during her May 27 appearance on SBS's 'Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time.'


When asked, "How did you get close to your acting friends?" and she replied,

"It first started with Kim Yoo Jung.  We met for the first time as music show MC and singer.  In the waiting room, I first gathered courage and said to her, 'We're the same age, so let's be friends,' and she was taken aback, so I thought that was the end of that, but the next week, she approached me, awkwardly linked arms with me, and asked, 'Could you give me your number?' and my heart thumped."


That's a cute friendship story!


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'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds' holds Script Reading

Herald Pop - Naver: 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds', Park Bogum, Kim Yoo Jung, Jinyoung, unveils first meeting

1. [+4,103, -163] Hit daebak, I'm waiting. Fighting

2. [+2,990, -150] How come a mere picture is giving me butterflies . They're all good at acting. All that's left is to be prepared to fall for the drama, right?^^ Moonlight fighting!

3. [+2,830, -149] Explosion of visuals ㅋㅋㅋ Looking forward to Park Bogum as a tsundere prince. Moonlight hit daebak!!

4. [+2,194, -137] Wow the casting is daebak! Please hit daebak

5. [+2,122, -138] You can already see the characters just looking at the cast. Smells like daebak in the air

6. [+500, -43] They're all looking pretty and fresh. Moonlight, hwaiting!!

Source: Kkuljaem


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Kim Yoo Jung 'Goddess Beauty of the Mound' 

Mydaily - Naver:

1. [+3,842, -167] Yoo Jung is pretty ㅎㅎㅎ

2. [+2,421, -104] Looking forward to her 20s more than now ^^

3. [+2,423, -134] Why is she so pretty ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+1,865, -122] Wow, really really pretty ㅜㅜㅜ♡♡♡♡

5. [+1,479, -73] Woah so pretty...

6. [+711, -40] Look how tiny her face is.. She wears the outfit so neatly and beautifully


Source: Kkuljaem


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Main Cast of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Beams at Script Reading Session





Hot on the heels of confirming the full cast of saguek Moonlight Drawn by Clouds comes the first look at said cast together. Woohoo for the visuals being as youthfully complementary as I envisioned, all cheekbones that can slice cheese and bright cheery smiles. Starring Park Bo Gum with Kim Yoo Jung, the supporting roles are rounded out by Jinyoung of B1A4, Chae Soo Bin, and Lee Seo Won to cement this as the next young adult sageuk much like Sungkyunkwan Scandal made a splash six years ago back in 2010. Or maybe what The Moon Embraces the Sun could have been if it was a drama consisting solely of the teenage actors. Ryu Jun Yeol has shown himself capable of the screen presence to headline a prime time drama with Lucky Romance, now it’s Park Bo Gum’s chance to show that he’s more than just the sweetest smile in K-ent.




Moonlight Drawn by Clouds doesn’t air until August 1st after Beautiful Mind on Mon-Tues, but the cast gathered for the script reading means it’s startling filming now with lots to prep for with the sageuk genre. Directing is the PD behind Discovery of Love and Big, with the screenwriter for Who Are You: School 2015 adapting the original manhwa for the drama series.




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SidusHq has just posted cute photos of 김유정 Kim Yoo Jung with cute glasses.






Kim Yoo Jung was invited to be the honour guest of throwing the first pitch for Doosan Bears in the baseball game at Jamsil Stadium.

Audience in the whole stadium gave her great welcome and she also gave them heartfelt greetings and brought Doosan Bears team good luck with her bright and cute smile. Doosan Bears won the game that day. Doosan Bears' fans call Yoo Jung their Victory Fairy as every time she throws their first pitch, they all win the game. <3 ^_^ Well, just smile and good luck will come!


Bear SpoTV: https://youtu.be/yOhAKgnCgKA
BTS Video: https://youtu.be/YgWRxY7xMn8

Behind Cut Photos: LINK


More here




Kim Yoo Jung at Chojung Sparkling Water Fansign.



More here

Credit: Genuine, Fans' accounts



Kim Yoo Jung attended the wedding of PD Yoon (PD of “Love Cell” Season 1).

PD Yoon posted this photo with very sweet and emotional words for Yoo Jung.

She said: "She now grows up to be the one who I can rely on, my protector, just like my groom who stands side by side with me. Thank people who took me the photo of my life <3"

How sweet! I love this photo very much! <3 Yoo Jung must be very kind & reliable for PD Yoon to say that.

Thank you & Congratulations, PD Yoon!



Credit: yoon_na_yo, DC




"Moonlight drawn by clouds" Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Seo Won happily eating together at a seafood restaurant after a riding practice day.




Kim You Jung 김유정 FanCafe Galaxy



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The visual of Kim Yoojung's sister left netizen in awe


She's so pretty..ㄷㄷㄷ



-Whoa.. She's really pretty..
-They look like each other..
-They look like each other and are very pretty..
-Everyone in her family seems to be good-looking.. Her older brother is so handsome as well..
-She looks like Twice's Nayeon..
-She looks so lovely..
-Are you talking about actress Kim Yoojung? They look similar..
-Whoa.. So pretty..
-Whoa.. The genes..
-She looks like Twice's Leader..
-She looks like Suga too much...
-Her Unnie looks like an actress as well.. So pretty..
-She looks like the mixture of Twice's Nayeon and actress..? Lee Seyoung! She's really pretty..
-Their genes are so excellent..
-She has similar vibes with Lovelyz's Ryu Sujeong!
-I can see a little bit of Goo Hara in her..
-I expected a lot of people will say she looks like Sooyoung but no one thinks so.. She really looks like GG's Sooyoung, though!
-Whoa.. She's just an average citizen but her visual...



