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[Variety] Human Condition Season 2 인간의 조건 2

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Finally watched ep.4 eng sub yeahhh... thnks for the link @craptelly. I missed to watch it at kbsworld don't know when it was aired on that channel. Another great episode. That prank they pulled about borrowing money to buy those junks lol. The way Tae Gyu was so mad & almost cursed at Jiwon lol... i was so relieved to know it ws just a prank.  I don't want to believe Jiwon would do something so stupid like that.

Yeah like everyone here hope the 2 maknaes will be more talkative in the future...Jaeyoung is really hot. The way he was showing his cat walk... love love...

Can't wait for the english sub on ep.5, 6 and 7... seems like fun but i hate watching without subs huhu. Yeah let's keep this thread alive  :)>-

@Felicia_Soh Thanks on the info about Coko Entertainment..i'm not aware of that at all. Poor Kim Junho hope he'll get through it...

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I super love episode 5.

It is really interesting and funny specially when they are playing outside the house.

I also like when taegyu and jiwon tal talk to the cat who eat the fishcakes.

It feels great seeing them bind together.

Hyunwoo and Jaeyoung have a lot of screen time. Yehey

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Same here love Ep.5 too. It's funny how they keep praising Sanghyun oppa and he ended chopping up all the woods just to get their praises. He's so guillable sometimes hehe.... they are bonding really well together. The maknaes were becoming more confident esp during the games. Can't wait for next episodes.
@Colle - yeah it's funny when taegyu and jiwon were talking to the cat and that cat raised it's leg.... it was just so cute like it surrendered or something lol. 

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Hi @colle and @imot....Yeah me too, enjoyed the latest episode aired through KBSW.  They were so fired up for games and "The Hibiscus in the Bloom" is the most hilarious games they played in that episode. Instead of being punished, the loser seemed to enjoy himself in his own private big bucket of sauna bath!

Hahaha....the cat whom Jiwon called as Nero (aka Baduk) stole some screen time with its funny display of cat gestures which totally annoyed the two guys (Jiwon and Taegyu). Even Baduk's "meow" sound like "mian"....and the cat even displayed a "surrender/high-five" gesture that made both of them laughed.  We have yet to see the cute dog but for the meantime, the cat managed to make it's attention worth while - gomapta Editor!

I also like how they name Sang-hyun as the Inspector Gadget - he is indeed Jack of all trades, truly a handy-namja.  And the most hilarious twist is when Taegyu revealed the person whom he had set his eyes on (ideal yoja)!

I think this show is quite fair in giving screen time to all the six members, though, of course, some may have longer screen time due to the worthiness of content of their contribution.  I am glad they have already bonded in the 5th Episode and they genuinely showed how close and connected they have become...FIGHTING!!

@craptelly, enjoy your holidays and hope to see you soon!

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@colle, I watched this variety show through KBSW-TV and I don't think they will edit that part in KBS Youtube channel.  Err....maybe I exaggerated too much - hehehe....it was a just bucket of hot water where the loser of the game had to soak inside the water.  Apparently, he seemed to enjoy his moment in the water and that's the reason why I quoted, "his own private big bucket of sauna bath"!  My apology if I have confused you.

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Hello!!! I'm back!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

HC2 didn't air last Saturday, so in 3 weeks or so, KBSWorld is gonna skip an episode so just take note of that

And it sucks how KBSWorld cut that last 10 minutes in their most recent upload! UGHHH and they won't even bother to re-upload! Like, come on now! Just when people are enjoying it!!!

Yeah, Taegyu's supposed to be punishment ended up as a treat tbh... Mama Gyu earns it well though. hahahaa

And yes.. that cat! Hahahaha that high five pose! LOL such a hilarious cat! It would be cool to see more of Baduk hehehe

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Welcome back @craptelly and hello to dear chingu @imot.

I read that KBS may reorganize a new time slot for "Human Condition 2" and if it happens, it'll probably fit in for April Spring's re-organization plan.  Anyway, nothing is confirmed yet.  Currently, this variety show is aired on every Saturday at 11.15pm KST. 

I think along with KBS Variety Show, "Invisible Man", KBS may reshuffle their programs to avoid clashing with high rating shows from other broadcast stations.  I am not sure which program from other stations are direct competitor with HC2.  "IM" is badly affected, the rating is the lowest as compared to MBC, Radio Star and SBS variety show (can't remember the name). 
If the change of time slot is made effective in future, I hope it will gain more attention and secure good/favorable rating.



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Haii~~ Episode 8 RAW is up! :D If you guys wanna check it out, I've updated the first page with the links (both streaming and torrent)..

I liked this episode! The members were divided into two: Sanghyun Team and Jiwon Team.

Sanghyun picked Taehee and Taegyu and so Jiwon are with Jaeyoung and Hyunwoo. :) I think they have a mission to collect as much clothes (no longer used?) as they can. Hehehe and Jiwon's team dubbed themselves as the "Brain" Team. LOL In 1N2D he was known as Genius Won  and here he's given the name Eun Genius (Eun Cheonjae).

They were given this yellow uniforms that they have to wear and the other guys were complaining. And Jiwon was just all like, "It's cute, I like it. Yellow is Sechskies' color." :))

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Guest prominent

I started watching season 2 when I realized Jiwon was in it. It's better than I expected it to be. I think it's an improvement over how the last episodes of season 1 were. Season 1 seemed to be getting dull towards the end, but I like how this season they are in a house that they need to fix up- kind of has a 2days1night feeling to it, which is nice.

