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[Reality 2015] SIXTEEN

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Guest adikkeluangman

Park Jin Young Shares Thoughts on Current Issues Regarding Foreign Members

Park Jin Young shared his personal opinion on recent issues concerning contracts with foreign singers. 

On April 29, the press conferenece for the Mnet-JYP Entertainment-produced debut project program Sixteen took place at the 63 Convention Hall in Yeongdeungpo. 

As Sixteen includes JYP trainees from Taiwan, Japan and Thailand, Park Jin Young was asked about the current issue with foreign artists.

"Right now, we′re passing the transitional phase after experiencing some trial and error. Truthfully, up until this point, we′ve been raising talented individuals in Korea and sent them abroad, but now for cultural exchange, we′ve chosen and raised foreigners," said Park Jin Young. 

"I think the issues that are coming out now are the trial and error of a transitional phase. As we experience these kinds of issues, I think we′ll be able to find the most rational and fairest contractual terms and action plans in the end." 

"Another thing that must be done in addition to that is that in the end, it′s all about something a person does. Whether it′s dancing or singing, or whatever, you have to share your values with each other," continued Park Jin Young. 

"If you′re in it for the money, of course you′ll lean more towards the side that provides the most money, but other than economical issues, if you can sincerely share your values, I think the relationships can become a bit stronger. Of course, it would be hard to block everything with just this, but I think if you can share your values, it′s possible to help prevent that kind of problematic issue from occuring even in the smallest sense." 

Sixteen will begin on May 5. 


[Photo] Park Jin Young Presents Trainees at ′Sixteen′ Production Presentation

Park Jin Young leads the wolfpack

MOMO smiles confidently

CHAEYEON introduces herself with a big smile​

SOMI smiles brightly

TZUYU is fit for the competition

CHAERYEONG is ready to give the show her all

CHAEYOUNG′s confidence can be read in her eyes

NAYEON greets the audience

JUNGYEON looks mature beyond her years

JIHYO looks on bright-eyed

JIWON introduces herself

DAHYUN flashes her eye smile

Park Jin Young and the JYP trainees who will be battling to debut on Mnet′s girl group debut project Sixteen gathered for a production presentation, held at the 63 Convention Center in Seoul on April 29. 


J.Y. Park says that he doesn't just b​rush off scandals

Producer J.Y. Park revealed that he doesn't just overlook scandals of his idols during a recent interview held at the press conference for upcoming survival program Mnet's 'SIXTEEN.'

He said, "There are scandals that arise even when they didn't do anything wrong. It's okay if it's a scandal cause they didn't do anything wrong. I would handle it honorably. However, I don't just brush off the scandals for something that they actually did wrong. I think that would be really bad. Aside from the entertainment industry, I wish things like that wouldn't happen in society. 

Sneakily brushing things off doesn't match my style. I also want to be a singer for 20 more years and there will be times when I'll make mistakes. And when I do, I don't want to quietly let it blow over, but I think I would make an apology."

Meanwhile, 'SIXTEEN' is a reality show featuring 7 girls who are about to debut as a girl group and 9 trainees who are fighting for their place. The first episode is set to air on May 5. 


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Guest adikkeluangman

JYP Entertainment artists give their honest opinions about ​survival program 'Sixteen'

As more and more people set their hearts on becoming an idol, the competition is getting increasingly tough and even trainees, who usually get into companies through auditions, find themselves auditioning all over again.  JYP Entertainment is the next company to utilize the survival program format as a method to decide which of his trainees will form his new girl group and people are highly anticipating the new show, 'Sixteen.'

The press conference for his project took place at Pine Hall, located in the second floor of the 63 Building, on April 29.  It showed not only the sixteen teaser videos for each competitor but also videos of current JYP artists leaving their honest thoughts about the show.  

miss A's Suzy said frankly, "It's merciless and scary," while Fei and Jo Kwon stated, "I don't know very well.  What the criteria is."  Solo artist Sunmi added, "I think it's going to be suffocating," and showed concern for the trainees.  

Competition is definitely tough.  You can see if these sixteen girls have what it takes when the program starts airing on May 5.


JYP Entertainment’s ne​w girl group won’t be named SIXTEEN

Fans may be surprised to hear that the upcoming JYP Entertainment girl group won’t be named SIXTEEN as previously thought.

