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  1. It was mentioned very briefly that SA had his daughter when he was 18. No mention of the mother or the circumstances. I agree I also like this forthright young lady, and her positive and sweet relationship with her Grandfather. So far, she seems to be the only one in that family with a brain.
  2. The writer is sure taking time for the setup...and creating so many unlikable characters. I am cheering for the Grandpa. What a shame his sons turned out so self centered.
  3. Well, that's shocking!/sarc Who would've ever guessed Soondubu Mom would have a problem with her beloved son's heart in CD's body. And only, what 2-3 episodes to hash it all out? Geez. I'm glad there wasn't unneeded angst between YW and CD about the heart issues. BTW, I loved that scene with DW and CD at the crosswalk. Really creative, and touching. Well done, writer-nim!
  4. Heh, if it was really the same old formula, CD would have amnesia for at least 30 episodes, thus dragging out the plot and causing us viewers to really lose our hair! But I do agree with you, CD was a lame-brain for going to the CEO and blabbing about what he knew. He should have hustled himself and his luscious lips right down to the inept local Seoul Police Department with the recorder so they can bungle the case/take a payout from the CEO/"lose" the evidence. Wouldn't mind seeing Il Nam step up here...just sayin'! I wonder if SJ has deeply considered that by outing her dad, her lifestyle is gonna take a massive hit....like all the way down to the bottom kind of a hit. Her and her mom, MIL and the new baby are gonna be living in a ramshackle rooftop apartment if they are lucky. SJ's mom has no skills whatsoever; at least JH's mom can cook and clean but she won't stand for SJ's mom just loafing around all day...that could be a whole 'nother spinoff series. (Are you listening writer-nim?!) I gotta wonder if JH will get actual jail-time or if he will get probation from his part in the murder of DW. I think one reason we don't see weddings at the end of these dailies is that the production is usually over budget, plus with the current situation in the world, it would look awkward to have a big wedding. Now I could get behind a small family wedding, and it would be keeping within the frame of the drama. Even if the CEO gets punished in the last episode....at least he will get punished. Too often, the baddies get "forgiven" by the main characters, and minimal to no punishment/karma happens to them.
  5. Pardon my Rant! Il Nam continues to suck up valuable oxygen on this earth, and I am not sure why....he is one of the most loathsome characters, and I do not feel sorry for him in the least. He didn't go out and get a real job; instead he relied on connections. When he got called out on it, he quit--but now what? Still not working...ugh. At least Trang was honest with Soondubu Mom, and how disappointed she was in Il Nam. Wait until Mom finds out there's a grandchild involved-- Il Nam's sis is now equally loathsome. She acts like her husband went over and above when he went out ONE DAY to look for work to help his own mother out. ONE DAY....omg....poor Soondubu Mom. I wasn't sure about her at first, but gosh darn I don't know how she keeps it all together. I love her character. And now those 2 greedy jerks are gonna reap the benefit of the land sale when neither deserves a single solitary Won. And Ye Won is dumber than dirt for blurting out that info about the Oriental Raisin right in front of the Boss. She needs a brain transplant. Poor CD is caught in the middle between his (about to be former) bestie and the woman he loves. I feel no sympathy for Mal Sook. She has reaped what she has sown. YW's dad has a very merciful and generous spirit, but in all honesty, he needs a spine transplant.
  6. The expression on Jenny's face is absolutely perfect! I cracked up laughing just before my alarm went off this morning. What a cute and well adjusted dog, she seems to love everyone on the set.
