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Jaejoong at SPY set

JYJ Official added 3 new photos.
설날에도 열심히 촬영 중!
새해 복 많이 받으시고 즐거운 설 명절 되세요^^

#Jaejoong hwaiting!! <drama shooting even during new year's day> [JYJ FB]  
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JYJ #김재중 sends Lunar New Year's Greetings at #Spy filming set http://article.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=108191 
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More here: JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 2/16- 2/22/15 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2015/02/jyj-news-week-of-21716-22215.html?spref=tw
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class="postitle" review: Spy Episode 10 February 10, 2015


I’m confused as to why the North Koreans are so hell-bent on Seon Woo. I even played back the previous episodes but I still have no clue. Maybe he ruined many of their operations when he was a field agent but still… I hope that will be revealed to us soon and not in the last episode. So will Seon Woo sacrifice himself for family? I can see he doing that but that would be too simple a narrative point for an espionage-themed drama.

SW shows no fear in front of KC – which is kinda cool. And ups the cool factor when he draws his gun and tosses the handcuffs on the ground in front on KC. He’s not here to listen to KC’s nonsense. KC counters that SW isn’t thinking properly – what would happen to HY if KC spilled about her real identity? KC reveals that HR has been doing everything she can to keep SW safe, which rattles SW. SW threatens to shoot and KC dares him to see through his threat.

KC confesses that the North Koreans want him – not his mom. If he submits to them, his family will be unharmed. KC also advises SW that he should never hesitate when he intends to shoot – or he won’t be able to shoot at all. KC turns and swaggers off and SW lets a bullet fly. But not at KC.

review: Spy Episode 10 http://wp.me/p3scju-3KY via @wordpressdotcom

class="postitle" review: Spy Episode 11 February 15, 2015


Seon Woo decides Mom should back off and let him handle the North Korean spies. There is logic in that since he officially has the capacity to do so while Hye Rim is just busting corners and years of her life trying to deal with Ki Chul with her rusty spook skills. But then again, there is no knowing the fierce resilience of a mother’s heart.

SW silently draws his gun but halts when KC mentions that he is alone. SW orders KC to erase all evidence of his parents’ involvement in this matter as he intends to handle it on his own. KC agrees to do so on the condition SW gets the infamous hard disc from JS. Comrade’s lackeys are unable to break into SW’s place and instead sets off the security alarm. HR scurries out to check but the lackey has vanished without a trace. Comrade texts YJ that the kidnap attempt has been called off and she is so relieved that she bursts into tears, causing poor YS to be bewildered. YS thinks YJ is crying because SW cancelled their appointment and sweetly tries to comfort the older woman, which only makes YJ feel worse.

review: Spy Episode 11 http://wp.me/p3scju-3N8 via @wordpressdotcom

class="postitle" review: Spy Episode 12 February 16, 2015


Seon Woo and Yoon Jin have a Spy Spar and well, this is how they ended up. And I have a request: can someone please burn that hard disc everyone is coveting? Just so that we can move on to another mission. But anyway, the tables have turned and now it’s up to Seon Woo to save his mother.

SW rushes to “save” YJ. He exchanges the hard disc for YJ and Comrade happily takes his leave. SW is apologetic while YJ, unable to bear the guilt, blurts out that he is frustrating. Hasn’t he figured it out? She’s with the North Koreans – in cahoots with KC. ER. Okay, the big reveal was kinda weird and anti-climatic. SW is flustered. Of course. He doesn’t connect the dots…YJ states that the past three years was all orchestrated: she meeting him, she making him fall in love with her.

review: Spy Episode 12 http://wp.me/p3scju-3NU via @wordpressdotcom

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Shamrockmom's Fangirl Letter to Ki Chul:


Dear Ki Chul,

I know things haven't been going your way for a while, from the “blowout” you had with Hye Rim 25 years ago, to that Comrade Oh doing the end-run around you with the higher ups in Pyongyang a couple of weeks ago. Now Hye Rim has turned you down yet again to stay with that Mr. Nice Guy she married and her spoiled kids. Well, your luck is about to change...