The sixteen JYPE trainees appeared at a recent press conference for the Mnet survival show SIXTEEN at the 63 Convention Center in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on April 29th, where more information on the upcoming girl group was divulged. JYP Entertainment representatives, founder J.Y. Park, Choi Seung Hoon CP, and Kim Jeong Beom PD were also present.

J.Y. Park revealed at the press conference that it was decided just earlier that day that the girl group’s official name would be Twice. He further reveals, “They will have a different feeling/image than Wonder Girls or miss A.”

Out of the 16 competitors, only seven will be chosen as candidates for the new girl group Twice. It was further revealed that trainees who lose the chance of debuting in this new girl group will have another chance in 2017.

The survival show SIXTEEN will premiere on Mnet on May 5th at 11pm KST.


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Guest adikkeluangman

JYP Entertainment reveals the 16th and last member of 'SIXTEEN', Jungyeon!

And now let us introduce the 16th and final member of JYP Entertainment's competition show 'SIXTEEN', Jungyeon!

Despite looking a bit shy during her introduction portion, she shows off her dance skills with fierce charisma in her eyes. In the teaser she says, "JYP Entertainment is the only place I see myself debuting in. So this opportunity is very big for me."

As mentioned before, Jungyeon also happens to be the younger sister of actress Gong Seung Yeon. 


JYP Reveals the Name of Girl​ Group That Will Debut Through “SIXTEEN”

JYP Entertainment‘s CEO Park Jin Young revealed that the name of the new girl group that will be formed through the show “SIXTEEN” will be “TWICE.”

He revealed on April 29 during a press conference for the show, “The team name was chosen today through a meeting. It will be ‘TWICE.’ It means that they will be able to move people twice. Once through the ears and once through the eyes.” He added, “While they will be handed down the colors of Wonder Girls and miss A, they will be upgraded.”

He also gave some insight into the concept of the team, saying, “They seem like they will be a group with a rough and wild feel like hip hop and rock. The thing about JYP’s girl groups is that they aren’t very good at varieties because they’re all mild and natural girls. However, this time, after a few episodes of filming, there are definitely girls who are edgy and will be great on variety.”

Meanwhile, Mnet’s “SIXTEEN” is a variety show where seven girl group candidates battle it out with nine trainees who strive to take their spots to debut in a new girl group. Since it will be the first girl group to come out of JYP in five years, it is gaining a lot of attention. The first broadcast is slated to be on May 5 at 11 p.m. KST.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Park Jin Young Thinks a Star N​eeds More Than Just Singing and Dancing Skills

JYP Entertainment’s leader, Park Jin Young, revealed his thoughts on what the ideal idol should be like during the presentation of Mnet’s survival program “Sixteen.”

“I tried to create situations that would evoke fear and hardships. Stars these days cannot only be talented in singing and dancing. Their inner character and manners must also be taken into consideration,” he said.

“Personality can be the winning factor of a person, as well as the reason to one’s downfall. I wanted to show the members’ character when they would go from major to minor or visa versa,” he added.

Park Jin Young also tossed out the possibility of the show portraying cruel scenes, saying, “Since this is the chance for me to pick my girls, I will be putting them in all types of scary and pleasant situations. We’re not usually such a cruel company.”

When asked about how he reacts to scandals, Park Jin Young answered, “There are two types of scandals; one which you are guilty and another which you have done nothing wrong. I don’t really mind the latter one. I flexibly handle the situation.”

“If it’s a scandal in which someone is guilty, I don’t’ try to slyly disregard it. I hope our whole society refrains from doing so. Just apologize. I might make mistakes during the next 20 years of my career. However, I won’t try to sneak around it. I will make my mistake clear and apologize for it. It’s the same for all celebrities,” he added.

Meanwhile, “Sixteen” is a show in which trainees fight for the seven candidate positions for JYP’s next girl group. Nahyun, Sana, Dahyun, Tzuyu , Chaeyoung, Somi, Jiwon, Momo, Eunsuh, Mina, Chaeryeong, Minyoung, Jihyo, Natty, Chaeyeon, and Jungyeon are the sixteen trainees who are currently candidates for the show.

It has been five years since JYP Entertainment debuted a girl group, and they plan to bring forth a unique, star-worthy group through this project.


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Guest adikkeluangman

JYP's new girl ​group, TWICE, fully unveiled

JYP's new girl group, 'TWICE,' was fully unveiled.