  7. I stood up and cheered when Soondubu Mom threw that well-deserved and long overdue tantrum at the end of the episode today. She's got a far longer fuse that I could ever have! Please don't sell that chunk of land... It reminds me of my dental patients years ago when I worked in a super-rich area in SoCal....they would often tell me about how they knew their kids would fight over the estate money after their death. If nothing else, I learned to have a will/trust, and spell everything out--and if anyone wants to contest it, they are automatically disinherited! Il Nam and Ji Yeong are so unbelievably vile and disgusting for trying to push I-Nam out of his share of the inheritance. And you know they are gonna not want to give YW a share either, since DW is dead. Again today, no mention of Il Nam paying back his debt to YW. Ugh!!!Where's that white box truck of doom when you need it, lol! At least we know why I-Nam is not quite as bad...he has no blood relation to them whatsoever. Definitely opens up the opportunity for him to have a relationship with YJ since they aren't really in-laws, not that it should be a big deal. Wow, that family is definitely a patchwork quilt of his kids, her kids, and even someone else's kid. And so nice to see JH having a few flashbacks to the accident scene...his conscience is still alive, but just barely.
  8. 1. Today my Vietnamese coworker was in the office, and I got the bright idea to ask her--she knows about my Kdrama habit, lol. She confirmed that in English/Vietnamese it is spelled "Trang" but phonetically it sounds like "Jahng" Link to correct pronunciation here. Mystery solved! 2. No, I totally got that it was SJ's mother accepting of JH as a son-in-law when she called him 김서방. What irked me was the way it was subbed, because JH said (per the subbers) "Thank you for calling me by my first name" which made me think WTH just happened here. Because as far as I know, she would never call her son in law by his first name. Ever. (Ep. 84, close to the 18:00 mark) Personally, I think that line should have been translated as "Thank you for calling me your son-in-law" but my question was more along the lines of--was this translated correctly or was there something else going on that I missed? I was so ticked off at the Nam family purchasing all that stuff on credit cards when they don't even have the funds yet, and especially I-Nam for buying the motorcycle. I thought out of all of them, he had his head screwed on straight--sigh--guess not. The longer this show goes on, the more I understand Soondubu Mom's frustration with her crew.
  9. First overriding question/observation: Did anyone else notice that Il Nam did not mention paying back the debt he owes YW from the (potential) proceeds of his share of the land? Seriously? Dude, before you blow that money on your next scam, how about paying back your stepbrother's widow? That really set me off this week. I'm sorry, that guy is beyond redemption. Total scum. Trang should leave Korea ASAP and take the next boat back to Vietnam. Her son is better off with no father than Il Nam. I am so surprised that YW found her missing backbone in that box of DW's stuff! Who knew it was there of all places, lol! Seeing YW give SJ a piece of her mind (and a strong wrist grab to boot) in the preview keeps me going just as I was about to give up on this drama.... There's gonna be a lot to resolve in 40 episodes. @nohamahamoud2002 Thank you so much for the IG pics (Jenny is a super cute dog, and I'm a cat person, lol!) and for the YT video of JH and his kids. So much adorableness! I like the actor that plays CD, and he has a great smile, but JH is a much more nuanced and interesting character, and Shim Ji Ho is a master at the little facial expressions that make it all work. @seungshin So awesome to see you posting again! I have a couple of questions for you because of your vast knowledge of the Korean language... 1) Why do the other characters pronounce the name we viewers see translated as "Trang" like "Jjang"? 2) Why did JH thank his new Mother in Law for using his first name (at least per the subbers) when she clearly called him 김서방? I know she was addressing him as her son in law, but I wonder how/why it was translated as she was using his first name. She should be calling him 김서방 all the time, right?
