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♥CrystaL Clear/씨엘씨(CLC) Official Thread♥ - Digital Single Me (美) 5.29.19

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5 Must-Have K-Pop Idol Designer Bags

A list of designer bags modeled by Korean idols in magazine pictorials.

by kpopbreak

There’s an egg on that purse! K-pop idols participate in magazine pictorials on a regular bases. The bags they present are either mindbogglingly sophisticated and expensive, see Tiffany’s Fendi purse below, or too fun for worlds, all about OiOi! Check out some purses recently featured in photoshoots below and choose your favorite.

1〉 OiOi Fried Egg Box Mini Bag ($65.00)
2〉 Cloud Box Mini Bag ($65.00)
Worn By CLC‘s Jang Seungyeon and Seunghee in Ceci June 2015 Issue


Source: http://www.kpopbreak.com/2015/07/05/5-must-have-k-pop-idol-designer-bags/


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CLC - 예뻐지게(High Heels) Short Ver. 


This the short version since they had to remove Eunbin's parts since she's still on Produce 101

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CLC Attended the VIP Premiere of "Grandmother Gye-Choon"











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CLC officially introduced Eunbin as a member and announced her fruit, Lemon. They also said fans can begin to vote for a fandom name. The choices are: Pepe, CHI CHI (can't be a real option, there's a group with this name), Twinkle (again not an option it's Stellar's fandom), Clover, Seed, Cookie, Sweetie, Pure, Dorothy. It'll likely be Pepe though. 

The girls confirmed their comeback is soon and they'll perform as 7 for Dream Concert. 

Yoojin cut her hair



CLC's Fruit Basket is complete




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Hey Everyone!

Fairly new kpop fan here! Well, fairly new. I have a youtube channel, mostly of reaction videos, but I also post unboxing vids and vlogs of random hikes that I do. I've been a fan of CLC because I followed Sorn from the time she was on the reality show kpop star hunter???(can't remember the name of the show). She was my fave on that show and I'm so happy she finally made her debut! Please check out my reaction video and support :)


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