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  1. How unprofessional. It's not like these daily dramas have a bed scene, or anything resembling a hawwt kissing scene. She couldn't even stand a back hug?!! Wow. No wonder us viewers saw such a mess at the end. I thought PYJ did an above average acting job (given the limitations of the script) and he is easy on the eyes as well.
  2. I couldn't find much info...but yeah, I love her hair. So nice to see when everyone else colors their hair! https://mydramalist.com/people/22846-yang-hye-jin
  3. Well, at least there was CSW's hideous suit to laugh at today! Look at classy country boy NJ and respectable lawyer Heo dressed in conservative, reasonably well fitting dark suits and ties....and then there is that fashion monstrosity double-breasted tan plaid suit from CSW. If the wardrobe coordi was instructed to make him look dumpy, it was a complete success. I also gotta wonder why he has his hair down covering his forehead when he had it off his forehead earlier in the show. Poor CSW who got stuck with that suit. All of their facial expressions mirror mine when watching the last 3 weeks of this drama.
  4. The drama I wanted was not the drama I got. I wanted the drama where NJ and SW conspired (with liberal assistance from SJ, JA, and Lawyer Heo) to thwart evil CSH and Chairman Ahn's brother and take over the company. I thought CSH would acquiesce when SW and NJ got her backed into a corner, and she realized she would lose them both. (Cue massive forgiveness and a HEA ending episode.) I never dreamed this writer would use the current dreary scenario of CSH being completely disassociated and mentally incompetent, and that the former feisty SJ would be a mopey sad sack.
  5. I lose more brain cells every day watching this. It's completely ridiculous, and I want it to end mercifully so we can get on to the next drama.
  6. Forget the Ahn household, this drama is a total mess right now. The overacting and time-wasting scenes are a major buzzkill. I hate seeing mopey SJ, depressed NJ, and CSH who is a total lunatic. How sad is it that I look forward to a couple of minutes with Dae Shik's parents every day. '
  7. That was an unintentionally funny scene. The nun was so sweet; her little bow at the end just added to the politeness factor. Then she just keeps walking out after CSH collapses, like this kind of thing happens all the time at the chapel. (Must be a popular Kdrama filming site!) She gave one tiny glance backward, but obviously, CSH didn't rate enough with her to get more than that. The melodramatic music swelled to a crescendo as I started laughing like a lunatic during my lunch hour. I hope the nun (or the extra playing the nun) got a well-deserved pat on the back and some serious extra cash to spend or donate! Bravo! I was sure JA was about to miscarry, and CSW would probably have to be restrained from doing great bodily harm to CSH. That would be a total mess, and good for a whole bunch of episodes; however, I hope the writer doesn't go there. The stressful living situation is not conducive to her health, or the baby's health. I trust that CSW continues to stand up and protect JA. Loved that scene a couple of episodes ago when he yanked the phone away from JA and hung up on his momma. That was one of my favorite scenes this week, along with the chapel nun.
  8. In what universe should/could CSH get away with buying up all their clothing and dumping it in a warehouse? This is such blatant cheating I can't even believe it. The only way I can buy that NJ doesn't care about the fact that CSH did that is because he's running from these Effed-up people. He's throwing in the towel, giving the CEO position to CSW, and going back to Oepo. From the messed up living arrangements, to CSH trying to manipulate everyone around her to get access to NJ (after he's made it clear he is not interested in getting to know her on any level) I think the countryside village and a Jack-of-all-trades business must look better and better. I would also remind viewers that NJ has plumbing skills. That alone elevates him to "Hero" status in my book. Have you ever seen a broke or unemployed plumber?!? There are never enough good, honest plumbers in this world. Agree 100%. That was the moment this drama derailed for me. Lying to the prosecutor was just....ugggh. So out of character for Mr. Straight Arrow NJ. I keep watching to see one of two things happen...1)show goes completely off the rails or 2) Show makes a massive comeback. I'm not gambling on #2 though........
