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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] | Upcoming Movie: Wonderland


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Love, Love his thank you speech! Recognizing the critical role Reply 1998---the PD and scriptwriter--- played in his soaring popularity which made his win this award!

Most of all, thanking God FIRST (This boy is really ideal!), his family, his manager (!)---who takes care of him!

160315 ✧ 2016 SIA awards
park bogum accepting his ‘style icon’ award (from 1:18)

“Hello, I’m Park Bogum.
Firstly, I give the honor to God who is always with me.
I think I was probably able to receive this award thanks to the fans who love Taek. Firstly I would like to sincerely thank director Shin Wonho, script writer Lee Woojeong, (Blossom Entertainment) director Seung ByeongOk, Joo BangOk CEO who helped me to ‘meet’ Taek. I miss you all a lot. I will continue to work hard, humbly and honestly in order to become someone who brings about a good influence to a lot of people.
Lastly.. (fans shouting) ..thank you. (smiles) I would like to share this thankfulness and happiness with my beloved family, Blossom Entertainment family, Kwangjoon hyung who is always next to me looking after me, general manager Gong Jieyon(?) who dressed (styled) me handsomely today too, and my fans who always love me, and are my strength. Thank you all so much and God bless you. Thank you!
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Full clip PBG with Honey Lee after receiving his award on SIA


He talks briefly about how he's already preparing for his upcoming drama "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds". She mentions the keywords he's often associated with online. She asks if there's anyone in particular  he wants to work with in the future and he gives the same answer that rather than that he wants to be an actor others would want to work it. She prods him further,

PBG: With Honey Lee sunbaenim

HL: Ah, thank you. Asides from me. You're just saying that cause I'm here, so except for me.

PBG: Everyone(anyone) would be good. Who am I? (I think he means, who am I to choose?)

HL: No but is there anyone you want to work with again, it doesn't have to be an actress. It can be an actor or Sung Kang Ho sunbaenim..

PBG: Everyone's good but I would like to work with Bae Jong Ok* sunbaenim again. (She played his mom in Wonderful Mama)

Goes on to explain that he worked with her on his first drama and he learned a lot from her and how she's a good sunbae and he would like to meet again in a project together in the future if there's an opportunity.


Hopefully, someone would provide a more detailed translation since I could only pick up bits and pieces.

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Park Bo Gum 1st Fan meeting in Taiwan 「Close to U」
by JoyTime Entertainment

「Close to U」Park Bo Gum 1st Fan meeting in Taiwan
時間:2016/4/23(六) 4:00PM
售票:2016/3/26(六)11:00AM ibon

※ 票價、座位圖等相關資訊將於近日公佈,謝謝大家!!

Date/Time:2016/4/23(Saturday) 4:00PM
Venue: Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)
Tickets Sales Open:2016/3/26(Sat)11:00AM ibon

※ Ticket prices, seating chart related information will be announced soon, thank you everyone!!

credit to FY park bo gum

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I'm not sure if it's okay to post this here but I was hoping someone could help translate what he said about PBG?

After Song Joong Ki receives his award, Honey Lee interviews him about a couple of things and at 3:35 she brings up PBG and asks him what kind of style icon he thinks PBG is.


From what I could pick up: He talks about how PBG is a close younger brother and brings up YOF and how PBG is a "thankful" icon because of how often he says thank you.

I think PBG said before that SJK monitors his work sometimes and would message him about it (which I think is sweet):wub:

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160315 ✧ 2016 sia awards (pink carpet)
what is the female style look that super daebak hot trend actor park bogum likes?
leeteuk: what style or look do you enjoy, and often wear normally?
park bogum: i like clean (looks), and styles that suit my (body) build.
leeteuk: then how about the look that females wear that you think are quite nice? is there a female (styling) look that you recommend?
park bogum: i don’t know much about female styles/looks.
leeteuk: if park bogum-ssi says ‘i think it would be quite nice for females to wear this kind of look.’
hwang jaekeun: (the style that makes you think) 'if they dressed like this, I think I would fall in love with them.’
leeteuk: i think a lot of park bogum’s female fans would run to the gates of dongdaemun right now to purchase (the style he mentions).
park bogum: but still, if it’s someone I love, wouldn’t she look pretty in anything she wore?