You see in Dramaland, there aren't too many dudes a woman of Shamrockmom's age can appropriately fangirl about. Now if I was 25, I'd think that Sun Woo guy was “a hottie” as we said back in the '80s. He looks like he was drawn by a manga artist, and a magic wand brought him to life...perfect chiseled face, perfect hair, intense brooding gaze, white straight teeth complete with dazzling smile, excellent kissing skills, and a body most guys couldn't get if they worked out 5 hours a day. But you see, Shamrockmom isn't 25 any more...and she is looking for a man who she can call “Oppa”. That pool of dudes is darn small and is getting smaller by the day. But you, my friend, Ki Chul, are the kind of guy Shamrockmom is looking for.

No, I don't want to get married or anything silly or old-fashioned like that...I just want to go and have fun with a “bad boy”. And after the much needed execution of that slimeball Comrade Oh, you are indeed a bad boy. The pillow was a nice touch—you were so thoughtful to cushion his head before you blew it off. Like most bad boys, you definitely have a sensitive side. The fact that you paid off the minions of Comrade Oh with cold hard cash tells me that even after years in NK, you have a strong grasp of the tenets of Western Capitalism. Money talks, and you understand that. Perhaps you should think of opening a business, you would do well both in the US and in SK.

Hye Rim took the easy way out, and married a sweet, safe guy with a college degree and a steady job, lovely house in a good neighborhood, and a Lexus in the garage. Nice, but a little boring. You seem to have some cool young friends. My kids bring their cool friends around too, so I'm good with that. I know you won't drive some big old sedan or a minivan—you will drive a fun car like a Hyundai Genesis coupe, and if you come over here to SoCal where I live (I hear immigration laws are pretty lax, should be no problems even with your past “issues”) we can drive/drift that car up and down the canyons or cruise the beaches, while you are sipping your Starbucks americano, and I have my Vietnamese coffee. Then since you like firearms, we can have a fun afternoon at the local shooting range. (Shouldn't be any problems getting you in there either.) Just so you know, I'm a pretty good shot by the way. I use two hands, unlike Hye Rim. I have a great idea for a little friendly competition for us...if I hit the middle of the target, you give me a kiss, and if you hit the middle of the target, I will give you a kiss! Can't lose with that deal!

I've got some additional plans for how we can spend our evening together. In case you are wondering what that might entail, you can read some of my Fan Fictions. I'm sure we will have a most enjoyable evening together. I'm good with either inventing new scenes or acting out the ones I've written. Let Sun Woo and his girlfriend have those handcuffs, we won't need them. Our love will link us together tighter than any handcuffs. (Apologies to Song Jae Rim for blatant theft of cheese.)


(Ki Chul reading some of Shamrockmom's fan fictions)

I don't even mind the scar you have on your face. I can't see it without my glasses, and in a dark (bed)room, I'd never even know it was there. Heck, when you get to our age, there's bound to be a few dents and dings we've acquired along the way. I like your communication skills too. Sardonic wit is a quality you will find I greatly appreciate, along with being a good kisser.

So whaddaya think Ki Chul? Ready to meet Shamrockmom? HMU (Hit Me Up) as the kids say.  

Most Sincerely Yours,


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Guest ishildur

Hi! New here, but a long time onlooker. If you're watching Spy via Viki, you can probably see me ranting in live comments:) I hope you'll take me serious, cause my question is no joke! I'm looking (more like desperately searching) for a soundtrack song from Spy, that's not on a soundtrack (and I fear it won't be!). First time it appeared was during North Korean girl-spy death in Ep.3/4? It was emulated later numerous times, but that one scene was the most memorable one. It's a pathetic slow song, starting with an ominous bell. Then woman starts humming and... that's nearly all. It is dramtic, cinematic and just CAN'T GET OUT OF MY HEAD! HELP, I'm a seriously headcasing here T-T

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Kim Jae Joong leaves a brief message for his fans in celebration of lunar new year
Kim Jae Joong left a brief message for his fans in celebration of lunar new year.
On February 19th, a representative of Kim Jae Joong's management agency told that Kim Jae Joong left a brief message for his fans on his official Facebook in celebration of lunar new year.