On April 29th, a press conference for JYP Entertainment and channel M.net's co-production program called 'SITEEN' was held in Seoul, and JYP Entertainment announced the official name of their new girl group project is TWICE (formerly known as SIXTEEN).

Head producer Park Jin Young said, "TWICE is going to be the most unique girl group that K-Pop scene has evern seen, and they are going to continue the hit of Wonder Girls and miss A."

JYP Entertainment recruited each member with strict and demanding audition criteria, and the girls are going to strike many K-Pop fans with their outstanding talent.

Meanwhile, 'SIXTEEN' is a reality program that JYP Entertainment is co-producing with M.net, and it is going to show nine trainees' competition for becoming a new girl group members. The show will premiere on May 5th at 11 PM.


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Guest adikkeluangman

'SIXTEEN' competitors show their dance moves and tears in preview for first episode

JYP Entertainment released the first preview for their new survival competitive program, 'SIXTEEN,' featuring a ton of talented trainees who will fight it out to become the new girl group, Twice.

The preview shows the girls working hard and impressing with their dance moves while other JYP artists show up in interviews.  Yenny says, "This is not like JYP," and Suzy says, "It's scary."

It does seem a bit different from the color of JYP Entertainment, but there's no doubt that the show will draw in a crowd--especially because seeing sixteen girls dancing in unison does look pretty impressive!  J.Y. Park says he's looking for a girl group that will not only show the color of the agency but also advance it one step further.



Suzy, Jokwon, and other JYP Stars Feature in New “SIXTEE​N” Teaser

Mnet has released a new teaser for its upcoming survival show “SIXTEEN,” which shows clips of the contestants battling it out for a spot in JYP‘s newest girl group. It also features celebrities from JYP weighing in on the selection process and the show’s format.

Wonder Girls member Yeeun is seen saying “This doesn’t seem like JYP.”

miss A‘s Suzy says “It’s scary!” while solo artist and former member of Wonder Girls Sunmi says “It seems like it will be more fierce.”

A short clip of 2AM‘s Jokwon talking about the show’s two competing groups – “Major” and “Minor” – is also shown.

Meanwhile, the teaser gives viewers a glimpse at the contestants showing off their dancing skills, crying alone and in each other’s arms, filming a video, and singing and dancing on stage.

On the show, seven girl group candidates (the “Major” group) are pitted against nine trainees (the “Minor” group). All those who manage to grab and retain a spot in the “Major” group at the end of the show will be debuting as a new girl group under the JYP label. It has been revealed that the group’s name will be “TWICE.”

The show will be airing its first episode on May 5.


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Guest adikkeluangman

'SIXTEEN​' airs first episode featuring Jo Kwon and Yenny!

JYP Entertainment's newest survival program 'SIXTEEN' aired its first episode earlier today and some of the artists from the label came onto the show to give advice to the rookie trainees who are getting ready to compete.

Jo Kwon and Yenny were the first two to appear on the show and they gave their honest advice to the trainees. Jo Kwon also talked about how to get J.Y. Park's interest. He stated to the major team members, "First, you have to compliment J.Y. Park. The thing that artists from different labels are most jealous about is the fact that we can directly communicate with the producer." 

To another trainee, Yenny revealed, "He is someone who makes really quick decisions. Whether you performed well or not is decided within the first 20 seconds. It's not really a good thing that the song gets better towards the end." 

Meanwhile, J.Y. Park also gave his two-cents on what he thought about the girls competing as well as the new girl group he is planning on debuting. He said, "While maintaining the JYPE colors, it will be an upgraded girl group. The criteria [for this group] will be a lot different than what other labels are looking for. The most exciting thing is that I don't even know who I will pick." 


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Guest adikkeluangman

Jokwon Advises “SIXTEEN” Contestants on Getting Park Jin Young’s Favor

Having been a part of JYP for over 10 years, including his seven years as a trainee, Jokwon revealed his secret behind getting on Park Jin Young’s good side.

On the first episode of Mnet’s “SIXTEEN” which aired on May 5, the competition for picking the members of the new JYP Entertainment girl group “Twice” finally begins.

Two groups, the “major group” made up of seven girl group candidates and the “minor group” consisting of nine trainees, must prepare a stage based on a keyword they chose.

Dahyun, a major group participant, makes a visit to 2AM’s Jokwon to ask for advice.

“What did you do when you were our age,” she asks Jokwon.

“I, too, was selected through an audition. I practiced with Sunye and G.Soul back in the days,” he says. “I must admit, I had the most star material back then.”

