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Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 パク・ボゴム ♥ Debut single『Bloomin’』♥ Upcoming Movie: Seo Bok

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Aigoo...such a thoughtful person toward his fans! As one of you posted, when will have the luck to be given a plant by dearest Bogumny?



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9 hours ago, gumtaek said:


@rahma92: Hopefully, @autumnight can shed light on the reason...but even the ones tweeting from the event couldn't understand...:D I asked Bogummy the question during the YT live...:D

I find it really hard to tell what's going on because the videos are so short and the sound quality is not the best...  This is the longest clip I found about this... But they're already laughing hard at the beginning... 



BG listening to the translator: I will never forget about this... chongwa chongwa chongwa (???) *laughs* 

MC laughing and wiping her eyes: It's great that this is a fun stage... wosha wosha (???) 

I'm glad I'm an MC for 20 years...  

MC: MinMin-san 

BG *laughs really hard and looks up* 

MC: Bogum-san can we get back to MinMin-san's question? 

BG: Yes. Sorry... *looks down laughing* 

MC apologizes while trying to compose herself

MC: We received the question from MinMin-san

BG is again laughing like crazy... 

MC: Does this ever happen while you shoot dramas? Laughing like this...

BG: Yes, a lot... My NG (bloopers) are usually those.. all of them...

*hands circles face* smiles... smiles... during "Boyfriend" (can't make out what he said here) ... sorry. 


16 hours ago, gumtaek said:

Was he laughing hard or laughing to contain his crying? @autumnight, would you know what's going on?


My guess would be laughing too hard :joy: Not sure what the whole chongwa chongwa and wosha wosha is about and why the name min-min made all of them laugh so hard :blink: Need a clip before that cut... 


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Augh... Is it legal to be this cute? :joy: 


He said the face on the left is how his face looked when he heard he's 3rd (oricon chart). He was so surprised... And that's his happy face on the right :lol: He said even his hair was surprised... (circling the three hair on the left) :joy:


I'll try to translate some of the clips tomorrow @gumtaek... Most of them are so short though :wacko:

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"During the Q&A segment, he was asked what his dreams are, he answered in Japanese

"I want to release a song that I composed and wrote lyrics for. The  other  dream  is  big,

I hope everyone can be happy" he said wishing for world peace."


Trans by @autumnight

Tweeted by @sword0616


Translator's Note: There's no grammar difference for singular/plural in Japanese/

 It's possible that he wants to release many songs that he composes himself.


Thanks so much @autumnight

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