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[Philippine Drama 2015 - 2016] On the Wings of Love

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James Reid’s house is up for sale



James Reid advertised the sale of a property in Loyola Grand Villas, Quezon City – the home that he supposedly shared with ex-partner Nadine Lustre.


James confirmed in 2019 that he and Nadine were living together. They announced their split in January 2020, after nearly 4 years of being together.




James Reid selling house believed to be the one he shared with Nadine Lustre




A month after Lustre and Reid confirmed their split as a couple, the actor announced that his house was for sale, as seen on his Instagram Stories yesterday, Feb. 25.



Read more: https://entertainment.inquirer.net/365914/james-reid-selling-house-believed-to-be-the-one-he-shared-with-nadine-lustre#ixzz6FLbC57F6


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Leah Olivar (Nadine Lustre) is a young woman who wants nothing but to go to America so she can help her family. While Clark Medina (James Reid) is a young man living in America who wants to give his s

They're cute 

They say, "Love is like a bird." If you set it free, it will fly wherever it wants. While it's flying, it might find a new love. A new love that will join the flight. Low or high... Fast or slow...

Why Nadine Lustre is trending online with #WeGotYouNadine


The hashtag #WeGotYouNadine trended globally on Twitter on Monday afternoon as thousands expressed support for Filipino actress Nadine Lustre. This, shortly after the announcement that the 26-year-old cut ties with Viva Artists Agency.


Nadine gonna change some things this year, she wanna focus in her Music career this time.




Reid had announced in October of last year that he would leave Viva Group after seven years with the talent agency.




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James Reid hints at real reason behind breakup with Nadine Lustre





“We’ve been in a love team for so long. And that’s been my whole life. I can’t even begin to think of who I am or what I’m supposed to be outside of that love team, which is scary. And that’s why I said I got a lot of figuring out to do,” James said.


“People might say I’m a bit heartless. I don’t want it to seem like me wanting to know who I am without Nadine is the only reason. There are too many to point out, but that’s all I’m able to share without going into depth."





I feel sad this time, one of my tagalog couple faves, I'm now still with Endchong dee and Erich gonzales... even they're not a couple... 



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