  9. Today's episode was above average. Great acting by CSW, as he processes the fact that CSH is not his birth mother. Also, there was confirmation from Lawyer Heo that the Chairman's grand plan was that he wanted CSW and NJ to work together at Hyunkang. The Chairman Grandpa Ahn was indeed clever and wise--unlike his hapless and jerky son who should have headlined the Jerry Springer show "I got my wife and my mistress pregnant and the kids were born on the same day!". Here are two other great screencaps from today: Thank you, SJ for saying this. I think every other character has forgotten this statement. It's a real drag that NJ is now connected to CSH and he can't help it. But she has a point. Who wants to have a MiL around that has a history of kidnapping? How could she feel secure living in the same house? The living arrangements right now border on the absurd. No wonder YSJ bails for the bus station. Check this out: The makeup artists have really done a great job with making CSW look haggard and pale after the surgery. The artlessly styled hair completes the look quite well. Then his mom paints the room he shares with JA in what looks like the palette from "Decorating a Funeral Home 101". (I love the color purple, so it pains me to write this.) My Western-culture bias does not let me understand why JA and SW don't get to decorate the room in the colors of their choice. I actually felt sorry for him today. He said he hated NJ....but did he forget he carries a lifesaving piece of NJ's kidney with him every day? WTH. I hope they remember they are brothers at the end of the day.
  10. Thanks for the clarification, but you are right. It makes no sense that he would completely ignore the son of his (supposedly) beloved mistress. And I like your ideas on what should have happened if AYK got his wife and mistress pregnant at the same time. Just think....if he had kept his pants on, or used some protection, a lot of people would have been spared a lot of grief!
  11. This was such a fantastic post...thank you for articulating this so well. 1) I didn't even think of the implications of the stock price and NJ's lie. Yeah, stuff like that always percolates to the top and then blows up into a mess. 2) 100% agree. What he should have done (to remain in character) is to have told the unvarnished truth to the stockholders/board of directors, and let the consequences take effect. 3) I am not a Kpop fan, but after days of reading about the current scandals in Korea, I cannot stomach one more lie or tolerate one more person that has zero honesty or negative levels of integrity. This show is on my last nerve! 4) CSH was lucky that BCS was such a dimwit and that he had the one shred of integrity left to keep him from murdering the baby. 5) SJ might be the last character with some honesty and integrity. Personally, I can't imagine SJ marrying NJ and living in the house (no matter how large & lavish) with the MIL that she hates, JA and CSW (plus the baby), the real MIL aka SunJa, the housekeeper, possibly Mr. Lee and did I forget anyone? Maybe it's my western bias showing, but that's a lot of people to get along with as a newlywed couple. They need some peace. I don't blame her for putting the brakes on the proposal--and it was super cheesy anyhow! Another thing I noticed today: The charnel house scene right at the beginning....did anyone notice the death dates were in 1992? If NJ and CSW are 30, how does that compute, even given the Korean age/Western age differential? To be 30, they would have had to have been born in 1989 or even as late as 1990. Was NJ kidnapped as a baby, and then it was 2-3 more years before the accident happened that killed Ahn Young Kyu and Kim So Young? I'm confused.
  12. I was very unhappy with today's episode. NJ, aka Mr. Straight Arrow now finds it acceptable to lie to the prosecutor just so his bio-mom won't get the punishment she wants and needs?!? I was disgusted that he would not tell the truth to the authorities. Is perjury even a thing to be considered? His momma Sun Ja would have smacked the living daylights out of NJ had he lied like that to her! NJ thinks he is protecting CSH, but his actions also protect the jerk BCS. That's bad collateral damage if you ask me. @valerie savage is right--but I think both CSH and BCS need some time in the slammer. I feel like there is a tonal shift to the drama...maybe it's just me.
  13. As everyone else in this drama undergoes change, SJ seems to be the one who is stuck. She blew off SG's meritorious deed and the money he gave to her father in recompense, and she's madder than a hornet at CSH. She is making herself miserable. I find it interesting that she can't forgive/forget the past, and I congratulate the writer for making her like this. It's so much more authentic than the typical cheap forgiveness we viewers see in daily dramas.
  14. Heh, let's count the women who NJ wants/needs to keep happy: 1) Real mom Sun Ja--I think NJ got lucky to have her raise him. Being poor was tough, but she always loved him. 2) Girlfriend SJ--and I like how she gets along with Sun Ja. They will be fantastic as MIL/DIL. 3) Birth mom CSH--because he is a soft-hearted guy. 4) possibly Childhood friend JA It's hard for a man to keep one woman happy in his life....NJ has at least 3, possibly 4 if you count JA.
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