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[Reality 2015] SIXTEEN

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Guest adikkeluangman

J.Y. Park is asked why he eliminated Jeon So Mi in 'Sixteen'

J.Y. Park was the "Still Alive" guest on the April 20 episode of 'Weekly Idol,' where he gave the reason on why he dropped Jeon So Mi from 'Sixteen' last year, and subsequently from TWICE.  She has since become a part of temp group IOI after getting a lot of love through 'Produce 101.'

Defconn had asked him, "There is something I'd like to ask you personally. Why did you drop So Mi from 'Sixteen'"? 


A flustered J.Y. Park spilled, "She was a bit like geotjeori (unfermented kimchi). If the kimchi fermented a while longer, I felt that it would be very delicious." 

The JYP head also added, "I'm proud of [So Mi]." 


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