Kim Jae Joong uploaded three new photos on his Facebook and wrote, "Still going through drama shoots! Happy new year, and have fabulous holidays." In the photos, Kim Jae Joong is showing the same charismatic look that he shows in drama 'SPY,' and he is also posing together with other staffs and actors.

Last week's episodes of 'SPY' showed Kim Jae Joong (playing as Kim Sun Woo) learning that Bae Jong Ok (playing as Park Hye Lim) became a spy because of Yoo Oh Sung (playing as Hwang Ki Chul)'s threat, and requesting Yoo Oh Sung to let Bae Jong Ok go.

Meanwhile, 'SPY' airs on every Friday at 9:30 PM.

Kim Jae Joong leaves a brief message for his fans in celebration of lunar new year

EN Star N News

ishildur said: Hi! New here, but a long time onlooker. If you're watching Spy via Viki, you can probably see me ranting in live comments:) I hope you'll take me serious, cause my question is no joke! I'm looking (more like desperately searching) for a soundtrack song from Spy, that's not on a soundtrack (and I fear it won't be!). First time it appeared was during North Korean girl-spy death in Ep.3/4? It was emulated later numerous times, but that one scene was the most memorable one. It's a pathetic slow song, starting with an ominous bell. Then woman starts humming and... that's nearly all. It is dramtic, cinematic and just CAN'T GET OUT OF MY HEAD! HELP, I'm a seriously headcasing here T-T
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Episodes 9-12: Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice
Via seoulbeats
SPY, Episodes 9-12: Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice Written by Camiele On February 23, 2015

SPY is now in hitting its stride. With the show rapidly approaching its conclusion, a few more things have started to fall into place, mostly details pertaining to Hye-rim’s past and how it ends up coming full circle and affecting her present-day family life. If it wasn’t already clear from earlier episodes, the relationship between Hye-rim and Ki-chul is much more complex than initially hinted at in the show’s first four episodes.

It’s clear Ki-chul and Hye-rim’s relationship went far beyond agent and supervisor — with a bit of fun off the record. No matter how tunnel his vision may be, Ki-chul’s affection for Hye-rim seems to hinder his performance. When he’s too slow to get the information his higher-ups want, they send someone from their pool of insurgents. Oh Tae-shik is young and arrogant. He’s also wild and loose, willing to do just about anything to prove he’s the big, bad wolf. Characters like that always get theirs in the end, but for now, his arrogance makes him dangerous.

Meanwhile, as a means to regain some control over a situation he’s been in charge of for quite some time, Ki-chul meets Sun-woo in private and gives him an ultimatum: join his side and keep his family safe, or kill him and his life is pretty much over. The lighting and camera direction give the scene the needed suspense; however, the dialogue and Jaejoong’s somewhat put-on intensity adds a campiness to the scene I’m sure no one planned for. They use the same old “conflicted hero” trope: a shot of Sun-woo pulling the trigger only to hit at nothing but air because he has to make a tough decision.


That being said, Jaejoong’s interactions with Ki-chul are the most convincing among the many he has with any other character. He plays pissed off and impatient rather well. He’s got incredibly expressive eyes when he’s doing any acting that requires him to show intense emotion. It’s not always easy to use the subtle cues of the eyes to interpret a scene instead of the “loud” acting we see from many of his peers (yes, including band mate Park Yoochun), so kudos to Jaejoong for pulling it off convincingly.

