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  1. I hope this is not just a dream nor a wistful thinking. A happy ending with Jin Hyukie Juniors is a MUST.
  2. As I don't understand Korean, anyone can help me with the information about tur DVD/Bluray demand so far? Has it reached the minimum order for them to proceed with the production? I went to Daum coz I wanted to help filling in the survey form, but it's all written in Hangul. Chrome didn't trnslate everything.
  3. In INA, we will only get a hi-touch. No photo. In JKT FM 2017, only those who had the promotor's membership could get a group photo with BG. But this year they don't include photo session anymore.
  4. Your post made me cry. Here. In this public transportation. On my way to work. I had to act like my eyes got something while wiping the tears away.
  5. Waaaahhhhhhhh @thesunset I WANNA give you a thank-you kisseuuuu!!!!! @dukesa1122 Thank you for your warm words. Muuuuuuaaaaahhhhhh!
  6. I hope Bogum take another drama after his FM this year. And for his co-star, I want Bogum vs Bogum. That way we just fight cat and dog among ourselves which Bogum looks better. No shipping war needed. Wkkwkwk
  7. Annyeong, everyone. First time coming here. Just wanna say that I'm with you in this difficult time. Hence I wrote a little something for you guys. To Hye Gyo Eonnie and fans Be strong when facing nonsense Given by sasaeng fans and friends They might be a little dense To spend hours sprouting stupid rants Keep setting admirable trends While they're busy cursing under the tents Leaving harsh words through keyboards and pens To Hye Gyo Eonni and fans Who rule the sky and lands Give nothing but a single glance To those crazy fans Who lost their common sense Now let's go and jump over that fence Hye Gyo Eonnie needs some assistant To show the world her greatest existence Love, BG's fan
  8. I have to say KJH was very very bold to caress CSH's upper bottom.
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