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  1. I'm irked. Ok. I can buy that TP & YR's marriage was never celebrated or registered. I can buy that the birth of Min Ho /Dong Ho was never registered officially. What I am having a hard time swallowing is the premise that TP/MH still buys into the idea that he is the boy's biological father. He's this crack prosecutor with a memory like a steel trap, but he uhh...doesn't know how babies are made? Seriously? That part of him is still 7 years old and believes that babies are found in a cabbage patch/delivered by storks/insert your own myth here. Now he thinks his son is deceased. Geez!
  2. OK, sitting thru the first 20 episodes was tough, but the extra long setup by the writer was pretty darn good, and the (short term) payoff in Episode 21 was worth everything! BG music: on point. Hits the right feeling between properly melodramatic and campy for me. All the name changes: a little dizzying, but I think I have them straight. TP/MH: Oh, heck yeah, he totally remembers everything from his past, he's got a memory the rest of us wish we had, and he's patiently gonna plan this revenge out over the next 100 episodes. I am totally on board with this revenge rollercoaster!
  3. I'd love an interesting plot with well written characters and stellar acting performances, but....I'm not getting that from this drama. It's boring. But at least LSK's abs making surprise appearances does keep me minimally interested. I'll take what I can get right now and hope this drama revs it up after Tae Poong gets his mojo back.
  4. OK, let me try and tackle this one today. Most Korean daily dramas (this one included) do have a more simplistic group of characters. There are the good people and the bad people. Pretty simple. But we all know that life isn't really like that, right? What is going on here is really about escapism. It takes a lot of mental work to process out who is kinda-sorta good, and who is kinda-sorta bad and all the "gray" areas in between. Some of us who are overwhelmed by life just want simple entertainment, where the good people triumph and the bad people get punished (Karma). It has been my exp
  5. One thing that keeps me watching this hot mess is that unlike other dailies, the baddie is getting setbacks right from the start. Usually it's one big steamroll of the bad guys/gals winning until like episode 110. This looks like YuRa is gonna have to stay on her toes every minute to keep up the ruse. Wonder if the new chauffeur is a buddy of Choi Jun Sook. That would be interesting.
  6. Does anyone know the name of the actor who is playing young Tae Poong? I swear he looks like the young man who played the teenage son in Lady Cha Dal Rae's Lover. I checked Asianwiki.com, no info....but they aren't always the most accurate website. Waiting this week for the appearance of Lee Si Kang, who I think is gonna be Choi Joon Sook's rich buddy, the one that let him live at a swanky house/apt. I wonder how/when/if CJS is gonna remember that he is gonna be a daddy, and will his buddy help him or hinder him?
  7. There was a drama a couple of years ago called, "Move over Fate" where the main focus character was also male. Not a bad drama IIRC. Absolutely! I can only wonder what kind of hue and cry there would be if the female was taken advantage of like TP Is here. He is (at this point) incapable of making a decision and what she does by setting him up is reprehensible. However, a simple DNA test when the baby is born would clear this up, but...this is a Korean Daily Drama, so no go on that idea! It is definitely ugly that the show is going to have this woman take advantage of a disable
  8. Whoa! Kang Eun Tak and Lee Si Kang in the same drama?!? I'm in! So overdue for an awesome daily drama, the ones on the air now aren't able to hold my interest.
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