“My tip for you is to just compliment Park Jin Young no matter what,” he jokingly adds.


JYP’s New Girl Group Survival Show “SIXTEEN” – Is It Too Much?

JYP Entertainment‘s new survival program “SIXTEEN” is gathering attention for how harsh and cruel the program is.

On May 5, the first episode of Mnet’s “SIXTEEN” aired in order to decide the members for JYP’s new girl group, “Twice.” On the episode, seven trainees who are part of the “major group” and nine more who are part of the “minor group” were revealed for the first time.

Unlike in YG Entertainment‘s “WIN” and “MIX&MATCH” and Starship Entertainment‘s “NO MERCY” where missions divided the top and bottom groups fairly, “SIXTEEN” starts off differently.

Even before the program starts, the trainers and the A&R team have already divided the girls into a top and bottom group. The top “major group” receives pre-celebrity treatment while the bottom “minor group” receive different treatment in everything from transportation methods, housing environment, and practice room usage times. In particular, the minor members are put at an even further disadvantage as they are only allowed to use the practice room after 9 p.m. to 9 a.m., after the major group has finished practicing.

The fact that some contestants trained for longer doesn’t give them an advantage. Ji Hyo, who trained for 10 years is confident as she starts, saying, “Since I was a trainee for so long, I will be better than the other girls,” however, Park Jin Young puts her in the minor group, reducing her to tears. Jung Yeon, who has been preparing for a debut along with Ji Hyo, was also put in the minor group. Meanwhile, Mina, who has only been training for one year, was put in the major group, frustrating the older trainees.

Major members try to keep their spot until the end and the minor members try to get up into the major group. A member of the minor group will be eliminated each time. The first girl will be eliminated next week.

Meanwhile, “Twice’ will be the first girl group that JYP Entertainment has produced since miss A 5 years ago, attracting attention.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Which competitor is leading the polls after 'SIXT​EEN's 1st episode?

JYP Entertainment's competitive reality show premiered on May 5, and it was revealed on the 8th that viewers have voted Dahyun to the top. She's currently sitting at #1 with 16.6% of the votes, making her currently most likely to join the girl group Twice. It seems like viewers loved Dahyun's silly 'hand fart rap' and 'eagle dance.' 

Other competitors Nayeon made 2nd, Chaeyoung made 3rd, Jungyeon placed 4th, Minah placed 5th, Sana 6th, and Tzuyu at 7th.


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Guest adikkeluangman

J.Y. ​Park gives harsh criticism on Momo's performance

On this week's episode of Mnet's 'SIXTEEN', J.Y. Park showed his strict producer side where he gave a harsh critique against Momo.

After watching Momo's cover of Ga In's "Paradise Lost", J.Y. Park hesitated before commenting, "Who is Momo? I can tell that you're good at dancing, but I couldn't really tell who Momo is," stating that she doesn't have a sense of identity enough to survive among the other girls. 


In response to the producer's harsh comment, Momo said during her personal interview, "I feel like the work I've put in for three years have ended so easily." However, prior to her performance, Momo was complimented by the company's choreographer, Ali, for her dancing. The trainee also showed confidence during her individual interview with the producers.

Meanwhile, 'SiXTEEN' airs every Tuesday, featuring seven girl group trainees as well as nine other girls who are competing to make it on to the team. 


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Guest adikkeluangman

Mnet's 'SIXTEEN' contestant cries at sister's e​limination

On the latest episode of Mnet's 'SIXTEEN', a competition show designed to determine the members for an upcoming JYPE girl group, the first contestant was eliminated. 

After Jungyeon was promoted to 'major' and Dahyun was demoted to 'minor', the decision for which contestant will be leaving the show was announced. That contestant was Chaeyeon, who had joined the program with her younger sister, Chaeryong. Chaeryong could not hide her tears at the news of her sister's elimination. 


J.Y. Park declared that the reason for the elimination was though Chaeyeon has talent, she is unable to naturally flaunt it. 

Chaeyeon expressed her own thoughts saying, "I will rest for now and return to practice once again. I want to see myself grow." 


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Guest adikkeluangman

Another candidate eliminate​d on Mnet's 'Sixteen'

The May 26 airing of Mnet's 'Sixteen' presented a fierce elimination battle round between a major and minor team member.