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Omo! I really like his look for this event. He was handsome as always but he looks manly :wub: and his answer...melted my heart :w00t: He is really a charming man. He deserves the best. 

About his partner for the next drama...I really hope Park Bo Young wil be chosen for the role. She is so cute...and I watched splash splash love..and the actress there was so cute! 



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what will happened on the 18th..

Bummy looks so stiff here

11 hours ago, matchamint said:

Aww they were so cute together...

Can't we have her as his partner for moonlight drawn by the cloud?

Well I'd like Park Bo Young more, but Kim yoo jung is fantastic in sageuk

I like her too but isn't she too young if the scene is too risque

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Style Icon Asia 2016




Article: 'SIA' Song Joong Ki, Ha Ji Won, Song Seung Hun, Seolhyun... all the trending stars in one place '150 minutes of happiness'

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,517, -122] Song Joong Ki has crazy clear skin... thought there was fluorescent lighting on it

2. [+2,065, -111] Ah! Cannot wait for Yoo Shi Jin in tomorrow's 'Descendants of the Sun' ㅠㅠ

3. [+1,797, -112] Yoo Shi Jin, your beauty is off the rocks..

4. [+1,590, -104] See you tomorrow Yoo Shi Jin

5. [+843, -84] Wow, I saw all the stars I've missed today... everyone looked so handsome and pretty!

6. [+388, -48] Song Joong Ki shined so hard on his own.. Park Bogum looked cute today too! We'll be seeing both Song Joong Ki and Park Bogum on KBS!

7. [+364, -47] Song Joong Ki and Park Bogum's visuals are crazy ㅋㅋㅋ I would've liked to see Yoo Ah In and G-Dragon together so it's a shame they weren't there

8. [+291, -45] I watched this just to see Song Joong Ki and Park Bogum


thanks for the pretty

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Song Joong Ki Shares What He’s Learned from Park Bo Gum at “Style Icon Asia 2016″


“He’s a close friend of mine, and I watch him a lot in the show ‘Youth Over Flowers’ that he’s starring in now. Something that I’m learning from him, even though he’s younger than me and is a junior in the industry, is how to be grateful. He says it a lot at other times too. As someone older than him, I’m learning a lot from him. So I think maybe he’s an ‘Icon of Gratefulness.’” X




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6 minutes ago, wasabichic said:

Song Joong Ki Shares What He’s Learned from Park Bo Gum at “Style Icon Asia 2016″


so maybe PBG now will have title "nation gratefulness namja" or "nation angel" I like "nation angel" better.

those BB cream... I think it's a foundation gosh... can we write a letter to his make up artist to make it more natural. But PBG seem like those kind make up. he even mentioning his stylist at his speech.

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i've been away for a few days from this thread and just comeback today and suddenly see him changed his hairstyle back to Lee Min....:cold_sweat::cold_sweat:... where is my taekieee?? i prefer him with his boy-next-door image... :bawling:


anyway, it's good to hear more people acknowlegded his positive attitude... not only from celebs, but also childhood friends, schoolmate, classmates, colleagues, lecturers, even church guard and coffee shop owner... maybe next would be janitor, swimming trainer, sport clubs, bus drivers, restaurant owners, librarians, neighbours, security, etc also being interviewed about him... :P:P:P  i think the news about his "gratefullness" are all around the globe right now and once again i really like his acceptance speech that he praise to God for what he achieved... it's something that we rarely hear from other people. Bogum is not ashame to present his God and his Church, not afraid of what other people said about his belief... something that is also worth a standing ovation. Polite, positive, humble, kind, and a true servant of God (always attend the church on Sunday despite busy schedule, maybe he also try to apply the Ten Commandments to his life since he looks so "pure" compare to us ^^), i think he is also a "walking bible". 

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