As SPY’s plot continues to unravel, we begin to see more layers of Ki-chul’s character, and it adds a depth and dimension that I was actually surprised to witness. Writers Han Sang-woon and Lee Kang wrote Ki-chul as somewhat of an antihero. He honestly believes what he’s doing is for the good of his country; however, his ways and means are ruthless. He’s very exacting, doesn’t waste words or actions. He has one goal, and he’s as precise as possible without being sloppy — except, of course, when it comes to his lingering affections for Hye-rim.

Then there’s the complicated love story between Yoon-jin and Sun-woo. Quite frankly, Yoon-jin is really terrible at hiding anything. If Sun-woo didn’t at least suspect Yoon-jin of being somewhat tangentially involved with Ki-chul, then they’ve made Sun-woo a very weak character with a flaw that’s hard to overlook. He’s an NIS agent who’s been in the field, yet he lets his emotions blind him to what’s right in front of him. It’s not as if Yoon-jin is particularly crafty or even remotely good at concealing her thoughts. He’s human, yes, but to be so easily distracted and off his game around his girlfriend when he essentially shouldn’t really trust anyone is very hard to believe. As one of the NIS’s top agents, he should be able to read body language, especially body language as obvious as hers. But he’s so blinded by his love for Yoon-jin that he doesn’t recognize signs of her being overtly suspicious.


SPY has some pretty decent action sequences, allowing audiences the chance to see Jaejoong’s ability to handle physicality. Surprisingly, as the show’s hero, Sun-woo hasn’t had to engage in nearly as much combat as one would expect an agent caught in the middle of a political power struggle. The fight scene between him and Hyun-tae in episode eleven is a slightly awkward; however, it’s not as exaggerated as some I’ve seen. It’s interspersed with random bits of dialogue, which I suppose is meant to highlight how even spies are human with conflicts of conscience. Even Hyun-tae falls victim to his personal vendetta against the supervisor. It clouds his judgment, to the point that Sun-woo can use that fact to distract him enough to subdue him and steal the hard drive to get his girlfriend back.

There’s an unfortunate amount of exposition in the episode, which is probably what makes the fight scene a bit underwhelming. The end of the fight sequence was actually the best executed. Sun-woo finally gets Hyun-tae subdued, then tells him to remember to breathe. This bit of off-hand commentary is actually not only effective to show their relationship and their humanity but also to add humor to a scene that was kind of unintentionally funny because of how awkward it was. I will say this, though: if Jaejoong is doing his own stunts, he’s got pretty decent form.

The second fight scene at the end of episode twelve between Sun-woo and his ex-girlfriend was also subtlety choreographed and was more about the lingering emotions between the two than any actual need to do harm. Yoon-jin proclaims she doesn’t want to fight him to get past, but there’s not even a moment’s hesitation on Sun-woo’s mind, and he goes all in, earning his title as one of the NIS’s rising stars.

While many have a hard time with Go Sung-hee in general, I have a much harder time with Bae Jong-ok’s performance. It’s either very exaggerated or randomly stilted. It’s rare that I have a problem with a veteran actress’ performance. In fact, in pretty much all the dramas I’ve watched, they’ve stolen the show. However, whether it’s the way Hye-rim was written or the way Jong-ok interprets the role, she’s inauthentic to me and doesn’t really sell her character.

Unfortunately Hye-rim is written poorly. She’s so soft, and being so entrenched in her family life, she doesn’t realize when she’s being double-crossed or even when someone’s behind her. This in and of itself is a contradiction, considering the whole premise of her character is she’s so desperate to keep her family safe she tends to be overprotective. But even in that respect she struggles. Eventually her inability to maintain her secret catches up with her, and now she’s got a loose grip on the family she’s trying desperately to protect.