On this episode of 'Sixteen,' Eunsuh faced off with Minah. Eunsuh had prepared an aggressive hip-hop performance but unfortunately forgot part of her choreography. Ultimately, Eunsuh failed in advancing to major and was announced as the elimination round candidate. 


Judge J.Y. Park explained, "I saw something special and I'm sure many viewers felt the same way while watching her perform. However, luck didn't follow her and there was something she wasn't able to fully express [through her performance]." The singer further advised, "I hope that this will be a stepping stone for you and that you will continue trying in the future." 

After her performance Eunsuh embraced all the other members and burst into tears. She said, "I wasn't able to advance to major and was eliminated. I'm so disappointed because I didn't get to show my full potential. Next time you see me, I'll definitely have improved. Though, I was eliminated I hope that you will continue to show support and love." 


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Guest adikkeluangman

San E criticizes Minyoung’s excuse for her performa​nce on “SIXTEEN”

Rapper San E appeared as one of the guest judges with Ga In on the May 26th episode of SIXTEEN and could not conceal his laughter at trainee Minyoung when she excused her performance to her choice of song.

Hosted by Mnet, SIXTEEN is JYP Entertainment‘s new competition show to choose the best members for the company’s upcoming girl group, Twice.


In the episode, the competing teams were given a mission for a 1:1 match that San E admitted was a fierce fight and it was hard to make decisions.

However, as Minyoung of the “minor group” performed, San E laughed and disapproved her excuse to explain her lacking performance to her choice of the song that made her put too much strength on her vocals. He commented that she seemed to possess singing abilities though she failed to showcase her talents in this round, suggesting in giving her a second chance.

But J.Y. Park commented that like outstanding athletes, it is more important to express your talents well on stage, to be courageous and confident, apart from letting your nervousness hide your abilities away, explaining why he chose Minyoung’s competitor Somi to be in the “major group.”

After the announcement, Minyoung couldn’t hide her disappointment and say that she will continue training herself to strengthen her live performances to become more confident.

SIXTEEN is currently broadcast on Tuesdays at 11pm KST on Mnet. Thus far, members Chaeyeon and Eunsuh have been eliminated.


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Guest adikkeluangman

2PM’s Chansung to B​e a Special MC for “Sixteen”

JYP Entertainment boy group 2PM‘s member Chansung will be a special MC for the upcoming episode of girl group competition show “Sixteen.”

He will be appearing as a special MC on the June 2 broadcast of the show. An image of Chansung holding a sign that says “Watch Sixteen tonight, 11pm” was posted to the TV show’s official social media sites.


On the upcoming episode of “Sixteen,” the candidates of JYP’s newest girl group will begin competing in group performances, between the “major” and “minor” groups. There will be four groups, major A and B, and minor A and B. Each group will perform in front of an audience of 300 people.

“Sixteen” airs on Mnet every Tuesday.



'SIXTEEN's contestant Somi cries as she rem​embers past hurtful comments about being mixed race

Participant Somi on JYP Entertainment's competitive program, 'SIXTEEN,' shed tears as she remembered being called derogatory terms in the past for being half-Canadian and half-Korean.


During an interview section, she said, "I've heard that I was a mutt (or crossbreed) from my friends," tears dripping down her face.  Rude!  Her father, Matthew, added, "When I heard this, my heart did not just hurt normally.  It really hurt a lot.  I almost cried.  Her mother cried."

Hearing this, netizens consoled her with sweet comments like, "Somi, don't cry," "You're doing better now than in the past, so be strong," "I support you," and more.



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Guest adikkeluangman

Park Jin Young tells all of the audiences of 'SIXTEEN' to never hesitate e​xpressing their thoughts

Park Jin Young asked all of the audiences of 'SIXTEEN' to not hesitate expressing their thoughts about each member while watching the competition.

June 2nd broadcast of M.net 'SIXTEEN' showed the members getting divided into four groups for a new round of competition.

Prior to the competition, Park Jin Young said to the audiences, "I do not have any favorite member yet."


He continued, "However, I am quite afraid of it because I am very worried about if I will be able to make a right choice. Thus, I would like to tell all of you to never hesitate expressing your thoughts about each member, and your opinions will give me a lot of help."

Park Jin Young lastly added, "The result of today's competition will be 100% decided by your votes. However, I will also try to appeal my opinions to all of you."

Meanwhile, this weeks 'SIXTEEN' showed Minor B team going through a crisis of the team's division.


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