  10. Let me summarize how I think the setup here goes. I am probably wrong, so go ahead and correct me. Soondubu Mom was married to Dong Woo's dad, and that dad passed away. Then she married Mr. Nam and he was a widower with 2 horrible brats and I-Nam. Soondubu mom nearly packed up and left Mr. Nam because (insert reason here, My guess is some combo of adultery, DV, etc.). Then Mr. Nam died and she got the whole crew of kiddos--and all his debt. I believe that for whatever jerk Mr. Nam was, he knew the kiddos. And he knew his 3 were lacking....so he adopted DW. Even the brats looked up to DW as the eldest son. Then again, he could have adopted DW for the simple reason that DW would get mad hassle from classmates for not having a father, and this way, he would technically have a father. In the US, I believe the law would be that without a written will, Soondubu Mom can do whatever she wants with that property. It's her land to sell/keep/divide up as she pleases since she was married to Mr. Nam and is his surviving widow. of course, this is Korea, and the laws may differ. Heaven Knows the horrible brats aka Il Nam and the loudmouth sister in law (and probably I-Nam too by now because he wants the motorcycle) are gonna put pressure on Soondubu Mom for the cash, which is utterly disgusting to me after her years of sacrifices for them. Now if Mr. Nam left Soondubu Mom out of his will, then he could have bequeathed the land to his most capable son, biological or not--and that would be DW. Maybe he gambled that DW would keep the land in the family, and sell it when the time was right and that he would divide the proceeds up in a fair manner.
  11. You are spot on. My son's friend had a heart transplant right after he was born. He made it until he was about 14....then his heart failed. Unbelievably enough, a second heart was found and transplanted. However, the anti-rejection medications put him into lymphoma and he died . I asked a cardiologist that I know if that was something common, and he said that it's the dirty secret of heart transplants--that the anti-rejection meds end up killing the patient. So yeah, heart transplants are not like removing one part and replacing it with another, like Legos or a car part, ore even an artificial hip or knee. Same reason YW's dad tried the suicide route. I don't approve of it either way...suicide destroys the loved ones left behind. What I would like to see is for YW to stop CD's sis from committing suicide, just like he stopped her father. I don't think it will happen, but it could be a nice way to get YW and CD back together. Right now, it's looking very bleak for their romance. YW has harshly rejected CD, and it's literally killing him. I kinda like I-Nam with SW. I am not sure if he will end up with SW or with YJ. He seems to regard YJ as a sister-friend and coworker, rather than as a romantic interest. I can't believe I'm typing this, but I don't think SJ knew SW had a crush on JH, so it's hard to be mad at her for having SW take the picture. We viewers know...so it's rotten to watch. I did get a real kick out of the flashback to JH and SJ at the orphanage....SJ was a little brat then and she's a bigger brat now! Some people never change....but she did show some minimal compassion toward JH, and that was a nice thing to see. She's not completely without redeeming qualities, I was beginning to wonder for a while if maybe she was.
  12. The theme of being duped/scammed seems to be a common thread in this drama. We see Il Nam being duped with the Royal Victoria scam, then he dupes Trang saying his family has the biggest/best restaurant around, and Trang withholds info from Il Nam (regarding his son). Round and round it goes.... Unless I misunderstood, Trang also seemed to agree with Il Nam that their 'marriage' was a business arrangement. I gotta wonder what happened that she or he changed the terms of the deal. As for YW's dad, I 100% agree he needs psychotherapy. I don't mean to make light of his suicide attempt--I lost my own mother to suicide nearly 6 years ago, so I know depression is no joke. There are so many characters who could use psychotherapy in this drama....Seon Hwa and YW's sis come to mind....and SJ would be at the top of that list.
