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[Philippine Drama 2015 - 2016] On the Wings of Love


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OMG!!!! is it true that JADINE have broke up?  oh, i am very sad.  Such a cute couple.  I dont know whats the reason, but hope this be only temporary parting of them and pray for them to get back soon. 


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I feel sad too. They are a lovely couple, is as a tagalog version of Soon-Soon couple.. and ending with the same way! they confirmed the break up in their trip to Brazil in January 20.



James Reid, Nadine Lustre open up about each other post-breakup



James Reid, Nadine Lustre confirm breakup: 'We decided to focus on ourselves'






They also said that they are on good terms, and that they will still be working together in the future, particularly when it comes to music – which Nadine has said is something that she wants to focus on for 2020. She is currently signed James' music label Careless. 

Nadine and James would have celebrated their fourth anniversary on February 11. – Rappler.com




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