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@prominent Hi welcome to the thread  :-h  Glad you like the new season too ... yup season 1 was kind of dull towards the end. They kept changing the casts members it become harder to connect to each new casts everytime. 

@craptelly & @Felicia_Soh. Thanks for the info on the possiblities of changes in airing time. Hope the new time slot will help improves on the rating. Sad to know the rating keep going down huhu..

Btw just finished watching ep.6 ... again another fun episode. Was laughing so hard during the karoake seasion when Sanghyun kept getting low score even after singing his heart out haha. I thought he did sing okay but the machine kept giving him low score lol... Another fun part was whenTaehee lost the pail inside the well... Everyone could not believe how he could be so unlucky hehe. The villagers tried to help but the well was too deep.. Finally Ddoksunie was such cute little puppy glad they decided to buy him... looking forward to next episode.

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@prominent YOOO welcome to the thread!!! I agree with you, there is this family vibe going on and them making the house from some sort of deserted clay house to an actual proper home. Yeah, the first ep especially reminded me of 1N2D. Especially with them talking with the locals..
I think the staff have improved it too during non-filming days. There is now proper wood flooring and in the last episode they had proper comforters.
@imot Yeah!!! Totally! Sanghyun sounded pretty good but no one can dictate what the machine says though. :)) Poor guy, he's the one who wanted it the most. LOL And if you guys would actually the uncut scenes in their fb page.. Jiwon got to sing two dance songs (both aired on the episode) because he didn't get to see the score in the first song (Sanghyun immediately stopped Jiwon's song) so that's when Jiwon got to sing "You in My Unclear Memory" and got 100 points. XD The other boys sang their own dance songs too!
And Hyunwoo's voiceeee OMG he's soooo handsome and he sings and CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE ABS?? 
Taehee the clumsy troublemaker is LOVE :x I really love Taehee!!! He's awesome and funny and that messy pasta. Aww, you could see he just tried his best for his brothers.. He even had a recipe prepared and all!
I'll talk more about Ep 8 in the spoiler :D Hehehe it was a pretty fun episode! The guys were out and about!

On Ep 8, Sanghyun team visited his now wife Maybee and she didn't exactly came out but prepared these sweet stuff for Sanghyun which Taegyu and Taehee really enjoyed and this letter... ♥
Jiwon on the other hand, is so happy with his team mates cos they eat everything. XD Because of the no-trash rule, they are obligated to eat everything they're given in the restaurants. At first, they were in this buffet resto and Jiwon and Hyunwoo forgot about the rule and accidentally got too many food. But Jaeyoung's just like, "It's alright.." and Jaeyoung IS A BIG EATER GOODNESS. He went back and forth 3 times and even ate some of Jiwon's food. And during dinner, Jiwon couldn't eat the pepper cos it was too spicy and Jaeyoung being the sweet and kind maknae, ate a lot, saying he really likes eating them (AND HE EVEN ATE THE STEM!) 
Jiwon: I'm so happy I'm with you guys! You eat everything! I really like you guys!!! 
Jiwon team first tried going to an apartment to ask for clothes but was told it wasn't allowed. So it seemed like they have given up and went back home. They told the guys about it and Sanghyun team left. After that, Jiwon team were doing nothing and eating some more and just talking about, "Hmm.. what should we do?" And it seems like they have given up and all..
Taegyu noticed how Jiwon seemed weird like he doesn't seem to be the type who would be relaxing just like that. And they wondered if Jiwon was trying to fool them.
What actually happened was Jiwon's team went to check for another apartment (or was it the same one?) and got to ask for permission to make an announcement to the tenants to request for clothes. And they were able to make this announcement and said they would come back at a certain time to get the clothes.
Sanghyun team went to all their homes and friends' homes and sort of did it manually.. But they did gather sooo many clothes. They were out for like an entire day and Jiwon's team was just relaxing all the way.
Sanghyun team even went to Taegyu's house and Taegyu went to talk all about his stuff for too long his talking got fast forwarded. He was talking about this shirt is a vintage and was even from Japan but when Taehee checked it's just made from China.. hahahahaha
The next day, Jiwon team came back to collect the clothes and at first it seemed like nobody's coming when one by one all these people are coming in bring lots of clothes! Jiwon even said, "Can we have a truck to load all these clothes?"

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because we have a kbs world channel, and i think they will air brave family this march 10, will it affect..

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@Colle there are no announcements yet, I just hope they would make a proper announcement if KBSWorld plans to change their sched as well and not mess it up like with how they just upload Ep 2 without Ep 1. 
Ddoksunie is like this little angel in their simple home.. Sanghyun and Taehee even made this cute home for her~ It was really lovely but Ddoksun prefers going around the actual house than stay inside.. hahahaha

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Actor Bong Tae Gyu will be tying the knot this fall!

His agency revealed the exciting news to Star Today on March 3, “Bong Tae Gyu will wed his girlfriend, star photographer Hasisi Park, in October. This past Lunar New Year, they visited and spent time with the parents of both sides, and the formal meeting between the two families has already been held.”

“The two met each other last year at a social gathering. Feeling comfortable with each other, they rapidly turned from friends to lovers. Hasisi Park is well informed about the [entertainment] field, and that must have helped them grown close in such a short period of time. They say they just clicked from the beginning,” the source explains how the couple met each other.

In January, Hasisi Park shared a photo of their rings through her Instagram. The caption says, MarriedHasisi is sold out.”


The wedding will be held in October.

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