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  1. Have been very busy on these two last weeks but continuously follow every notif here and in twitter. Feel so excited with every single news about him! I have read about comfort woman but I have no idea what it means. Thank you @gumtaekfor delivering that kstarlive article here! There is one organization like that too here, since Indonesia was colonized by Japan too around 1942. It is always great to have a public figure who cares about this matter. (is there another news about him I don't know yet? Each of it makes me respect him more) Will patiently wait for english sub of MAMA and very sure that you will post it here. Bo Gum is so daebak!!! By the way, realizing that Encounter is just having its first birthday on lastNovember 28th, I count my days as his fan. It hasn't been completely a year. I wish I can stay supporting him for a long long time. Love you all, chingus!!!
  2. Actually it's been three weeks already, I cannot stop imagining him as a samurai There is a manga character that I love, Kenshin Himura, a character created by Nobuhiro Watsuki. So I imagine him in red hair, wearing yukata, and holding a katana. I want to draw it, but I haven't find a good picture as a model. By the way, the protectiveness of his fans, his colleagues and his family member to him really impress me. It makes me sad in one side, and amaze me in other side.
  3. How exciting!!! I am waiting for this song, too!! @Sakurafairy if that is the case, it is completely fine... ^^ I hope we all can be happy and content enough with what he decides to share or not to share. (it's actually a wish for myself)
  4. @Sakurafairy I really love his consistency.. Remembering how he didn't do any drama for focusing his study after MDBC, I will gladly let him do the same.. Lol... Look at me saying that I mean,, I won't complain again about him doing only one movie this year He is achieving his goals, one by one.. I can feel he is very organized and very discipline. Ahh,, remind me to Choi Taek once again.. No no no... Not Choi Taek... It's Park Bo Gum, and he is so much more impressive than any character he have played. @rahma92 His manly look is stunning, isn't it? I want to see him as a fighter!! @summer2017 so there is no korean fan in this thread? I was just wondering that it will be great if there any of his fancafe member who can give us clue of any update he made there!!
  5. @willenette that poll title brings me excitement. When I visit the page, it seems hard for our boy to be the first, but it is still amazing!! @Sakurafairyyes, Such a great talk back then. I am wondering where they are going.. ^^ So he is still studying now? I thought he has graduated.. He takes another class? Daebak...
  6. Thank you @summer2017and @autumnightfor the warm words I am still doing this thread's back reading. I am on page 561 now. I will take a visit to Blossom site, too! Thank you ^^
  7. Reading the lastest posts brings me to tears.. I miss this boy, too... Too much and it drives me crazy literally.. I am rewatching Encounter and i cried in the first episode just because seeing his face made me realize how much I miss him. Such a weird thing.
  8. Thank you soooo much for all the updates! His kindness is amazing! His look is gorgeous! I love his smile, his laugh, his attitude, his everything,, even his tears that always break all of us down with his emotion!!
  9. I am still hoping for another drama, though ^^ Being his new fan brings one disadvantage.. I cannot see or find his previous project. However I realize that being a successful movie actor is a great thing. Since it is more difficult to introduce a deep character by a two-hour performance.
  10. He's preparing to say hello on screen as a movie actor, it said. Spread your wings and fly high, Bo Gum-ssi!!!
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