Which leads to the precarious dynamic between mother and son. From episode six on Sun-woo’s rather cold-hearted toward Hye-rim. His anger is understandable, and from his tears (very well acted, by the way, Jaejoong), you can see it hurts him to be so harsh to his mother, but there was a better way to get his point across. These scenes reveal a bit of petulance that makes his character seem childish. He wants to take responsibility and wants his mother to respect him as an adult, but again his way of going about it is a bit childish.

This could very well be the effect of allowing love to completely subvert his nature. The pain and confusion in his eyes when Yoon-jin confesses that she’s been using him for the entirety of their relationship is palpable. His impulse to choke her may have been a bit excessive; however, the stress of what he knows about his mother and being used as a scapegoat reveal a bit of madness resting right below the surface of Sun-woo’s psyche. Finding out his girlfriend has been lying to him breaks something in him.

Jaejoong has mastered the art of subtlety. He doesn’t reach for too much in moments of high tension, and in the later episodes, he seems to be more comfortable in Sun-woo’s skin. However, the most convincing character is Ki-chul. He’s ruthless, honest, and does things by his own book of morals and standards. When he says he’s going to do something, he delivers with cool precision. However, there’s a small level of humanity that seeps through whenever he interacts with Hye-rim, and while that may point to weakness, it also means he’s able to channel it to his advantage when things get serious.

By far and away the most standout aspect of the show is its cinematography. SPY definitely owes much of its viewership to the director and DP. We open episode nine with a flashback of Hye-rim in North Korea, followed by a series of images of Sun-woo growing up. This shot alone is a testament to the show’s beautiful shooting and editing. In episode ten, we’re gifted a gorgeous shot of Sun-woo’s reflection at the shooting range. The lighting and camerawork in this scene sell the episode. Later on in episode ten, we get even more brilliant camerawork, showing Sun-woo and Hye-rim’s cars passing each other in their back windows.

As the final four episodes come upon us, Sun-woo begins to show his mettle, and Jaejoong’s performance is indicative of that agency. I’m actually quite interested to see how this show reaches its conclusion. I’m hoping despite Yoon-jin’s intentions that relationship has been left to die. I don’t hold out much optimism that the show’s creators will do away with the love line, but one can hope, right?­

(KBS, Viki)

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class="game_title" itemprop="name" style="text-align: center; font-size: 40px; line-height: 45px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-top: 0px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-weight: normal; font-family: pbRegular, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serifd; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Who is your ideal type from Kim Jaejoong's Characters?Kim Seonwu

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Fan Support for Jaejoong and SPY from Vietnamese Jaejoong's fansite...

[CIELJJ SUPPORT FOR SPY] Jaejoong's signature and picture with our coffee ^_^ (deeply thanks to @HEROSE1)


[Jaejoong's Signature for CielJJ] 20150222 Coffee Support for Spy

커피, 간식 잘 멋었어요~!! (I enjoyed coffee and snacks~!!)

추운데 다들 힘이 되요~ (They gave us strength in this cold weather~)

멀리서도 응원해 주셔서 감사해요.^^ (Thank you for supporting me from that far ^^)


Thanks so much for @HEROSE1 ^_^

Embedded image permalink

 ♡ 한나 ♡ (Hannah) @The_Little_Pear foamstyle9639's photo http://instagram.com/p/zZY6wTRWBW/  @CielJaejoong food truck @ Spy filming set #CielJJ #김재중 #Jaejoong #드디어베트남팬왔어
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Jaejoong fans swoon over bathroom brawl in 'Spy'

Updated : February 24 2015   The romantic spat between Kim Jae-joong and Ko Sung-hee in the most recent episode of action drama "Spy" is drawing a lot of interest from fans for their electrifying on-screen chemistry.

In the 12th episode that aired on Feb. 13, Kim Sun-woo played by Kim, who is a member of K-pop trio JYJ, comes close to blows with girlfriend Lee Yoon-jin enacted by Ko.

(IMTV/DN Contents/Studio Seven)
Reeling from the discovery that his lover is the titular spy of the series, who had been calculating attacks against him, Kim departs before turning back to interrogate Ko on the safety of his mother and her boss.