  13. Definitely this week's episodes have me reaching for the meds.... YW is absolutely enraging with her behavior toward poor CD. I'd have tossed in the towel on this drama already, but his lips that go on for days and make me think wicked thoughts his heart melting smile the fact that he's a good guy keeps me going. He is honest and communicates well; other characters in this drama need to learn from him! I will add in that the relationshit relationship between SJ and JH is one for the record books. He is just as whacked out as she is! Dollars to donuts he slept with SJ's drunken booty and of course he didn't wrap his beef burrito use any kind of protection so there will be their baby to consider very soon. Although they deserve each other, Heaven help that poor child with 2 whacko parents and 2 goofy self centered grandparents! Seon Hwa needs to buy a clue or two and realize hooking up with JH is a losing proposition, although I-Nam is not exactly prize husband material either, given his own family's issues. The Soondubu mom is--by Western standards--completely out of line for wanting to take Bo Ram from her mother. However, since YW is the worst communicator and can't tell her the truth about what happened in front of the hotel, and given the fact that the family is now living at a bus stop, I feel her pain and she probably wants to put a roof over Bo Ram's head and 3 square meals in her tummy. I get it. Still, it comes off as controlling and ridiculous to us viewers. And then we have the depression/drunken duo of Il Nam and YW's daddy. I felt bad that YW's daddy considered suicide, but good gracious man, how about trying to help your daughters and granddaughter by working instead?? Ugh! And don't even get me started on the oxygen-waste of Il Nam. He is a total loser, and although I love Trang to pieces, what in blue blazes was she thinking when she slept with him and had his son?!? I have to believe she was gullible and bought into his grandiose lies. I did howl with glee at the fact that the Scammer Lady is now the maid for the Hwang's! OMG, how much do I love this?!? Please Writer-nim, let her rip them off with abandon, all the while her Probable Son JH gets to see his mama in action!!
  14. I fully concur that the gold-diggah who has impoverished the Kang's is the mom of Jihoon. Great pic, wonder if they used an actual pic of the actor from his childhood because it looks spot on to be Jihoon. Would also follow that "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" since we know Jihoon is a shifty sort of guy. (Huge props to the actor; he's doing such a great job. Yeah, CD is nice and easy on the eyes, but this actor has a much more demanding role.) Along with you, I wonder how they got separated, and how she got so indebted that she had to resort to being a con-artist to pay everything back. I also think she is gonna end up being forgiven/redeemed for her deeds, even though I personally would prefer seeing her sent to prison for a stretch. I also wanted to comment on how awesome that scene was a few episodes ago where Jihoon threatened SJ's dad over the slush funds and the payout to that other company. SJ's dad is another one of my favorite actors in these dailies. Check out "Waves, Waves" where he also plays the dad of a trashy brat. From the BTS scenes in "Waves, Waves", it looks like he is not only hilarious, and cracks everyone up on the set, but he makes better actors out of the younger guys. The other awesome scene was how solidly CD turned down SJ's father's proposal of marrying his daughter. Totally polite, and very firm without crossing into rudeness. Nicely done! From your keyboard to writer-nim's script! Not only would I love to see CD go back to being an attorney for the downtrodden like he was in the beginning, while SJ's dad is gonna get a full dose of just how trashy his daughter really is. Win-Win.
  15. I like how this writer lets the characters directly overhear stuff so they know exactly who's to blame. First, it was SJ finding out her mom bought the painting and rigged the competition, now the Soondubu Mom finds out that her eldest stepson was the one who took the money from her son...and Trang knows too, her expression of disgust was priceless. I feel bad that the Mom thinks she has to pay YW back because it was her stepson who took DW's savings, but I understand in a roundabout way she feels responsible for not bringing Il Nam up with better morals. Il Nam feels guilty, but he's probably only sad he got caught. I wonder if the writer is gonna come up with a plan to redeem this bozo. Speaking of bozo's, SJ is beyond the pale. What a disgusting character. JH needs to run for the hills. Seon Hwa is an idiot, but at least she sees how happy her big bro is with YW. I am hoping SW is at her limit with SJ's antics and starts drawing the line. It was nice seeing SW rejecting all the high end clothing and handbags SJ bought for her. CD and his sis are not the type to fall for all the designer goodies, cars and the high end lifestyle. Very cool that E-Nam overheard that convo between the ladies. He seems like he has his head screwed on straight. YJ better take her motorbike and skedaddle. She deserves his disdain. She's only sorry that she got found out. YW's dad is definitely hooked up with a scam artist/gold digger.That takes some serious lady cojones to ask for 50 million won. How awkward was that scene where she was begging him to take out a loan And that's a shame because he's a nice guy who is lonely. I'm also wondering if she will come to repentance at some point as well.
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