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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] | Upcoming Movie: Wonderland


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Sports Korea surveyed 1,050 men and women from the ages of 18-69 on their favorite celebrities:

#10 Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Hee Sun, Kang Ho Dong, Ahn Sung Gi, Choi Bool Ahm
#9 Suzy, Lee Hyori, Im Young Woong
#8 Hyun Bin
#7 Kim Hye Soo
#6 Park Bogum
#5 Gong Yoo
#4 Na Hoon Ah
#3 IU
#2 BTS
#1 Yoo Jae Suk



source : https://www.instagram.com/p/CHzNDnin8zB/

( "Who is #1?" Koreans rank their favorite celebrities)

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Idols & Actors Who Have An Unbreakable Friendship


Idols and actors in the South Korean K-Pop industry may work in different fields and may not cross paths with each other that often, but there are a few notable groups of them who are known to have a long lasting friendship with each other.



V (BTS) & Park BoGum

Park BoGum has often been seen attending BTS concerts.


And the pair are often seen vacationing together as well. So how deep does the friendship between the two go? When Park BoGum wanted to learn the choreography to 'Boy With Luv',he didn't get sent to the choreographer. V personally taught the actor the dance moves himself.






(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://www.kpopmap.com/idols-actors-who-have-an-unbreakable-friendship/


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*** CINE21 interviewer shared a backstory of the interview online. She said that at the end of everything Bo Gum came up to her and asked if it is possible to have the photos of Gong Yoo separately printed- ( by pointing at the wall with photos of celebrities from photo shoots in the past. ) She took Gong Yoo's photos off it and handed them to him. He showed the brightest smile and excitedly said to her - 'I'm going to get Gong Yoo's autograph on these!'" The interviewer wrapped up the story by saying, "I've seen a lot of celebrities who asked if they could take their own photos home, but I've never seen anyone asking if they could take someone else's.


Bogum is one-of-a-kind!  :blush:

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It would have been better if they were together in promoting the movie :cold_sweat: but life sure has always BIG SURPRISES.  Don't worry Gong Yoo,  with or without BOGUMMY's physical promotion, his fans will still support the movie 200%. And if only this Covid-19 will be taken out of the frame. :dizzy:



GOD WILL MAKE A WAY!!! :innocent:










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  • autumnight changed the title to Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] | Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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