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Translation by Kim You Jung 김유정 FanCafe Galaxy



Coffee truck was sent to team drama "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds" by Kim Yoo Jung's Mom. The service boss said that Yoo Jung's Mom has the same nice & friendly personality just like her daughter. He praises Yoo Jung as very pretty princess & her heart is even more beautiful than her prettiness. Here is what the service boss told us about Yoo Jung.

"I see someone coming and bowing to greet people but her face is very small so I can't recognize who she is. She's a thin and pretty girl but her face is really very small and her beauty is a blooming flower.

Impressed by that small girl who always shines with her bright smiles, I really want to hold her once. She stands next to me and always tells other actors to order their drink first. She even gives drinks for them. What a nice, warm and heartfelt girl.

Her warm personality is indeed the same as her mother. Mom and daughter are very close together and comfortable. We're very happy to see this Mom & daughter couple's moments ...

Yoo Jung orders for herself a 'Acai berry yogurt' and I serve her a full glasses. She continues to order a 'Light Iced Americano', a "Strawberry Latte' while her Mom is waving between choosing an orange grapefruit soda, grapefruit soda, red tea soda with kiwi and grape. So Yoo Jung says to her Mom, "Mummy, you drink grapefruit soda and I will drink orange grapefruit soda. Ah no, you drink orange soda and I will drink grapefruit soda". She changes and changes and I decide to give them all three. She's so cute.

Filming day shooting ends and it comes to dinner. Kim Yoo Jung suddenly look at us with embarrassment and says sorry, "I'm sorry I have to go to have a dinner with the team. I'll go. Thank you very much for today".

What! She said sorry to us just because she has to go to have a dinner? How nice! Yoo Jung ah, thank you very much. Today I'm tired because I have to work from early morning but thanks for the so well treat and kindness of Yoo Jung and her Mom, her manager, and team leader, I feel alright and finish my job well. Thank you very much to all again! ^_^

Yoo Jung, a princess with the heart is even more beautiful than her pretty face. I hope actress Kim Yoo Jung will always succeed in her coming road and always full of happiness like now.


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Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Young Yoo show support for fellow child actress Kim Sae Ron



Aw!  Support among child actresses!  Although, of course, they're all growing into gorgeous ladies now.


On June 17, Kim Sae Ron showed the support she got from fellow child stars, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Young Yoo, by posting a picture of the snack carts that the two sent together to the set of Kim Sae Ron's current drama 'Witch Exemplar'!


Two snack carts from two awesome ladies. Are you enjoying the drama?




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Trans by @hyegyo1kyj



She met Kim Yoo Jung at Gwang Heung Chang's daeheung station while walking on the road nearby there





OP had a special bday yesterday. it was OP's bday yesterday & was wondering how to celebrate it. Before eating she went Hongdae on a whim. Got to go to Yoojung's fansign as she saw it happening & she received her autograph. Hence, she had a great day.


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Musical instrument Geomungo instructor IG :

Sageuk filming.. Met Bogum after a long time, he is still as handsome and kind as he is, we talked a lot and joke around. Yoojung is really cute.. Her gustures are so lovable. She's very pretty.. fan herself when she's hot..  It's like I'm healed throughout the filming.  Looking at her with an appa smile. I miss Kim Yoo Jung



Credit: good_ck ll Trans by @heyfen




(2016.06.19) Kim Yoo Jung gives fans a cute short video. She doesn't know what angle is good so she tries different angles and that she makes it for her fans. She said, "I'm not kind of person who matches well with pretty angles. I make it as requests. Look awkward... Keke, have you already had lunch yet?




Credit: you_r_love



(2016.06.18) A goup of fans were very happy when meeting Kim Yoo Jung on the road by chance. They said, "She's so pretty <3 "




Credit: dahae_u.u



(2016.06.18) A fan takes photo with Kim Yoo Jung & her friends. She says they meet Yoo Jung by chance on Friday & she thinks that Yoo Jung looks much prettier than she is on TV & Yoo Jung is a very good actress




Credit: namsoo1_

Source: Kim You Jung 김유정 FanCafe Galaxy



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Kim Yoo Jung attends sports shop launch


Sends coffee/churro trucks to Kim Sae Ron



Awww… sweet how these talented teenage actresses are such good buddies. Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Young Yoo sent Kim Sae Ron a coffee truck and a churros truck at the set of Mirror of the Witch. The trucks bore the pics of the trio, plus a personal note from Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Young Yoo sending their love and support to “Rona”. Such an adorable nickname.


Kim Yoo Jung also attended a sports shop opening wearing a cute outfit, looking all sunny and smiley.







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'Acting pretty is too hard...'

Kim Yoo Jung shows a fresh and chic charms of a 18 years old





1. [+2377][-85] She has always been pretty since she was young..
2. [+1800][-70] Yoojungie is so prettyㅠㅠ
3. [+1783][-68] She's already pretty.. Of course it will be hard for her to act pretty..
4. [+1299][-55] I envy her.. She's so pretty..
5. [+635][-28] Yoojung's aura.. Yoojung's visuals.. Especially her eyes.. She's so prettyㅠㅠㅠㅠ
6. [+613][-36] The class of her visuals.. She really looks so fresh when she smiles..
7. [+499][-27] She's so pretty.. She already has that classy aura since she was young..
8. [+418][-50] Yoojung's visuals are the type that gets more beautiful the more you look at it..
9. [+281][-25] Whoa.. Yoojungie is so prettyㅋㅋ
10. [+222][-21] Yoojung is cute, classy, fresh and feminine.. She has all of those auras..


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