What ensues is a romantic and fierce spat between the couple.

The gripping action sequence, which was shot over four hours in Korea City Air Terminal in Seoul's Gangnam district, saw the actors good-naturedly helping each other within the narrow confines of the allotted bathroom space.

Insiders claim that Ko, who struggled to pull off a convincing rendition as an experienced combat-woman, was aided by the K-pop singer on set.

"They were able to convey the repressed romantic emotions of the action scene, culminating in an impressive scene," said a crew member about the pivotal scene.

The KBS2 drama, which took a break last week during the Lunar New Year festivities, airs two consecutive episodes every Friday at 9:30 p.m. and 11:10 p.m.

By Yoon Sarah (sarah356@heraldcorp.com)

Jaejoong fans swoon over bathroom brawl in 'Spy' http://www.kpopherald.com/view.php?ud=201502241749458875772_2
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Fan Support for Jaejoong and SPY

worldclassJJ @worldclassjj
ブログを更新しました。 『WCJJ食事サポート3』 ⇒ http://ameblo.jp/worldclassjj/entry-11994031807.html 

LOL!!! Seonu, rice wouldn't betray you!
via crystalmoon64

according worldclassJJ's blog, JJ was worried about weak yenㅎㅎ he said "the support was hard work (because of it), wasn't it?" ~the always caring Jaejoong~






@worldclassjj: ブログを更新しました。 『WCJJ食事サポート1』 ⇒ http://ameblo.jp/worldclassjj/entry-11993994823.html " setting up






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Kichul is starting to act weird. He definitely starting to abandon party's order. Now he has his own agenda, which i don't know yet what is it about. He said he want to die a "free man". Do he and his minions want to defect to south?

For the romance, me as a Woojin couple supporter honestly wishing for a happy ending. But then again i think that would be very challenging in their future together, even if they still love each other. Okay, first, we don't even know whether there will be any event that could bring them back together. Because i don't think Yoonjin will ever told Seonwoo that she had previously saved Yongseo from abduction, or how she love him so much she already tried to escape from his life quietly if not for her family being held hostage by Kichul.
Second, will they manage to save Yoonjin's family? Regardless, Yoonjin seems determined to run away from spy life. Therefore, she must face the high risk possibility that the North will forever hunt her down anywhere. Not just as a defector but as a former spy that must have known some of their confidential espionage secrets (like training methods, list of active spies, location of confidential places/prison camps, and the most feared one by the North that defector would speak up about human rights condition), she has to be kept shut. There are already so many instances that defectors in many parts of the world are getting death threats from mysterious people, asking them to come back to "fatherland" or they will die. Yoonjin must have known about that very well, so she might not want to burden Seonwoo with her dangerous life.

So, i'm prepared for anything, happy or sad ending. That's why i'm so curious to find out how the story will progress.

Oh and this question remains: who Seonwoo's real father is.

photo cr: @KyuEVIL2 from Ko Sung-hee's fan's instagram

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New Stills from SPY starring Kim Jaejoong

#스파이 #김재중 always wears jacket fans gave him w name tag "KimSeonuJaejoong I'm handsome"http://m.news.nate.com/view/20150225n19659  
via crystalmoon64

Embedded image permalink
#스파이 #김재중 shows off his explosive chemistry even with guns!!! http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=404&aid=0000085087  
via crystalmoon64

Embedded image permalink

#스파이 #김재중 overcomes bitter cold of filming location w his fans' love for him http://m.star.mt.co.kr/view.html?no=2015022511564689198 
via crystalmoon64 

Embedded image permalink

#스파이 #김재중 Perfect visual any way you look at him! Flawless http://mtvdaily.asiae.co.kr/article.php?aid=1424834130857694017  
via crystalmoon64

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JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 2/23-3/1/15 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2015/02/jyj-news-week-of-223-3115.html?spref=tw

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